5G Summit Making 5G Global: Accessibility for All On 3rd June 2021 Brought to You by GSMA, Counterpoint, realme and Qualcomm

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GSMA, Counterpoint, realme and Qualcomm Announce 5G Summit on 3rd June 2021 With The Topic "Making 5G Global: Accessibility for All"

Mobile network has long history where we started with the first generation that known as 1G back in 1979, this is "Where It All Began" and followed by the 2G where "The Cultural Revolution" happened in 1991. When I first owning a mobile phone, I started in the era of the introduction of 3G: The "Packet-Switching" Revolution in the millennium when we celebrate Y2K.
10 years later, we were introduced with 4G: The Streaming Era throughout the world with the high-quality video streaming that offers fast mobile web access up to 1GB per second. 
And recently back in 2019, we keep hearing the term "The Internet of Things" and yes, this will be the next generation of mobile network that we will be experiencing soon in near future known as 5G. It is predicted that 5G networks will have more than 1.7 billion subscribers worldwide by 2025 according to GSM Association. 
In preparation to embark into the amazing 5G journey,  GSMA, Counterpoint, realme and Qualcomm proudly announced that they will hold a 5G Summit tomorrow on the 3rd June 2021. The topic of the summit is "Making 5G Global: Accessibility for All." Interestingly, the leaders from these companies or organizations will share their views on the global 5G development and opportunities from different perspectives. 
Making 5G Global Accessibility For All
These are the topics that you can expect from this 5G Summit tomorrow. 
By Kalvin Bahia, Principal Economist, GSMA Intelligence: 
"5G Represents An Opportunity To Accelerate Economic Growth In A Post-Pandemic World"
By Peter Richardson, VP & Co-Founder, Counterpoint Research:
"5G Is A Foundational Technology That Will Fundamentally Change How People Live, Learn and Work". 
By Madhav Sheth, VP of realme, CEO of realme India and Europe:
"We Believe 5G Will Be The Biggest Driver Accelerating Smart Living For Young People Across The Globe."
By Johnny Chen, Brand Director of realme:
"Our Phones Will Allow Young People To Express Themselves In Ways That Go Beyond Physical Spaces."

During the 5G Summit, GSMA will be sharing the opinions on comparing 5G growth expectations across emerging markets, barriers to 5G mobile internet adoption, and how it can boost growth in a post-pandemic world. 
Kalvin Bahia, Principal Economist, GSMA Intelligence
Counterpoint will be focusing on how 5G is changing the way people use technology, the trend of 5G spreading to lower price tiers, some numbers indicating key smartphone players in 5G, and the hot specs in the smartphone in 5G development. 
Peter Richardson, VP and Research Director, Counterpoint Research
realme will be sharing some points on their role in the 5G era, why they believe 5G will become the most significant driver accelerating smart living for young people across the globe, surveys on young users' increased demand with 5G, and some details around its upcoming product lines with broad range from lower tiers to the premium. 
Madhav Sheth, VP of realme, CEO of realme India and Europe
Johnny Chen, Brand Director of realme
Qualcomm will be talking about how it works together with smartphone markers to ensure the best performance, focusing on specific applications that are important in providing the whole 5G experience. 
Rajen Vagadia, VP and President, Qualcomm India & SAARC
Interesting topics, right? The summit live stream will start at 3rd June 2021 at 5 P.M. on GSMA channel. You can access the session by clicking the link below. 

To find out more about realme's events and promotions, feel free to follow their official social media platforms by clicking the links below. 

 About realme

realme is a technology brand that specializes in providing high quality tech products and services with the Dare-to-Leap experience. The brand was officially established on May 4, 2018 by its founder, Sky Li, together with a bunch of young people with rich experiences in the smartphone industry. realme is committed to offering powerful performance, stylish design, sincere services and exploring all the possibilities of tech products. 
According to Counterpoint's Q4 2020 smartphone shipment report in January 2021, young brand realme grew 65% YoY and shipped 42.4 million smartphones last year. realme was also announced as the fastest-growing international smartphone brand in the world for 2020. The brand has leapfrogged over established industry giants and took 7th position in terms of global market share. The youngster-focused and online-centric brand, realme has grown rapidly in South East Asia since it entered the market in Q4 2018. realme has expanded globally to 61 markets, such as China, India, Southeast Asia, Europe, Russia and Africa. 
You may join realme MY Official Smartphone Community and realme MY Official AIoT Community for more product updates in Malaysia. 
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  1. realme is getting more active in engaging with the whole world by having more events like this. Good job in embracing the new world and the whole world too

  2. Yay!!!!!!!!! Malaysia is going to have 5G soon. I've been waiting for this for a long time. Good to heard this news.

  3. Realme dalam wishlist i.. Kalau my huawei mate 20 ni rosak.. Mmg rasa nk beralih kepada realme jugak

  4. Have been hearing so many good things about realme. Will look into this brand for my next phone. 🙂

  5. Woww.. 5G! 4G kat malaysia ni pun belum cukup luas lagi. harap 4G diperbanyakkan dlu la sebelum kita boleh merasa kelajuan 5G macam kat luar negara

  6. 5G plan in year 2019 diumumkan oleh Huawei. Unfortunately something happens. Malaysia juga dah plan something utk usahakan negara kita tidak ketinggalan. The 5G-compatible 700 megahertz spectrum was divided up between Celcom, Digi, Maxis, Telekom Malaysia dan Altel Communications. Untuk tahun 2021 5G ada nampak signal di bahagian network atas skrin telefon masa akak lalu kawasan Subang Jaya. Kalau nak nampak, pastikan telefon kita adalah peranti terkini with 5G. Walaupun 5G terlalu baru, kita excited nak tahu kebolehannya kan? Kawasan Borneo Sabah Sarawak belum lg ada 5G. Semenanjung Malaysia maybe kawasan yang ada pun Klang Valley, Penang la kot? Infrastructure masih belum jelas. Nanti government umum, lg more excited. 🤗

  7. Berlumba-lumba kan sekarang, sebab nanti bila Malaysia dah ada 5G, maka semua device akan seiring sama gak.. buat masa ni takde lagi dapat 5G.. tapi ada guna phone 5G hehehe

  8. Wah.. Menarik gila sebba 5g kan. Mesti internet lagi berdesup la kan. Sekrg penggunaan internet penting so diaorg dh kena fikir dh mana terbaiknuntuk pelanggan

  9. cabaran duit IT sekarang..kena pantas dan efisien..dan realme mmg tak akan ketinggalan... mmg terbaik