Iftar Ramadan At Dodo Dim Sum & Bowls, Tropicana Gardens Mall

April 25, 2021

 Dear Readers, 

Dodo Dim Sum & Bowls Offers Delicious Ramadan Sharing Delights With Variety Of Choices For Your Iftar This Ramadan 

Tropicana Gardens Mall has gain its famed in short period of time, I still remember during my first visit, it was pretty empty and not as lively as my recent few visits. The main reason why I loved to visit this mall is that the mall do have special dining restaurants and shops that not available in other malls, based on my personal experience.
My First Dining Experience At Dodo Dim Sum & Bowls
The one that I recently visited is the Dodo Dim Sum & Bowls that located at the Concourse Floor of Tropicana Gardens Mall, to be more exact the shop outlet number is Lot CC-39. This restaurant has a very welcoming interior design, Instagrammable with great lighting and ambient making it a perfect place for you and your family even with friends to create great dining memories here. 
Dodo Dim Sum & Bowls At Tropicana Gardens Mall
Oh yes, besides a great place for dining, I believe those who loved to feature their OOTD or creating Instagram Reel featuring the restaurant in social media will definitely love this place too. Look at their murals, wall arts and also some of the collection they had in the restaurant. 
Iconic Mural In Dodo Dim Sum & Bowls Restaurant
Vases Collection In The Dodo Dim Sum & Bowls Restaurant
Few Seating Arrangements Available In Dodo Dim Sum & Bowls
Now, you must be wondering what are the cuisines that they served here in this very lovable restaurant, right? Let me spill the tea, guys!. Dodo Dim Sum & Bowls is one of the first multicultural restaurant that available in Malaysia that offering handcrafted dim sum and authentic Thai street food delights.
As a very new members in the Food & Beverage industry, Dodo Dim Sum & Bowls started their business in 2019 and serving both the scrumptious dim sums and the lip-smacking authentic Thai dishes. 
Choices That Available Here At Dodo Dim Sum & Bowls
This very restaurant eventually offers not only 20 Thai Street Foods, 30 Dim Sum Dishes, there are also 4 heartwarming soups as well. These are all the authentic street foods, handcrafted dim sum and Thai cuisines that will satisfy your craves. 
I tried several dishes during my first visit and oh yes, it was a memorable one. The tastes suit my taste buds really well, the ambient was so relaxing and also the list of menu offers here really made me excited about it, I had my favorite carrot cake here, pad kra pow and Iced Thai tea. 
Chop! Since we are still in the mood of celebrating the holy month of Ramadan, I re-visit Dodo Dim Sum & Bowls recently and guess what guys, there is Ramadan Sharing Delights offers by them that is made suitable for our Muslim brothers and sisters for their iftar.
Look at the variety of foods and desserts available on the list, ranging from appetizers to soups, healthy salad, vegetables to beancurd, seafood like calamari, prawns and fish, then chicken and last but not least, to conclude the dinner with something sweet, the desserts!
Ramadan Sharing Delights Menu By Dodo Dim Sum & Bowls
Starting from the Appetizers, we had the Deep Fried Calamari With Thai Sauce to kick start our dinner. How can you resist to have this menu that is crispy from the outside, chewy yet juicy from the inside and made perfect when dip in the Thai chili sauce.
Deep Fried Calamari With Thai Chili Sauce (RM 18)
Next on the list, we had the three (3) vegetables dishes served which are the Kangkung Belacan, Eggplant With Minced Chicken and Bendi Goreng Belacan. You can tastes the freshness of these vegetables, let the pictures below justified why I said so!
Bendi Goreng Belacan (RM 13)
Kangkung Belacan (RM 15)
Eggplant with Minced Chicken (RM 17)
Want to have something soft yet flavorful? The Steamed Tofu with Minced Chicken Gravy is a must and this dish really made me miss my grandma's home-cook dishes. Look at the slices of each beancurds, no matter what tool the chef used, the culinary skill is tested and proven to be good and awesome. Well done, chef!
Steamed Tofu With Minced Chicken Gravy (RM 15)
I don't know if it is only me or happened to others too, I really need soup in the dining list no matter where I go or at least a gravy dishes. As they have three different soups in the list, we had the Tom Kha Gai which is the Thai spicy and sour soup in coconut milk. 
Anyone of you still have this hot pot at home? Yes for me but available at my hometown only! We will cook steamboat using this hotpot with charcoal on any special occasions such as Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner or during the prayer and that was the best steamboat I ever had for the rest of my life!
Tom Kha Gai (RM 18)
Before we moved to the seafood dishes, you must order this "Mongolian Chicken" which I found it to be an interesting dish that me, myself is unable to explain how it tastes! "Same-Same But Different" is the word that I can use to express this dish compare to Butter Chicken. It is really juicy, tasty and yummilicious. 
Mongolian Chicken (RM 24)
Another favorite on the list is the Stir Fried Minced Chicken with Thai Sweet Basil.
Stir-Fried Minced Chicken With Thai Sweet Basil (RM 22)
Now, let's check it out what we had from the seafood lists, okay? The Thai Butter Prawns and Stir-Fried Prawns with Thai Sweet Basil, Stir-Fried Calamari With Garlic and Hot Pepper Steamed Calamari with Garlic and Lime Sauce, Deep Fried Fish With Young Mango and Steamed Fish With Garlic And Lime. All these dishes are cooked to the perfection and fresh without "fishy" smell. 
Stir-Fried Prawns With Thai Sweet Basil (RM 32)
Thai Butter Prawns(RM 35)
Stir-Fried Calamari With Garlic And Hot Pepper (RM 38)
Steamed Calamari With Garlic And Lime Sauce (RM 38)
Deep Fried Fish With Young Mango (RM 55)
Steamed Fish With Garlic And Lime (RM 55)
And last but not least, you must have the Thai Tea Cincau, Thai Matcha Cincau, Soya Cincau and Sago Gula Melaka to complete your meal for the day. Although I mentioned something sweet, but actually it is just a terminology used to describe desserts but actually, the level of sweetness is acceptable and just nice that made it suitable for everyone of all ages.  
Variety Of Cincau Desserts (RM 5.80) And Sago Gula Melaka (RM 7)
That's all that we had from the Ramadan Sharing Delights. How is that, guys? I personally really loved it not only the tastes, but also the entire dining experience that I had it here! Once in the 30 days, why not change the break-fast dining environment and had it outside other from the hotel buffet or give a break to your lovely wife to treat them with these scrumptious dishes. 
The prices are pretty reasonable and affordable as well that comes with the tastes and also the portion itself.  
Enjoying The Ramadan Sharing Delights At Dodo Dim Sum & Bowls At Tropicana Gardens Mall
For more information about Dodo Dim Sum & Bowls, you can visit their official social media platforms by clicking the links below. 
Signing Off For Now And Take Care Till We e-Meet Again On My Next Post. 
For Collaboration Or Any Inquiry, Feel Free To Email Me At kitkatnelfei@gmail.com.

