Break Fasting With "Selera Ibunda" At Thyme Out Cafe by Equatorial This Ramadan

April 02, 2021

 Dear Readers, 

Thyme Out Cafe by Equatorial Offers "Selera Ibunda" Ramadan Buffet This Year For Your Iftar

No doubt when I say mom's cooking is the best in the world, I believe everyone will agree with me on this statement, right?
Special this year from Thyme Out Cafe by Equatorial as they will be offering great Ramadan buffet deal with the themed "Selera Ibunda". With the contemporary and variety of our mom's traditional cooking at home, you can be spoilt with the choices of the "must-have" signature dishes, served on their nightly buffet dinner for this upcoming holy month of Ramadan. 
They are proudly open its door for their first Ramadan buffet starting from 14th April 2021 until 9th April 2021, made available daily from 6.30 P.M. until 10.00 P.M.
Welcome To Thyme Out By Equatorial Ramadan Buffet
Thyme Out Cafe by Equatorial is located in the ACE Conference Centre, a strategic location in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city near to the Financial Education Hub (FEH) at Jalan Dato' Onn.
Do you know that this is a great place and perfect location to host any major and minor business events?
They have a very elegant, sophisticated setup and welcoming ambience that are suitable for the corporate and business-related meetings. I will be sharing more about their facilities on my next posting. Let us focus on the upcoming Ramadan buffet first. 
Ramadan Buffet In AICB Centre of Excellent (ACE) By Thyme Out Cafe by Equatorial
Since we are still in the mission to flatten the curve for the COVID-19 pandemic, we are urged to follow all the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that set by our Ministry of Health (MOH). Upon the arrival, we are required to scan our MySejahtera QR Code to check-in, scan our body temperature to ensure no one entering the dining area with fever and last but least, remember to always sanitize your hand frequently. 
Complete Set of SOP Following Guideline By Our Ministry Of Health (MOH)
Now, we are ready to experience the home cook taste of mom's cooking filled with enticing aromas and while you enjoying the foods, you will be entertained with the ghazal performance throughout the night. They do played up-to-date songs during my visit that made me excited tho!
Performance To Entertain Our Night While Enjoying Ramadan Buffet
During this Ramadan buffet, the chef with 22 years of culinary experience comes together with his team has prepared a huge spread of more than 100 authentic and nostalgic flavors of local traditional cuisine. "Selera Ibunda"'s main highlights are featured into these 6 main dishes. 
Gear Box Soup (Sup Gear Box in Malay language) is one of the mouth-watering and popular dish in Malaysia. The bone marrow soup is boiled with onions and other rich spices for more than 12 hours to soften the flesh and cartilage, the knee joint of a bull provides the best gear box shape and contains a generous succulent taste just by sucking out using a fat straw. This dish is back again on the list due to its popular demand. 
Sup Gear Box - Thyme Out Cafe By Equatorial
Then, they also served Daging Tetel Gulai Kawah as this dish always have a special place in the Malaysian culture especially during the special occasions like wedding and festive seasons. With its milky, yellowish gravy texture, the dish is prepared with full of rich spices such as turmeric, coriander, black pepper, galangal and other local traditional herbs. 

