US Pizza Malaysia To Satisfy Your Craves With Every Bite Of Their Pizza

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Let US Pizza Malaysia Satisfy Your Craves For Pizza And Enjoy More With Their Latest Promotion

Satisfying My Craves For Pizza With US Pizza Malaysia
Since we are unable to dine out due to the latest Total Lockdown enforcement, I have been cooking at home but yesterday, I decided to give myself a break from the kitchen. While scrolling on my social media platform, I saw US Pizza Malaysia is currently having the great deal and promotion.
But before we move into the details of the promotion, let us explore in depth about US Pizza Malaysia since this brand is kind of new to me where my first dining experience was on last year MCO. 

About US Pizza

It all began in the early 1990s where US Pizza was founded by Mr. Donald Duncan who spent some time working in a pizza restaurant back in Kansas City, Missouri, United States of America (USA). After spending 5 years in the pizza business, Mr. Duncan quickly developed his own recipe of dough, and his own Duncan Sauce. The first Malaysia US Pizza outlet was opened back in 1997 located at Penang. 
US Pizza Malaysia is committed to: 
  • Fresh where every pizza is made-to-order by our skilled professionals at our open kitchen counter.
  • Quality as all our toppings are produced according to exact and precise standards.
  • Original as our original hand-tossed pizza with premium flour makes the best American pizza.
  • Tasty as our unique oil-free screening process products a crispy crust with a soft center.
US Pizza Malaysia aims to serve the highest quality products and provide uncompromising heartfelt services to their valued guests and community. These are the missions by US Pizza Malaysia. 
  • Premium Quality Ingredients 
  • Excellent Preparation
  • Friendly Service
  • Quality Environment
  • Welcoming Experience
  • Satisfaction
Let us explore the milestones and achievements that US Pizza Malaysia has achieved since their first establishment in Malaysia for the past 24 years. 
There are currently 44 outlets across 8 states and we can expect more to come in near future. The 8 states with US Pizza Malaysia are Selangor (16), Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur (7), Johor (3), Pahang (1), Negeri Sembilan (3), Perak (5), Penang (6) and Kedah (3)
On December 2019, US Pizza Malaysia was awarded with the Asia Halal Brands Award 2019 under the category of Innovative Marketing of the Year and Heritage Brand (Best American Pizza).
In January 2020, they received the Officially Franchisor License Holder in Malaysia (Register of Franchise Malaysia). This year on the Quarter 2 of 2021, they were awarded with The Brandlaureate The World's First E-Branding Awards 2021 under F&B Pizza Chain category and The BrandLaureate World Halal Bestbrands E-Branding Awards 2021 under F&B in American Style Pizza category. 
Although there are serving American-style pizza, US Pizza Malaysia is committed to serve only the Halal food and beverage in their stores. This is their Halal Policy: 

"US Pizza is committed to providing access for everyone to enjoy the best pizza. All our ingredients including meat, seafood and sauces are all Halal-Certified. We are careful in all aspects to honor our Halal Commitment in serving our customers, from sourcing raw ingredients, food preparation, food processing and hygienic standards. We hope everyone can enjoy our food with confidence, and "tanpa was-was"!"
My Dinner With US Pizza Malaysia #USPizzaSetapak
That's pretty much about the introduction of US Pizza Malaysia and their journey in this country.

For me, I personally really like it because of their uniqueness where they serves pizza with flavors that usually you won't get it elsewhere like Indomie Pizza, Bomb Pizza, Sambal Petai Pizza, Cheese Boat Pizza with 3 Types of Cheese and my all-time favorite, the Golden Ocean Salted Egg Pizza.
If not mistaken, there is Cendol Pizza as well which I haven't give it a try! Interesting, isn't it?
Oh yes, one thing is they are generous in term of the topping that I am truly satisfy with especially I can feel the flavors and enjoy each bites to the max!
Although they are serving the American-style pizza, but the flavors they offer are pretty much local tastes that able to suits our taste buds!
My All-Time Favorite, The Golden Ocean Salted Egg Pizza by US Pizza Malaysia 
There are more with over 70 tasty menus that you can explore with US Pizza Malaysia.
Before I forget about the promotion that I mentioned earlier, you can enjoy a FREE PERSONAL 6" PIZZA when you spend a minimum amount of RM 25 on your transaction. You just need to key in this Promo Code "PIZZA6" during the checkout to enjoy this promotion. Simple as that, guys! Don't miss it. 

Click the Link below to check them out now.
US Pizza Malaysia, The Pizza Professionals
For more information about US Pizza Malaysia or their latest promotion, you can visit their official social media platforms by clicking the links below. 

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  1. Selalu juga nampak promo Us pizza ni. Apa yg buat Sis tertarik sebab menu2 pizza dia semua unik. Nak cuba lah juga.order thru GF je. Kan.

  2. tak pernah try lagi us pizza ni, siap ada flavours salted egg, macam best je

  3. Anything with salted eggs i must try one! Siap ada free pizza, ok nak order lah nanti!

  4. Sedapnya makan US Pizza kita suka yang Salted Egg tu hehehe puas makan sorang-sorang hehehee... Bila Nelfie nak belanja kita makan US Pizza ni hehehe nak yang ada banyak cheese tu..

  5. Sebenarnya belum pernah cuba lagi US Pizza ni. Ada pomosi menarik ya. Sis nak try la salted egg pizza ni.

  6. US Pizza terdekat akak yang paling suka di sebelah Setapak Sentral. Memang best. Pizza dia lembut dan anak-anak suka. Nanti nak beli lah Pizza ni esok. Nyummy!

  7. wahhh, dapat free personal pizza ekk. Bestnya. I dah lama teringin nak rasa US pizza ni. Selalu tengok kawan-kawan share. Unik betul topping pizza mereka.

  8. Banyak pilihan rupanya kalau beli dekat US Pizza ni ye... Kalau i memang rambang mata nak makan mana sbb nmpk sedap2

  9. The US Pizza is my latest crave. And I am head over heels for its milkshakes here. Now I want to get milkshakes for lunch haha

  10. Walaupun kat JB tidaklah berapa jauh kedai US Pizza ni, tapi entah lee, belum rasa nak pi makan dan beli... tapi nengok posting ko, adoiii rasa nak cuba plakkk... eeeerrrrr

  11. Sal tak try lagi sebab baru tahu ada US Pizza . Nak belikan la untuk anak anak sebab nampak sedap . Gebu je tengok .. sure sedap !! Bila ada promosi lagila kena grab .. nanti kang harga jadi lain. Ajoommm order

  12. Serius us pizza memg pizzdia sedap. Lembut je.. Isi penuh.. Puas hati makna panas2.. Nanti nak order.. Bgus dpt free pizza tu

  13. uS pizza iena pernah makan..cendol pizza pun ada yer..bia betul..macam mana lah rasanya tu..macam pelik je cendol manis manis jadi piza hehe