MITEC Re-opens Garden Court Cafe (GCC) With Flavours From Around The World

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Garden Court Cafe (GCC) Strictly Adhere To SOPs Make It Safe For Relax And Unwind To Enjoy An Amazing Meal, Fresh Juices And Artisanal Coffee With Its Spacious, High Ceiling Indoor Dining And Al Fresco Dining Options

The moment most of Malaysians have been waiting for has finally arrived. The Malaysia Government has done an incredibly good job especially on providing the vaccination to the community and as of 26th September 2021, Malaysia has achieved 83.7% of Malaysian adults completed with their 2 doses of vaccination.
It works! Together we can make it for a better Malaysia in handling this COVID-19 and soon, everything will be back to normal when everyone is fully vaccinated. But of course, we should not lose guard on protecting ourselves, our loved ones and every individual in our community. We should continue to strictly adheres to all the SOPs even we have been fully vaccinated. 
Lunch At Garden Court Cafe, MITEC
With all the positive signs, Malaysia Government has slowly relaxed the COVID-19 restrictions including dine-in rule where fully vaccinated individuals are now allowed to dine-in at the restaurant and food premises, including restaurants in the hotels, cafes in clubhouses, food courts, food trucks, roadside stalls and vendors. 
Although the restriction has been relaxed, there are still SOPs that each restaurants and food premises operators need to follow including social distancing table arrangements, good ventilation systems, best operated not more than 50% of its usual seating capacity, fully vaccinated staff, compulsory check on patrons vaccination status in MySejahtera, body-temporary check, etc. 
Compulsory MySejahtera Pit-Stop Check At Garden Court Cafe Entrance
Finally, Malaysia International Trade & Exhibition Centre (MITEC) has re-opened its Garden Court Cafe (GCC) after all their staff have been fully vaccinated and in conjunction with the reopening, GCC has introduced an amazing breakfast and lunch spread that was specially curated by their in-house Executive Catering Manager. This will allows patrons to celebrate flavours from around the world with a healthy and nutritious choices. 
"Our staff are fully vaccinated and ready to welcome patrons who are also fully vaccinated. With triple ceiling height and generous space indoors and also outdoors, patrons dining-in can have peace of mind, relax and unwind over our new menu which celebrates the flavours from around the world." said Mala Dorasamy, Acting Chief Executive Officer of MITEC. 
New Menu Introductory Session With Mala Dorasamy, Acting Chief Executive Officer of MITEC (Left) And Chiew Chee Mun, Executive Catering Manager (Right)
GCC will be serving all day breakfast and lunch starting from 7.30 A.M. to 2.30 P.M daily (Monday - Sunday) with a total of 16 nutritious and healthy menu options available ranging from the wholesome international and local favourite, a selection of fresh fruit juices and artisanal coffee.
Big Breakfast Menu Selection At Garden Court Cafe, MITEC
Let me share with you some of the menu that available here that will be freshly prepared upon your order. 
The Chick & Oriental Taste Eggs (Priced At RM 25)
The Chick & Oriental Taste Eggs comes with two poached eggs and a skillet-seared salted egg chicken chop served with toast and steak fries. 
The Ultimate Full English Breakfast (Priced At RM 24)
The Ultimate Full English Breakfast comes with choice of two eggs, two slices of thick-cut bacon, grilled tomatoes, chicken sausage, baked bean and button mushrooms. The egg choices available are Poached Eggs, Over-Easy, Sunny Side Up or Scramble Eggs. 
The Egg Benedict & Beef (Priced At RM 28)
The Egg Benedict & Beef comes with two poached eggs and a thick-cut corned beef served with a toast and steak fries. 
Charcuterie Board (Priced At RM 38)
The Charcuterie Board serves sliced cured and cold meat, sausages, and toast topped with dry fruits and nuts. 
A Grain, a Greens & A Beans(Priced At RM 25)
Next is the A Grain, a Greens & A Beans menu that serves bowl of ancient grains with sauteed local organic baby spinach, mix beans topped with 2 poached eggs, crushed herbs and pink Himalayan sea salt. 
Oat Meal Porridge (Priced At RM 12)
There is an option for oatmeal lover too! The Oat Meal Porridge comes with a bowl of creamy steel-cut oatmeal topped with organic brown sugar, fruits and raisins. 
On top of the menu that I shared above, there are few dishes that are the main highlight on the newly introduced menu. First, the Durban Bunny Chow, a South African favourite where you can taste the goodness of the freshly baked white bread bowl filled with an options of either the wholesome chicken or vegetarian curry.
Durban Bunny Chow (Priced At RM 25)
Secondly, the Crisp Bacon Waffle that made from the scratch Belgian-style waffle that topped with sweet cream and real maple syrup with two slices of thick-cut crunchy streaky beef. 
Crisp Bacon Waffle (Priced At RM 18)
Lastly, the Burritos that leaded with eggs, lamb sausage, roasted potatoes and cheddar cheese.
Healthy Juices
Do Check Out For Their Artisanal Coffee Too!
Oh yes, there is also menu for the children and local delicacies too! Food at GCC is made with a different and there is something for everyone to enjoy. According to the Executive Catering Manager, the foods here are prepared in a healthier style without MSG or stock added to enhance the flavours of each dishes. 
Truly Asia (Nasi Lemak)
Interesting And Nice Food Presentation
Healthier Choice Of Food Offers Here At Garden Court Cafe, MITEC
While dining here, patrons can opt to dine indoors or outdoors in the Oval Garden just adjacent to this cafe. I personally like the ambient of dining here as there are multiple seat arrangements available that suit the purposes either it is for business or just a leisure dining with family and friends.
Multiple Seat Arrangements Available
Leisure-Style Seating Arrangement (Piano For Entertainment In Near Future)
"Anything we do, we do it with a difference and our menu reflects that too. Good food coupled with great ambient, the GCC is the perfect place to dine with family, friends or alone. You can just enjoy your personal space and make this your new 'work-from-home' spot." Mala added.
Power Source Available Next To The Dining Seat - Suitable As 'Work-From-Home' Spot
Interesting, right? It is time to plan for your visit with your family and friends to try out all the lip-smacking delicious foods here at GCC.
In the interest of patrons, SOPs are strictly observed here as only visitors who are fully vaccinated can enjoy dining-in at GCC. All visitors will be requested to produce the COVID-19 vaccination digital certificate at the entry point to this cafe. So, do not be surprise when you are requested to do so by the cafe's staff. 
**14 days or more after receiving the second dose of a Pfizer/Sinovac/Astra-Zeneca OR 28 days after receiving a Johnson & Johnson or CanSino vaccine**
Soon, patrons can patronize the Co-working space too at the Smart Trade Zone (STZ) that located just one floor above GCC. More information to be shared once it is readily available to access. 

