MISMIS Toothpaste Made From Nature With Love That Suitables For Adult and Kid

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MISMIS® Toothpaste From Nature With Love

MISMIS® Toothpaste From Nature With Love
Brushing teeth is one of the important steps to take good care of our teeth, not only to prevent tooth decay that can lead to a dental cavities problem or worst leading toward oral diseases, it can helps to prevent bad breath that can be discouraging especially when we often need to have a verbal conversation face to face with others. 
Brushing teeth is an effective way to remove plaque built-up which is the primary cause of tooth decay and gum disease.  

These are some of the important practices that you need to put special attention to ensure that you are taking good care of your oral health. 

  • Brush our teeth twice a day for a least two minutes each time. Normally I practice brushing my teeth in the morning and before sleeping time. Sometime, I do brush my teeth after my lunch too. 
  • It is encourage to change your toothbrush every 3-4 months because a worn out tooth brush won't be effective in its purpose. 
  • Choose the soft and medium soft toothbrush for a gentle tooth-brushing experience to avoid damaging tooth enamel and the gums. 
  • Correct teeth brushing technique is important by brushing our teeth in small circular motion covering front, both left and right back side and the top of every tooth. (REMEMBER: Avoid sawing back-and-forth motions). 
  •  It is recommended to visit the dentist for regular checkup twice a year.
  • Choice of toothpaste and it is recommended to use mouthwash too for extra teeth protection looking at the ingredients available in the product. 
MISMIS® Oral Care Products
Introducing the MISMIS Oral Care products that produced by NFA Technologies Sdn Bhd. This company is established in 2014 as the first company responsible for producing, and marketing dental care products based on cocoa polyphenol extract with a variety of natural herbal ingredients such as cloves, olives, and coconut extracts. 
As a new player in the industry, the company is targeting both the domestic and foreign commercial markets with the aim to meet the demand for halal dental care products for families of all age groups. 
MISMIS brand dental care products main ingredient is the high-quality cocoa polyphenols, hence NFA Technologies Sdn Bhd has collaborated with the Malaysian Cocoa Board in the research for this purpose and ensure maintenance of the supply for the production. 
Besides the collaboration with Malaysian Cocoa Board, NFA Technologies Sdn Bhd do receives support from Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC), Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri Dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna (KPDNHEP) and SME Corp
They also actively collaborating with NGOs such as MyCorps in supporting the Personal Hygiene Program activities in Malaysia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Fiji and many more. 
MISMIS® Oral Care Product Range 99.9% Natural Ingredients
As one of the strategy to strengthen MISMIS brand position in the market, MISMIS has been distributed to the dental clinic, pharmacies, supermarkets and grocery stores nationwide. MISMIS also has successfully penetrated the international markets in Brunei and Morocco market.  

The company is continuously participating in promotional efforts with the aim to create awareness of the use of natural ingredients such as cocoa polyphenols to expand MISMIS brand market further. 

This MISMIS brand is also a Muslim-friendly products that certified HALAL by JAKIM (Reference No: JAKIM.700-2/3/3 056-01/2017) and comes with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification too. This is in line with the company's goal which is to be an advanced, competitive, and innovative company in producing high-quality products in Malaysia that are equally comparative to the international brands. 
MISMI® Premium Cocoa Mint Natural Toothpaste
MISMIS Premium Cocoa Mint Toothpaste is a revolutionary breakthrough in dental care. This toothpaste is formulated by using the active ingredient known as polyphenol-tannin which has been proven to be effective in inhibiting the main bacteria in the oral cavity such as Mutant Streptococcus and S. Sanguis that causing bad breath and the spread of dental caries. 

