Let Lemang Kilat Satisfied Your Craves For Lemang And Rendang This Raya

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Lemang and Rendang From The Lemang Master By Lemang Kilat To Satisfy Your Craves For Raya Delicacies This Raya

Lemang and Rendang From Lemang Kilat
How is your Raya celebration so far? It is so different from the previous years where we are freely to visit our family and friends but recent two years, the celebrations might not be the same in order to protect our loved ones.
Hang on, there! We will surely win this battle if everyone do their minor part by just #StayAtHome #DudukDiRumah to curb the spread of this COVID-19. Believe it that your simple action will bring different to the nation.
Regardless the ban from visiting, the celebration vibes must still go on, right? As for me, I do really craves for the Raya delicacies such as lontong, lemang, rendang, ketupat, kek lapis, cookies and many more.
For years, we never failed to visit mom's best friend, uncle Mat at Muar, Johor on the first Raya. I do really admire their friends that truly resemble 1 Malaysia. Not believe me, look at these picture collections. 
Unfortunately, we do not have the collection for 2020 and 2021 due to the current pandemic outbreak. Nevertheless, let us pray for everyone safety that we will meet again on the next Raya celebration. 
Let's get back to the main discussion of this entry. As I was craving for those delicacies, look what I found out in the social media platform recently. 
LEMANG KILAT! Oh yes, Lemang Kilat is a new player in the food and beverage industry as it was just founded during the Ramadan this year by a group of youngsters with the aim to continue the legacy of serving traditional Raya delicacies to all Malaysians. They addressed themselves as "The Lemang Master". 
And guess, what? From my personal dining experience, they truly are!
Although there are new in the industry, they served variety of options in their platform such as Lemang, Rendang Ayam, Rendang Daging, and Serunding Daging at very affordable, reasonable prices.

Lemang And Rendang Ayam
Their lemang is not an ordinary lemang because they are using the "Beras Pulut Susu Siam" make it more creamier and fragrant than others that available in the market. It is soft, easily to be cut and serve. Most importantly, it is so delicious that I can either eat it with or without the Rendang. Both are truly satisfying.
For the Rendang Ayam, the chicken is so tender and full of flavor by the spices with generous amount of turmeric leaves. I believe their Rendang Daging will be as good as this one as their Rendang Ayam. Feel like ordering it now for my lunch, but oh yes, do place your order in advanced to avoid disappointment. 
How about the Serunding Daging? Maybe next time I will have a chance to try them out! 
Lemang by Lemang Kilat in Medium And Large Size
Remember I mentioned that the prices are really affordable and reasonable? Let's check them out now. 

Lemang by Lemang Kilat comes in two different sizes; the Medium and Large portion with the prices of RM 15 and RM 18 respectively. 

Their Rendang Ayam are priced at RM 35 for 500 grams and RM 65 for 1 KG whereas Rendang Daging for 300 grams is RM 30 and 1 KG for RM 80
Serunding also comes in two different portions where 200 grams at the price of RM 19 and 1 KG for RM 85.

Rendang Ayam by Lemang Kilat For 500 grams or 1KG options
What do you think about this? Looks delicious and affordable, right? 
For ordering purpose, you can click the link below. 

If you would like to explore more about Lemang Kilat and check out their latest promotion or updates, you can visit their official social media platforms by clicking the link below. 

Lemang Kilat Facebook | Lemang Kilat Instagram | Lemang Kilat Website

Address: No. 10 Jalan 1/60B, Taman Segambut Damai, 51200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Contact Number: +016-9377224 (Whatsapp)
Hopefully this entry is helpful to satisfy your craves just like I do. 

Convenient Packaging by Lemang Kilat
Signing Off For Now And Take Care Till We e-Meet Again On My Next Post. 
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  1. Alamak.. Terus lapaq lemang la.. Sedapnya kalau dpt bahagian kepala lemang tu....

  2. Tengok gambar pun rasa puas hati dengan harga. Support peniaga online. Ramai yang sedang struggle untuk teruskan kehidupan.

  3. i bukan peminat lemang tapi tengok gambar lemang ni jadi teringin la pulak nak makan

  4. Nak kena try ni. lemaang kalau nak sedap licin berkilat letak air kelapa. Suka sebab lembut dan rasa lebih sedap.

  5. Now you make me wanna eat lemang and rendang, at 10 pm pula tu. Esok kena bangun and cari if ada yang jual around here la

  6. Raya ni memang kurang sangat dapat makan lemang. Tengok ni terus rasa nak order. Dapat makan dengan rendang dan srunding pun dah rasa heaven sangat.

  7. Ya i dah makan juga lemang kilat ni, memang sedap. Memang kena dengan tekak. Lemang dia lembut snagat. Boleh order lagi nanti

  8. Kalau raya dah abis boleh tempah beli juga kat sini tak... Huhu... Aduh terliur tengok lemang dia.. Cntik lak tu

  9. Wahhh bestnya masih beraya lagi Nelfie hehehe kita dah tak ada mood raya bila dah masuk PKP ni hurmmm tapi craving lak tengok lemak and rendang tu macam nak cuba order lak hehehehe boleh lagi kan...

  10. Masa raya hrtu anak sedara hubby di Klang bg gambo menu dia, Sis nampak tag Lemang Kilat ni.. ooo i laa agaknya kut.. nampak sedapn juga, sama macam lemang kita biasa makan aje yaa..

  11. Sedappp lah, hah now you make me crave for lemang and rendang. Jap sis nak order lah.

  12. One of the downsides of raya during mco is not being able to get all the raya delicacies. Mom is too far and I'm too unmotivated to cook. Hahaha. Should have known I could order it like this.

  13. Tahu tak..tahun ni i lom jumpa lemang lagi..haha..nak tapi tu la lom rezeki lagi

  14. Looks so tasty. I missed having lemang for this year raya.

  15. Thanks Nelson, now you're making me craving for lemang pulak dah huwaaaa.... rosak diet!

  16. Wahhhh. nampak sedap. Sekarang deorang ada jual lagi tak? Nak try order ni.

  17. Perghhh... Terliur tengok lempang sama rendang tu. Dah ending Raya lagi teringin. Nak order laaa nanti