Glinter And Mr Dollar Malaysia Organized Scan & Win Syok Syok Giveaway

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Glinter Malaysia And Mr. Dollar Malaysia Organized "Scan & Win" Syok Syok Giveaway Campaign With Prizes Worth Up To RM 5, 000 To Be Won

Have you ever ask yourself when is the best time to plan trip within Malaysia especially here in Kuala Lumpur? Not to my surprise even Mr. Google will show you where the month of May until July is the best month to visit Kuala Lumpur. Why? Just because during these months, we can expect relatively dry and the skies are bluer than ever!

Who doesn't love the bright, sunny day especially for traveler like us that we prefer a sunny day than a gloomy rainy day, right? Who agree with me? However, sometime the hot weather can be extremely be too hot to handle, what I mean is we observe relatively higher temperature these latter years. Global warming? Let's not go to that for now. 
Glinter "Lightly" Sparkling Beverage
Back to my scenario, I often found that the weather out there can be too hot recently and sometimes it becomes very uncomfortable that I sweat so much even I'm staying indoor 24/7 nowadays. Sometime, I even need to take bath more often just to chill me down. This is very distracting and disturb my concentration at work. 
Thankfully that recently I found out this perfect companion which is the Glinter "Lightly" Sparkling  beverage that not only able to quenches my thirst but this sparkling drink is truly refreshing as well especially serving it chilled.  

One thing that I really like about this brand is that the sparkling drink eventually comes in 10 different flavors, I won't easily get bored with this variety. The 10 tantalizing flavors that offer an awesome fruity sensation are Lychee, Mango, Peach, Kiwi, Blueberry, Lemon, Green Apple, Pink Guava, Strawberry and Orange
Glinter"Light" Fruity Sensation Sparkling Drink
The packaging of this "Best Served-Chilled" beverage is also very attractive as it comes in a transparent plastic can, I believe this is first of its kind for now. This trendy-settling packaging makes it a perfect choice to be served not only during the house party or gathering, it is suitable to paired with any meal, anytime, anywhere as this sparkling drink won't affect the taste of your meals with its less tingling sensation. 

It is also a healthier choice as no artificial foods' coloring are added, zero fat and zero caffeine with low sugar at lower calories too! In addition, this sparkling drink also received the MeSTI certification by Ministry of Health and our Muslim brothers and sisters can have peace of mind to consume this drink as Glinter Malaysia Sparkling Drink is HALAL certified by JAKIM too. 

Interesting, right? For your information, these Glinter Malaysia sparkling drinks are exclusively available at Shopee where you can click the link below to make the purchase with attractive price.

Besides available at Shopee e-Commerce Platform, now you can get these products at Mr. Dollar Malaysia and specially just for you when you purchase the product here, you can now stand a chance to win awesome prizes worth up to RM 5,000. Why? 
Because Glinter Malaysia is currently collaborating with Mr. Dollar Malaysia to organize the "Scan & Win" campaign starting from 30th April 2021 until 30th July 2021 where 13 winners will be proudly walk away with the prizes offered by this campaign.
Glinter Malaysia X Mr. Dollar Malaysia "Scan & Win" Campaign From 30th April 2021 until 30th July 2021
To participate in this campaign is really simple, you just need to purchase at least one (1) Glinter product at any Mr. Dollar Malaysia outlets. Then, just scan the contest QR code and fill up the form. That's it. Simple, right? 

The 13 lucky winners will be announced on Glinter Malaysia Facebook Live session on the 10th August 2021. Stay tuned for the announcement and you might be one of the lucky winners! Don't miss this golden opportunity, okay?
Glinter X Mr. Dollar "Scan & Win" Campaign Terms and Conditions
For more information about this campaign, you can follow Glinter Malaysia official social media platforms by clicking the links below. 
I'm Joining The Campaign Too! Wish Me Luck!
Signing Off For Now And Take Care Till We e-Meet Again On My Next Post!
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  1. Nasib baik ada post ni sebab sis pertama kali dengar brand ni. Banyak juga perisa dia ye?. Sis pilih mango, blueberry dan green apple.

  2. I like giveaway. I'm going to join and try my luck too.

  3. bestnya giveaway, hadiah dia menarik gak tu, all the best ya nell. kalau rajin saya join hahaha

  4. Yes. Mr Dollar is just literally minutes away from my house so yes! I will be visiting mr Dollar and join this contest too! I wanna win please!

  5. Waahhhh I looove sparkling drinks! Will remember this and surely will purchase this drink if I ever come across Mr Dollar :)

  6. I like that there's a variety of flavors. Would love to try the more unusual ones like pink guava, peach, and kiwi.

  7. Woww macam best je sparkling drink dia. Packaging dia menarik sangat

  8. wahhh ada contest. nampak mudah je nak join. suka minum air glinter nie. selalu beli simpa buat stok dekat rumah

  9. Nice giler dia punya tin, sekali pandang macam tranparent, rupanya tin ekk.. belum pernah try, nanti nak cuba gak, boleh masuk contest..

  10. Dah join contest ye. Good luck. Semoga terpilih sebagai salah seorang pemenang. Cantik giler tin minuman dia.

  11. Suka pulak Sal tengok tin dia. Lain dari yang lain. Tak pernah lagi Sal test minuman Glinter, teruja lak nak try. Yang best part contest tu..kira berbaloi beli pastu menang !

  12. I nak cakap, packaging bottle aka tin dia smart gila. Unik la transparent, kalau I maybe beli sebab packaging dia. Haha

  13. 1st time dengar brand ni. Pacakaging menarik. Banyak juga perisa yang ada ye. Boleh lah cuba nanti

  14. Kalau pg je mr dollar. Boleh beli dan join sekali. Mana tahu ada rezeki

  15. wow it's best time to buy and try Glinter "Lightly" Sparkling Beverage and join the contest to win prizes! TQ for sharing

  16. Thanks for sharing this, jap sis nak beli Glinter "Lightly" Sparkling Beverage and join their contest.