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  1. Oh my god , the food is so tempting and it's such lovely and cozy place to hangout with family or friend to break fast .

  2. So tempting! Craving dimsum for break fast 😁

  3. Walaupun nampak makanan tu simple I rasa kalau makan seorang tu memang tak boleh habis dan semua sedap belaka hehehe terutama yang udang dan kangkung tu seleranya tengok hehehe nak buka kat sini juga lah nanti..

  4. Menarik betul hiasan dalaman dia. Kalau pergi ni sambil tunggu makanan bolehlah bergambar. Kena datang makan dengan kawan2 baru berbaloi sebab portion semua agak banyak and harga dia pun agak reasonable. Tapi tulahh mana dimsum nya ?? sebab saya suka makan dimsum

  5. Wow banyaknya makanan. Cuma khai tgok ad yang murah ad yang mahal. Tapi kalau dh sedap why not kan

  6. Oh nice. A new dim sum place to visit soon. And those desserts are calling me to try them. Thanks for the recommendation ya

  7. Mesti pencahayaan dia kuning kan, sebab tu gambar jd gitu.. i feel u..
    Teruja pulak nak mencubanya kalau ke sana nanti.. biasa makan ret dim sum ni tak banyak pilihan, ni nengok wowww banyak sekali pilihan..

  8. Wowwww semua menu menyelerakan! Bertambah-tambah lah makan kan. By the way decoration restoran ni sangat cantik dan selesa. Bersih pun yaaaa.. I like it.

  9. The food looks amazing! I can't wait to try out Dodo Dim Sum & Bowls and their food, my mum will love it.

  10. tempat ni cantek sangat suka tengok.. dan pilihan makanan dia not bad.. mavcam2 ada

  11. Ingat dimsum semata rupanya ada macam-macam menu lagi. Semua nampak sedap. Dekorasi kedai pun menarik.

  12. Suka mkn fim sum kdg2 lain rasamya yg ni tentu sedapkan? Tgk byk menu2 menarik iftar ramadhan

  13. Fuhh menyelerakan !! Harga pun not bad dan tempat nampak selesa . Sesekali kita tutup dapur dan berbuka kat sini pun cun gak . Sure anak-anak happy

  14. wah foods dia nampak menggoda pulak..sabar sabar puasa ni. Boleh la masuk dalam list lokasi berbuka puasa ni

  15. Wah bestnya tmpt ni.Cantik siap ada mural. Makan pun sedap2z Mengiurkan betul. Boleh try dtg ni

  16. I pun suka lepak at Tropicana Gardens Mall sebab tak ramai orang. And betul la you cakap, banyak kedai rare kan, like Dodo Dim Sum Bowls.

  17. All the food looks mighty delicious but nothing beats the spicy kangkung for sure. Would want to try dining here one day too.

  18. Oo wow, I'm definitely in the mood for some Dim sum and Thai food after reading this post!

  19. Ramai juga my friends citer makan kat sini best sedap, dan memang cantik cool. Smart laaaa cafe dia. Nak ajak kawan makan sini laaa

  20. Waa tiba-tiba teringin nak makan dim sum dan makanan thai pula. hahahah


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