As a closing during my dining, Mala concluded that:

"Visitors can use the jogging trails within MITEC precinct for a light work-out or try out a game of Teqball with your friends in the Oval Garden. So, find the rhythm that moves you, enjoy the best of both worlds, you can exercise, enjoy wholesome food at value for money prices, then start work, all at MITEC."
Free Energy Drink At The Drive-Thru Booth For Those That Exercise Within The MITEC Compound
To end, allows me to share my final thought about my overall dining experience here at Garden Court Cafe, MITEC. This is indeed one of the nice place to hangout with family and friends to enjoy good time spent with healthy yet delicious foods. The ambient is so welcoming, conducive environment and most importantly, it is so spacious plus well-ventilated. The food portion is so generous, tasty and value for every ringgit paid
At the moment, GCC is open for dine-in or takeaway only. You can pre-order your foods by contacting them at the Direct Line of +603-62060100
For more information about Garden Court Cafe and MITEC, please follow their official social media platforms or kindly visit their official website by clicking the links below. 


About Malaysia International Trade And Exhibition Centre

The Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC) sits on a sprawling 75.5 acres of the KL Metropolis, an integrated development within the Kuala Lumpur's International Trade and Exhibition District. 
Positioned as an economic catalyst and Gateway to Southeast Asia, MITEC is one of the largest MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences And Exhibitions) venue in the Southeast Asia region and the largest trade and exhibition centre in Malaysia, offering over 51,000 sqm of exhibition space and triple volume exhibition halls with infinite possibilities. 
Boasting the largest pillar-less exhibition hall in Malaysia with 12, 960 sqm of column-free space on one level, MITEC offers 11 spacious exhibition hall, 13 meeting rooms, VIP suites, and lounge, organizer's office, executive bathroom, a cafe, an outdoor oval garden, and two exterior amphitheaters. 
One uniqueness of the Venue is the heavy-duty loading exhibition halls at Level 1 that have a maximum floor loading of 50kN/sqm, which can support the weight of heavy machinery and vehicles, the first of its kind in the country. 
In addition, there is a direct 24-hour service ramp access to all floors, connected to every exhibition hall with each of the levels having their own designated hall loading bay to avoid congestion. A great capture is its central 15m-long escalators, which is one of the highest and longest escalators in Malaysia and all are energy-saving, fitted with motion sensors. 
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