Let's Celebrate Mid-Autumn With Grand Harbour Mooncake

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Grand Harbour Chinese Cuisine Restaurant & Banquet Introduced Delectable Handcrafted Mooncakes For This Year Mid-Autumn Celebration

Besides Lunar Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Celebration is one of the most looking forward celebration among the Chinese community and it is celebrated every year on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month. On this particular day, they believed that the full moon is the brightest of the year as it occurs nearest to the autumnal equinox. 
Each celebration will have its very own legendary story and the Mid-Autumn celebration is closely related to the tale of Chang'e who drank the elixir given to her husband, Houyi as to protect the elixir from falling into the hand of the evil man. She then flew to the moon along with a rabbit sent to accompany her. 

Let's Celebrate Mid-Autumn With Grand Harbour Mooncake
Our Tradition - Mooncakes, Tea and Lantern

This Mid-Autumn festival is observed by many East and Southeast Asia Chinese communities especially in China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. This festival customs may vary among the countries but generally it is all about family gathering, thanksgiving, and praying.
In Malaysia, it is famous with its customs of eating mooncakes with family gathering to enjoy the bright full moon and taking part in the lantern parade during the Mid-Autumn Festival. When the celebration is around the corner, all the traditional and famous companies will starts to produce and sell all kinds of mooncakes ranging from the traditional to the newfangled of modern version mooncakes. 

Let's Celebrate Mid-Autumn With Grand Harbour Mooncake
Mooncakes by Grand Harbour

Today, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the mooncakes brought to you by Grand Harbour Chinese Cuisine Restaurant & Banquet. With the theme of "Made by Hand, Baked With Heart", they will be celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival with everyone by launching an array of exquisite and delectable handcrafted mooncakes with 6 traditional baked skin mooncakes and 3 snow skin mooncakes
Traditional Baked Skin Mooncake:
  • White Lotus Double Yolks - RM 25.00 (RM 100.00)
  • White Lotus Single Yolk - RM 24.00 (RM 96.00) 
  • White Lotus Paste - RM 23.00 (RM 92.00)
  • Supreme Nuts with Ham - RM 25.00 (RM 100.00)
  • Jade Lotus Single Yolk - RM 23.00 (RM 92.00)
  • Red Bean Paste - RM 16.00 (RM 64.00) 

 Snow Skin Mooncake:

  • Snow Skin White Lotus - RM 21.00 (RM 84.00)
  • Snow Skin Yam Paste - RM 20.00 (RM 80.00)
  • Snow Skin Red Bean - RM 15.00 (RM 60.00)
* Price Per Piece (Price for box of 4 pieces) 

These mooncakes are lovingly baked from scratch using only the finest ingredients that were imported all the way from Hong Kong. These will be a healthier choice since no preservative added into the mooncakes.
The white lotus mooncake is made from whole pure lotus seeds and skillfully prepared to give a fragrant yet delicate tasting mooncake that will be a perfect treat for this year Mid-Autumn festival. You will be able to taste the difference in each bite and this is an exquisite delicacy perfected only by their master chefs. 

Let's Celebrate Mid-Autumn With Grand Harbour Mooncake
Jade Lotus Single Yolk
Let's Celebrate Mid-Autumn With Grand Harbour Mooncake
Red Bean Paste

I personally like these mooncakes as the filling is so generous that comes in a just nice level of sweetness, hence suitable to be consumed by everyone. It tastes so perfect when I paired it with any kinds of tea and most importantly, the mooncake is encased in a thin skin that I can truly enjoy it with every bite. 
Besides the delicious and tasty mooncakes, Grand Harbour has designed a very beautiful packaging for their mooncakes this year. There are two options available if you are planning to send them as a gift to your loved ones, family members or friends.

