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Cookies Vibe Offers Attractive Promotions With Their #RAYAVIBES2021 Combo

It's almost time! Yes, we are going to celebrate Ramadan and Syawal really soon, just weeks away now. I believe everyone is in the delighting mood to welcome this festive season since we missed the celebration last year due to the unforeseen COVID-19 pandemic that hit us in the beginning of the year 2020. Right? 
Cookies From Cookies Vibe For CNY Celebration
The unfortunate event also happened to me this year where the Chinese community in Malaysia was suppose to celebrate the Lunar New Year during the mid-February 2021, but due to Movement Control Order 2.0, we were unable to celebrate it with our family and loved ones. This was my very first year did not celebrate it with my family at my home town.

Even though we were still in the MCO 2.0 during that time, it doesn't kill our tradition of celebrating Chinese New Year. What need to be done, still need to be done even we were far apart from our family. House spring cleaning, preparing and cooking reunion dinner, preparing angpow for elders and interestingly this year we did it using e-angpow and of course, how can we miss out the cookies, right? 
Let me show you what I have for this year celebration; Black Pistachio, Mini Popia, Cornflakes Bite, and Cashew Teacakes. 
And choosing the best cookies in town will make you even rejoice when having it. So, I choose Cookies Vibe for several reasons. First, the cookies are made from premium ingredients such as 100% pure butter from the famous brand that imported from New Zealand, Anchor Food Professional and the chocolate from Beryls. These brands are renowned for its top quality in term of their dairy products making them one of the best choice to make cookies.
Black Pistachio - Cookies Vibe
Secondly, the Cookies Vibe is very generous in term of the topping to make the cookies very presentable and delicious. For example, looking at the Black Pistachio, pistachio is not a cheap ingredient but Cookies Vibe put sufficient amount of it that making you satisfy with its taste in every bite. Other examples of the premium toppings are almond, cashew or hazelnut. 
Cashew Teacake - Cookies Vibe
Thirdly, since we are purchasing this for Raya celebration, our Muslim friends can have peace of mind since the cookies from Cookies Vibe are all made from Halal ingredients and it is 100% Muslim product. Currently, the team are still in the process of getting the Halal Certificate from JAKIM.
Cornflakes Bites - Cookies Vibe
Although I'm just sharing few of the cookies that I have, actually it is not limited to these only! For Raya 2021 collection, Cookies Vibe has prepared more than 35 type of cookies and snacks for you to choose. If you are big fan of cornflakes in the cookies, you can choose the Malatops Crispy, Ombak Rindu, Cashew Butterscotch, Hazelnut Latte, Cornflakes Bites and Cashew Teacakes because all of these cookies have cornflakes in the ingredients. 
I would love to share with you also on the Cookies Vibe's Top 10 premium cookies just for your reference if you not sure what to order from the long list; Ombak Rindu, Malatops Crispy, Chocolate Heaven, Nutty Basket, Almond Chocobar, Royale Cadbury, Black Pistachio, Hazelnut Latte, Velvet Ohana and Crispy Rainbow (Biskut Lidah Kucing). 
Mini Popia - Cookies Vibe

Personal Experience

I personally really love these cookies that I got from Cookies Vibe. Like mentioned above, it is made from premium ingredient make it tastes expensive too especially when the cookies melts in my mouth. The balance tastes of the buttery cookies with its flavors are perfectly blend. The texture of the cookies are perfectly baked, not too hard, not too soft. You can taste the cookies were freshly baked too based on the smells when you open it up from the container. 
A good mini popia is that it doesn't have the bad-oil odors and I can confirm you that I don't taste it when I have this Mini Popia from Cookies Vibe. Therefore, I believe that all the cookies and snacks from them are all freshly baked and prepared for their customer. 

 Order And Delivery

Sound great, right? Now, let me share with you on how you can place the order and the delivery options that Cookies Vibe offers. For ordering purpose, you can click the link below. 
Cookies Vibe Website
The posting options that they offer are either through posting or MrSpeedy for customers that within Klang Valley. 

Do you want to enjoy extra saving while purchasing these cookies for the upcoming Raya Celebration? Why not just apply "NELFEI" to enjoy 10% discount

Alternatively, you can order it from the nearby agent #VibersFamily and easy to pick up the cookies later. Another good news it do you know that you can pre-order your cookies and opt for installment payment? Check it out now at their website for the package that available from as low as RM55/month for 6 types of cookies. 

What make Cookies Vibe even awesome is that they already have products coverage to Malaysia nationwide, Singapore and also Brunei. Feel like want to generate money as a preparation for the upcoming Raya? Why not just register as their agent the #VibersFamily at their website now. 

Cookies Vibe do have a physical showroom that allows you to visit them that open from 10.00 A.M. until 6 P.M every Tuesday to Saturday. It is located at Tingkat 1 U1-19, Flexis, One South, Seri Kembangan, 43300 Selangor. 

For more information about Cookies Vibe, you can refer to their official social medias from the links below. 

Hotline: +601165700101
Check it Out Their #RayaVibes2021 Now
Signing Off For Now And Take Care Till We Meet Again On My Next Post. 
For Collaboration Or Any Inquiry, Feel Free To Email Me At kitkatnelfei@gmail.com

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  1. Bestnyer boleh order cookies Hari Raya. Sis ingat tak boleh rentas negeri jugak la this year. Persiapan sederhana sahaja.

  2. Nampak menarik semua cookies dari Cookies Vibe ni. Sesuai utk dijadikan buah tangan masa raya nanti. Bahan2 pun menggunakan bahan premium. Confirm sedap.

  3. Looks good and yummy right these cookies from Cookies Vibe. It will be ideal for gifting too right? Would love to try some.

  4. Yeay, Boleh order dan ada code untuk better price. I like that! And now, dah boleh start beli raya cookies kan, harapnya tak habis before raya la kan

  5. Wah dah boleh rasa vibe hari raya bila nampak aneka biskut raya ni hee yaya paling suka Mini Popia tu. Thank you for sharing the code!

  6. Yesss raya vibe is coming! That popia mini is love. I can eat popia mini all day everydayy!

  7. dah ramai start jual kuih raya means dah nak puasa yeayyy

  8. Kuih raya dah muncul! Tazzabar nak order. Mesti sedap kan Nell. Okay nanti akak order biskut tu. Risau sebelum raya dah habis. Hahahahaa.

  9. Mcm2 cookies ada kat sini. Semua nampak sedap dan menarik. Nak raya ni bolehla order

  10. Wahhh ada beraneka kuih raya kali ni ye... Sekarangg ramai yg beli kuih je kan.. Nmpk sedap2 pula

  11. mcm biasa..beli biskut n kek raya je thn ni. x berbaloi nk berpanas di dapur pd bln puasa. byk pilihan yg ada ni. nak kena try la satu...

  12. Love the usage of premium ingredients. When the baker is generous with the ingredients, I also feel like I want to generously buy 😁

  13. ya ampun !! sedapnya semua !! hee~ baik !! raya nanti boleh beli dan letak dalam balang kuih raya.. berbaloi sangat harga nya pun !!

  14. Dah cuba cookies raya raya dari cookies vibes ni. memang sedap! berbaloi beli dengan promo diskaun dan boleh beli prepare untuk raya tak lama lagi

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