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Nostalgic Experience Playing Free Online Games On Plays.org

Playing Free Online Games On Plays.org With Mobile Phone
Malaysia in now entering the extension phase of the Full Movement Control Order (FMCO), the Total Lockdown recently as the daily COVID-19 cases are still high at the alarming level and this time around on the 27th June 2021, the Malaysian government announced that the nationwide lockdown will be extended indefinitely until the daily cases fall below 4,000. 
This is indeed a very stressful news for everyone since we have been staying at home for most of the time since March 2020 and not able to perform much outdoor activities especially for the leisure time like enjoying ourselves with sports or exercises. Those with kids are more frustrating as they might already run out of ideas on how to keep their kids entertained while staying indoor. 
Unlike kids back in the 90s where we have tonnes of traditional games that we can play around with our siblings and cousins or even with our schoolmate just to kill time while waiting for our dinner to be served or over the free time. Is these games sound familiar to you?

We used to play Batu Seremban (Five Stone), Congkak, Guli, Ting Ting, Zero Point, Pepsi Cola 1 2 3, Thumb War, Lempar Selipar, Polis Penjahat, Hide and Seek, Cat & Mouse and many more. Besides these traditional games, do you still remember playing the block game  like Tetris on the game console or challenging one's another on the board games like Snake Ladder or Pilot to see who reaching the final destination first? 

These games had slowly faded away from the memories and child nowadays might not be familiar with it anymore.
As getting bored of spending most of the time watching movies over the online platforms, I decided to search for an online games that I can play around using my mobile phone. Upon the search, I found this interesting platform that offers tonnes of interesting and interactive games where we can access them for FREE!
Hosted over the URL of https://plays.org/, you can now enjoy the gaming session with your family while staying indoor. There are more than 300 games available on the website with wide range of selections that is suitable for all ages including the kids. 
Game Categories That Available On Plays.org
The games offer by Plays.org are mostly family-friendly game where you can play it with your kids and there are option like fun-learning games available where they can enjoy playing the game while learning at the same time. 
Another great feature is that the games come with a multiplayer options, not one, not two but up to six players are possible. For an example, I played the Snake Ladder board game with my housemate over the weekend. Hey, that eventually brings back all the nostalgic memories that I have with my siblings too. 
Play Multiplayer Game vs Real Player Or Bots
Play Up To 6 Players For The Game
The most memorable game that I played on the Plays.org is the Tetris and I personally really love this website as it is very user-friendly page, simple to be used with very direct button clicks, nice graphic interfaces and most importantly, lot of choices that I won't get bored easily while playing the games. 
My Childhood Favorite Block Game, Tetris
In addition, I can release my stress by taking five while giving myself a stretch after a long hours sitting at my workstation. As Plays.org is a web-based FREE online gaming-platform, I can access to play the games anytime, anywhere I want now, even using my personal desktop. 
There is no advertisement as this is a big NO NO on the Plays.org website or any attempts to redirecting you to another website like most of the games that you have downloaded in your phone. This gives us a better gaming experience with no distraction that might kill our excitement while enjoy playing the game. Essentially, parents can have peace of mind to allow their kids playing the games without worrying of any button clicks that might cost them even a single cent.
Playing Plays.org Games With Desktop View
There are still lot more for me to discover in Plays.org! Let us explore them together since it is readily available for everyone and the cheapest option to keep us entertain especially during this hard time.
Check them out now by clicking the link below. 
Hope you enjoy it too as much as I do. 

Signing Off For Now And Take Care Till We e-Meet Again On My Next Post!
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  1. So many games to choose from - and I bet we can play each and everyone since we are still at home hahaha
    I've shared with my sisters so that my nieces and nephews can play too

  2. wah..thankx for the links. serius kita pun suka main game online ni. kalau rasa bosan mesti buka main

  3. Wow......sounds like a cool apps to download on your mobile and iPad. I'm not a fan of games. But I might give it a try. Thank you for sharing your review with me.

  4. This one reminds me of things like newgrounds, miniclip and gamepress - back then when I was a kid. I guess I'll give this a try later 😊
    For the time being, I will stick to steam since they got summer sale now 😄

  5. macam best je, dah lama tak main games online. nanti nak try la. boleh release stress

  6. Wow its been so long since I played a game maybe I should try when I hv some time.

  7. Hey thanks sharing, i nak klik kejap lagi hahahaha, now memang tengah cari game best-best nak main.. now i start balik candy crush hahaha

  8. wah banyaknya game..siapa minat main game boleh lah terjah..free tu..kalau free semua orang suka kan hehe

  9. Syoknya ada Plays.org! Banyak pilihan permainan dan percuma pula tu 😍

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