Hence, with its selected plant ingredients and the powerful properties of cocoa extracts, a regular brushing with MISMIS Premium Toothpaste gives you an excellent oral benefits

To further enhance it effectiveness, the ingredients such as cocoa butter enriched with Vitamin E is added to increase the antibacterial agents' activity that controls cavities problems in the mouth.
The authentic cocoa aroma will surely appeal to anyone who uses it for the very first time. Currently in the market, this MISMIS Premium Cocoa Mint Toothpaste comes in the size of 100 g only. 
MISMIS® Extra Cool Mint Natural Toothpaste
Another great product that available in the market by MISMIS brand is the MISMIS Extra Cool Mint Toothpaste, made from a food-grade ingredients that is safe to be used by adults and children, especially if swallowed while brushing teeth. Also, this toothpaste is formulated without parabens, chemicals and synthetic dyes.
It does contain the mint extract that will freshen up your breath for all day long and not only that, the bubbles form during teeth brushing is from the coconut. How cool is that? 
Although it is made from natural ingredient, this toothpaste does provide a seven time protection and fight against bacteria that can cause caries and tooth infections.
As mentioned earlier that MISMIS product is suitable for all ages range, there is MISMIS JUST FOR KIDS toothpaste that comes in 2 tasty and colorful flavors, Chocolata and Bubble Gummy. These will surely win the children's heart to brush their teeth regularly. 

"While formulating this toothpaste, we think of it as if our own children, nephews or nieces are using it. Of course, only the best ingredients are used to ensure safety, if swallowed. But once the kids have tried it, surely, they will love it. "We made it with love". said Ms. Noormawarni Nordin, the Company Director. 
MISMIS® Multiple Action Toothbrush
Apart from toothpaste, MISMIS also produced various types of 100% high-quality nylon toothbrush with soft and medium-soft bristles. These softness provides three times the protection that helps to prevent gum injury, provide comfort while brushing, and removes bacteria and plaque.
In addition, these toothbrushes do have FDA certification, never tested on animals and few more benefits such as:
  • Brush head cover provided
  • Compact head provides effective cleansing to remove surface stains and allow access to back teeth
  • Elastic neck allows flexible bending and absorbs pressure on gum while brushing 
  • Soft bristles with multiple lengths allow access to deep grooves between teeth and gently massage the gums
  • Comfy rubber handles for comfortable and secure grip while brushing

They do come in several attractive colors such as green, pink, purple and blue that allow you and your family to choose their favorite shades. 
MISMIS® Travel Kit 2-in-1
For our convenient purpose, MISMIS do also have the option of the 2-in-1 MISMIS travel pack with a 30 g toothpaste and medium-soft toothbrush. This is a better option that will make your trip more bearable, light and easy to carry around with this ready-to-go packaging. It is suitable for those with busy outstation schedule or traveler just like me and you, for a stress-free from bad breath. 
On top of that, the zero-alcohol MISMIS Minty Leaf Mouthwash is also the best for you and your family to maintain tip-top oral health. It is free from alcohol but enhanced with the active ingredient, the polyphenol cocoa (tannin) that can protects one's oral cavity from bacteria
Its icy cool fresh spearmint will keep our mouth and breath fragrant for all day long beside keeping it squeaky-clean. 
MISMIS® Natural Dental Care Products
I personally like the MISMIS products as it give me a different and fresher teeth-brushing experience with a cocoa-minty fragrant that I never had it before. The toothbrush bristle is also very gentle to my gums, the design is brilliant that I can feel it cleaning every corner of my teeth and it is ergonomically comfortable with its rubber grip.
MISMIS is an alternative option for consumers who want a fluoride-free toothpaste as we already know that it is formulated based on 99.9% natural ingredients, paraben-free without SLES/SLS and safe if swallowed. 
MISMIS dental care products are pretty reasonable in price ranging between RM 3.90 to RM 15.00 and they are now exclusively available at Lotus (formally known as Tesco), Malakat Mall, Sabasun, Maslee, selected pharmacies and halal marts. If you prefer to shop online, MISMIS is also available on Watson, Ourshop, Lazada, Eromman, Shopee and in all online e-commerce platforms. 
For further information about MISMIS products, you can visit their official website or social media platforms by clicking the links below. 
That's all that I would like to share about MISMIS brand by NFA Technologies Sdn Bhd. 
Signing Off For Now And Take Care Till We e-Meet Again On My Next Post. 
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