Let's Celebrate Mid-Autumn With Grand Harbour Mooncake
Gift Box Packaging Option Available This Year At Grand Harbour

The options are the common Mooncake Gift Box that fit 4 pieces of mooncakes of your choice, and the special Premium Gift Box from Grand Harbour that comes in three different colors; Green, Red and Pink. In the Premium Gift Box, it consists of 4 pieces of mooncakes; White Lotus Double Yolk, White Lotus Single Yolk, Supreme Nuts with Ham and Jade Lotus Single Yolk.

Let's Celebrate Mid-Autumn With Grand Harbour Mooncake
Mooncake Gift Box (4 Pieces of Mooncake Of Your Choice)

The price of the Mooncake Gift Box will be varies depending on the 4 mooncake flavors selected, but the Premium Gift Box is fixed and affordably priced at RM 128.00 only

The packaging is so nice, right? Seriously, I can't wait to surprise and enjoy these mooncakes with my family members during the Mid Autumn Festival that falls on the 21st September 2021.

Let's Celebrate Mid-Autumn With Grand Harbour Mooncake
Premium Gift Box - RM 128.00

For your information, these traditional baked mooncake can be ordered now except the Snow Skin Mooncake will be readily available starting from 28th August 2021. Mark your calendar and remember to place your order soon as it is available and while stocks last. 

Before I share with you on the 3 simple steps to place your order with Grand Harbour, do you know that you can enjoy an exclusive 15% discount with a minimum purchase of 1 box (4 pieces) of mooncakes when you use this PROMO CODE: GHMOONCAKES15.
This promo code is valid from 10th August until 21st September 2021 only. Trust me, you definitely need to grab this opportunity to save more as you won't be able to enjoy this great deal else where. This is just for you. 

Let's Celebrate Mid-Autumn With Grand Harbour Mooncake
Enjoy 15% Discount With This Promo Code: GHMOONCAKES15

Now, let me share with you the 3 simple steps to place your order. 
  1. WhatsApp the Grand Harbour outlet and enter the PROMO CODE: GHMOONCAKES15
    • Grand Harbour Fahrenheit 88  +6011-2357 2932
    • Grand Harbour Da Men +6017-958 7571
  2. Choose the preferred mooncake flavors and delivery method: Self-Pickup or Delivery
  3. Confirm order and make payment
Please note that there will be additional charges for the delivery and the mooncake flavors are subject to availability. This offer is not applicable with any other promotion, voucher, discount, privileges or gift certificates and it is not exchangeable or refundable for cash. All the prices are subject to a 6% Service Tax. 

Let's Celebrate Mid-Autumn With Grand Harbour Mooncake
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival To Everyone 

Apart from the Mid Autumn Mooncake Package, Grand Harbour Chinese Cuisine Restaurant & Banquet also offers Mid Autumn Set Menu that is curated for either 6 pax or 10 pax. The menu for these options are:

Mid Autumn Set Menu RM 888.00++ For 6 Pax
Deep Fried Japanese Oyster with Salted Egg Yolk
Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Crab Meat in Claypot
Steamed Sliced Giant Grouper with "Chai Po" & Pork Crackling
Braised "Shun Feng Fish Maw" with Chicken Abalone Sauce
Baked White Sea Prawn with Black Garlic Sauce
Fried Osmanthus Egg with Noodle
Double-boiled Hasma with Red Dates
Complimentary (Dine-in Only):
White Lotus Single Yolk  (1 pcs)

Mid Autumn Set Menu RM1688.00++ For 10 Pax

Grand Harbour Four Season Combination Platter

Double Boiled Supreme Abalone & Dry Seafood with Shark's Bone Soup

Steamed Bamboo Fish with Superior Soy Sauce

Steamed Village Chicken King with Vegetable

Baked White Sea Prawn with Black Garlic Sauce

Emperor Qing Long Fried "Mee Hoon"

Double-boiled Hasma with Red Dates

Complimentary (Dine-in Only):
White Lotus Single Yolk  (2 pcs)

All the prices are subject to 6% Service Tax and 10% Service Charge.

For more information about Grand Harbour and its latest promotions, you can visit their official social media platforms by clicking the links below. 


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