Just for your information, Kawah is a method of cooking large portion of foods cooked with a huge wok over open flames.
Gulai Kawah Dishes - Thyme Out Cafe By Equatorial
Aligning with the theme "Selera Ibunda" Kambing Masak Hitam is a must have dish which is commonly found in every state of Malaysia. The lamb meat is marinated with traditional herbs and spices for few hours before it is simmered in the dark soy sauce. The shiny black color sauce with a combination of sweet and spicy flavors, this tantalizing flavors will make you crave for more, this I can assured you!
Gulai Kawah Dishes - Thyme Out Cafe By Equatorial
Next, the famous Malaysian bird's eye chili coconut gravy that has a special place in our hearts. Daging Salai Masak Lemak is a dish from Negeri Sembilan that well-known for its delicious, spicy gravy and combined with the special cooking method "Salai" makes this the perfect dish for you to enjoy. If you are a spicy-food lover, you will definitely love this dish. 
Daging Salai Masak Lemak - Thyme Out Cafe By Equatorial
Now, let's move to the main dishes for the seafood lovers! First, the Udang Galah Asam Lemak! Do you feel drooling when you read the name of this menu? Yes, even the name itself already sounds so appetizing, right? This traditional Malay cuisine known as Asam Pedas is originated from Melaka.
The sour taste traditionally derived from the sour tamarind, boiled until soft and squeeze into a juice whereas the spicy taste usually comes from the use of fresh chili peppers. With the addition of fresh river water prawns cooked with the perfect combination of the sour and spicy "asam pedas"  makes this dish certain to die for!
Udang Galah Asam Pedas - Thyme Out Cafe By Equatorial
Last but not least, the Malaysian's all-time favorite mouth quenching dish! The Kari Kepala Ikan is definitely the most sought-after dish across all Malaysians and commonly found at many Indian Muslim eateries. This flavorful dish is prepared with ingredients such as turmeric, coriander, black pepper, ginger and many more!
Together with the fish head meat make it a prefect dish. The common type of fish being used is red snapper or garoupa. Both the Udang Galah Asam Pedas and Kari Kepala Ikan will be served hot upon your order.
Kari Kepala Ikan - Thyme Out Cafe By Equatorial
These are the 6 main dishes that highlighted by Thyme Out Cafe by Equatorial. Besides these, let check it out what are the other dishes that will be served here during the Ramadan buffet, okay. 
Nasi Briyani Lamb - Thyme Out Cafe By Equatorial
Kambing Golek - Thyme Out Cafe By Equatorial
Aneka Bubur (Sweetened Porridge) - Thyme Out Cafe By Equatorial
Kerabu Section - Thyme Out Cafe By Equatorial
Ulam - Ulaman - Thyme Out Cafe By Equatorial
Pasembur - Thyme Out Cafe By Equatorial
Kerabu Tang Hoon - Thyme Out Cafe By Equatorial
Kerabu Seafood - Thyme Out Cafe By Equatorial
Salted Fish Betul Betul Selera Ibunda - Thyme Out Cafe By Equatorial
A Ramadan buffet won't be complete without the lemang, ketupat, nasi impit, satay and many more! There is also freshly made roti john, murtabak, assorted fried fritters and kerepok lekor too. 
Lemang and Nasi Impit - Thyme Out Cafe By Equatorial
Assorted Fritters - Thyme Out Cafe By Equatorial
Murtabak - Thyme Out Cafe By Equatorial
Roti Canai - Thyme Out Cafe By Equatorial
Satay and Lekor Station - Thyme Out Cafe By Equatorial
There is a saying start something sweet before meal and I did it both here. I had the kurma first and then, completed my buffet with assorted fruits, cakes and kuih muih. They served kek lapis Sarawak here ya. 
Fruits Basket - Thyme Out Cafe By Equatorial
Fresh Fruits - Thyme Out Cafe By Equatorial
Assorted Cakes - Thyme Out Cafe By Equatorial
Custard Pumpkin Cake - Thyme Out Cafe By Equatorial
Assorted Kek Lapis Sarawak - Thyme Out Cafe By Equatorial
Assorted Kuih Muih - Thyme Out Cafe By Equatorial
Dessert - Thyme Out Cafe By Equatorial
Bread Pudding - Thyme Out Cafe By Equatorial
Kurma - Thyme Out Cafe By Equatorial
Which are your favorite dish based on the sharing above? This is important guys! You can start booking your slot to have a great and lovely iftar with your family and loved ones starting from 31st March 2021 until 12th April 2021 with the Early Bird Promotion that priced at RM 98 nett per adult

The normal price after 12th April 2021 or walk-in price will be RM 115 nett per adult and RM 57 nett per child (aged between 6 to 12 years old). 
For dinner reservations or special dinner arrangements at Thyme Out Cafe, you can call them directly or email them to secure your preferred seats and/or tables. Advanced reservations are encouraged to avoid disappointment. 
Contact Number: +603 2602 4120 (Direct Line) / +6010 629 2776 (Mobile)
For group gatherings of 50 persons or more, ACE Conference Centre exclusively offers variety of selection of buka puasa buffet menus for those that interested to organize either private or social events during this season. Private events can be organized at their pillar-less function rooms. The buffet menus are priced based on the choice of buffet selections. 

For further enquiry, you can call or email the Sales Department directly. 

Contact Number: +603 2602 4100 (General Line) 

What Are You Waiting For? Book Yours Now - Thyme Out Cafe By Equatorial
Signing Off For Now And Take Care Everyone. 
For Collaboration Or Any Inquiry, Please Do Not Hesitate To Contact Me At

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