Skills You Can Learn Through Golf

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Golf is a sport that recently gained lot of fame from people of all ages, it can be the kids, teenagers, adults or even seniors. Besides mastering all the necessary skills in playing golf to score the best, there are definitely countless skills that you can learn through golf which can be applied in our daily life.
Life skills training is an important part of education and growth, because these skills can be applied in our life every day. Playing golf is a good training for both physical and mental skills every time you swing the golf club. 

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We can keep our brain to stay active all the time or also known as "thinking" mode while playing golf and hence we will just stay focus more on the game instead of the sad or anxious things. Whether you are an avid golfer or just playing golf occasionally, you may have received health benefits, both physically or mentally. 
As mentioned above, these are some of the skills that you can learn through the game of playing golf.


Golf is a sport that immersed in tradition and therefore it is important to learn and respect the tradition of the game, especially in terms of etiquette no matter where you play. In the process of playing, the golf etiquette should be learned first as it is an important part of the lesson plan to ensure the smoothness of the golfing session without an interruption due to unforeseen incidents. 


When playing golf, it is really crucial to respect ourselves, our competitors, our teammates, the golf courses and also to respect the honor and traditions of the game. 


Golf is always a great game to learn how to socialize especially when you are joining a group golf lesson. As you need to learn to be comfortable to start a conversation to build up relationship when you are playing golf with them. 
It is always great to learn the game in group lesson as beginner golfer can learn easily and pick up quickly the skills from other beginner golfers. The process will be fun and enjoyable besides golfer can make new friends from the lesson. 


Golf can be a challenging sport and requires a lot of patience. Therefore, golf is a sport that can teach you to be more patience and this is virtue in life. 

Decision Making

As during the golf game, you will need to make a strong decisions on the golf course when playing. You need to have a good judgemental and decision making on when or how hard you want to swing your golf club to hit the golf ball from the position you are standing towards the hole. 
Or even sometimes the course is full with bunkers and you need to decide a new strategy instantly in order to score more. 


During a golf game, it can be said that you are your own rules when there is no one watching every single swing hit by you. You have to learned all the golf rules and expected to play according to the rule. If you're foul, there is a time for us to call a penalty on yourself. It will be meaningless if you cheat yourself in a golf game. 


As a golfer, you need to practice over and over again to get a perfect body gesture for a perfect golf swing. You have to push forward and work towards goals despite the obstacles on the course. That is why many golfers undergo golf training and put in a lot of work and effort to be successful golfer. 
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  1. wah! main sekali ke tu? teringin juga nak main golf tapi kena betul2 free belajar. so far tau main sukan lain je golf ni kite anggap untk elit hahaha

    1. So far tak pernah main golf lagi walaupun ada golf club kat my area rumah dulu, Miri Golf Club.. memang ramai giler orang2 minyak gi main kat situ lagi2 expat.. betul la same perception about golf, tapi ramai dah start paling golf nowadays. sukan yang paling senang untuk networking..

  2. Golf ni kena minat juga. Nak beli golf set tu a bit pricey tapi hey kalau minat berbaloi la beli. Kalau ikut suami main golf, wife semua boleh mingle dengan kawan2 kat situ.

    1. Betul, tak menafikan golf set ni memang pricey kan but good investment ni.. selalu nampak kat golf club memang macam ni kan.. suami go networking with business partners, wife and kids pun ikut sekali but mingle around kat golf club.. ada juga yang satu family turun padang sekali :P

  3. Till this very day I have yet to play any golf as I deem it to be a luxurious sport. :)

    1. Same goes to me tho! but nowadays I saw lot of people start to venture into this sport.. getting more affordable now maybe. but this golf schools are something that worth to check it out.

  4. Banyak nilai-nilai murni yang dapat ditanamkan dalam diri bila main golf ye. Hehe

    1. Betul betul betul, walaupun playing golf ni macam senang hanya swing the club, hit the golf ball jer tapi banyak lagi yang kita dapat belajar dari sport ni.. actually more me-time juga kan...

  5. i pernah try and i rasa tak fit with the sport.maybe kena try few more times hehe

    1. Walaupun sport ni nampak simple, tapi golf ni first thing kena buat is to master the skills and technique.. Contohnya, cara kita berdiri, swing the golf club and hit the ball, dan macam2 lagi skill yang perlu ada baru kita dapat main golf ni dengan selesa dan selamat.. ergonomic..

  6. I’ve tried golf once and I realised I played hockey much better. Haha. I don’t know how to control my hit and end up always hit too hard

    1. Wow, Rawlins play hockey? That's not an easy sport tho! salute la.. i paling takut dengan hockey and basketball.. :) takut kena pukul secara tak sengaja dan takut bola sebab pernah cedera main basketball. terus phobia until now..

  7. Ya, nampak macam senang setakat pukul jer kannn tapi sebenarnya bukan mudah main golf ni kannn?
    Anyway, good sharing.. Kita suka!

    1. Betul sis Nina.. dulu ingat senang jer main golf ni.. tapi banyak skills yang kita kena master untuk play well.. termasuk judgemental skills on when to hit looking at the environmental factors, etc. Nell pun tertarik dengan kursus2 yang ada di sekitar Kuala Lumpur and Selangor ni..