Cook Your Favorite Dishes In Just 3 Simple Steps With Tapao Time Cooking Pastes

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A Hassle-Free With An Easy Preparation While Maintaining The Authentic Taste Of The Dishes With Tapao Time Cooking Pastes

It seems like we will be observing the Full Movement Control Order (FMCO) for another few more weeks as the COVID-19 infection curve is still at the alarming level and not showing any sign of flattening even we have been put under the FMCO since earlier this month. There are many theories about the effectiveness of this initiative but let us not heading that direction yet. 
Cooking Made Easier With Tapao Time Cooking Pastes
Because in today entry, I would like to share with you the secret of preparing your favorite dishes in just 3 simple steps yet you can maintain the authentic taste with hassle-free preparation. 

I still remember I started to work from home due to this COVID-19 pandemic earlier last year in March 2020, way before Malaysia observed the very first Movement Control Order (MCO) on the 18th March 2020. The main reason was I need to perform self-quarantine for 14-days due to the close contact with suspected case as the second generation on an active contact tracing. 

Thankfully, the case turned out negative and none of us are affected. Time flies, it has been a year and 3 months now that I'm working from home and this has been the new norms that most of us already get used to it, right? 

To be honest, it seems like working from home make us busier nowadays. We need to allocate time wisely for work, doing housework and personal time all at home. We tend to work extra hours as we have the access to our laptop just at the reach of our hands.
I often find myself skipping my meal as I do not have enough time to prepare my own lunch as cooking may take the entire 1 hour of my lunch break, or having my lunch late over a slightly free time on working hour. 
Tapao Time Cooking Pastes
Luckily my friend introduced me these Tapao Time cooking pastes that made my life easier now. All I need is just 3 simple steps and 15-minutes to prepare my delicious yet authentic taste dishes. There are now 8 different pastes or sauces that available in the market. 
In the frame above are: 
  • Curry Chicken Paste
  • Kamheong Paste
  • Assam Laksa Paste
  • BBQ Char Siew Sauce
  • Thai Tom Yum Paste 
Not available in the frame are:
  • Salted Egg Yolk Paste
  • Marmite Sauce
  • All Purpose Chicken Rice Paste
For an example, I cook the delicious and thick in flavor Assam Laksa in less than 15 minutes with 3 simple steps: 
  1.  Boil 800 ml water and add 200 g of the Assam Laksa paste.
  2. Add choice of sardine flake (remove the sauce).
  3. Cook for 3 to 5 minutes and ready to serve with laksa noodles and toppings. 
Just prepare the topping according to your preference such as cucumber, pineapple, onions, mint leaves, and lettuce. You might want to add in fresh prawn and prawn paste while serving. 
Tapao Time Assam Laksa Paste
How about Kam Heong Seafood? 
  1. Heat up 150 g Tapao Time Kam Heong Paste and add some curry leaves and chopped chili padi. 
  2. Add 500 g of preferred seafood or meat into wok and mix it well.
  3. Stir fry until cooked and ready to serve. 
You might want to add in water if the dish is too dry. 
Tapao Time Kam Heong Pastes
Kam Heong Seafood Is Done
Now do you believe me that you just need 3 simple steps to prepare a delicious meals and satisfy your craves hassle-freely yet maintaining the authentic tastes of the dishes? Tapao Time is my solution to that. 

Try them out now and these pastes are exclusively available on the Shopee e-Commerce platform. You can click the link below to make the purchase. The pastes or sauces are pretty reasonable priced starting from as low as RM 6.50 per pack and they do have packages like Tapao Time 4-in-1 Set or Tapao Time 7-in-1 Super Set. 

Oh yes, another must-try product is the Tapao Time Thai Sweet Chili Sauce and this chili sauce paired perfectly with almost any dishes that you wish to have it with! 

Get yours now and experience the hassle free where cooking just got easier with food paste from Tapao Time. 
For more information about Tapao Time and their latest products, you can follow them on their official social media platforms by clicking the links below. 
Contact Number: +6012-581 7200
Signing Off For Now And Take Care Till We e-Meet Again On My Next Post. 
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  1. Wow......menarik btul Tapao Time cooking paste nie. Good for those who like easy cooking eh. Thank you for sharing your review with me.

  2. bagusnya. cepat dan pasti sedap :)
    di kala pandemik ni, org bujang sorang diri memang sesuai sgt beli tapao time pes ni.
    tgk tu mcm dpt 2 kali makan :) best.

  3. Ok. Gonna get one of these for myself as I want to prepare my own dinner, no matter how busy I am, especially now that we WFH all the time right

  4. Eiza pun suka guna paste masakan. Memudahkan kerja memasak dan jimat masa. Sedap pun iya juga. Jenama ni first time Eiza terbaca.

  5. Bestnya pes macam ni. Kadang kalau dah tak ada idea sangat nak masak apa and nak cepat, pes macam ni la penyelamat. Boleh try ni.

  6. Senangnya masak guna pes. Cepat dan mudah kan. Kalau sibuk selalu, memang kena ada pes macam ni. Memudahkan kerja.

  7. Senang betul kan ada pes camni, dari sibuk jadi rajin, janji masak.. boleh try nanti ni..

  8. asam laksa tu nampak sedap.boleh lah cuba nanti..nak buat sendiri memang tengah sibuk skrg ni..

  9. Bagus ni, semua dah ready. Sangat sesuai untuk yang tiada banyak masa atau yang baru-baru nak belajat memasak. Skrg MCO 3.0, malam susah nak cari makan, jadi boleh masak sendiri je guna ni

  10. wowo...thanks for introduce this here, really making cooking at home much easier, love it.cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  11. Menarik semua produknya. Cuma tengah nak tunggu dapat Halal cert jer. Once complete memang akan beli terutamanya paste marmite dan paste kam heong tu.

  12. Semua nampak sedap dan mengiurkan. Boleh try ni. Sesuai sgt orang bujang mcm kita ni. Sediakan bahan campak2 pastu siap.heheheh

  13. Wah Nel sekarang dah pandai masak dah, semua boleh kau tim dalam 3 minit. I like TapaoTime cooking paste too.