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Purchase Joylee UV Sterilizer Combo Kit Now To Keep You And Your Family 99.9% Germ Free

Do you still remember what day is tomorrow on the 18th March 2021? It is exactly a year now that Malaysia was first put under Movement Control Order 1.0 when the COVID-19 virus has spreading within our community. During this MCO 1.0, everyone is instructed to stay home with limited outdoor activity is allowed such as doing groceries. 
After a year now, we have learn a lot especially on keeping our personal hygiene and our loved one at the tip top condition. Washing hand with soup and sanitize our hand frequently is a new normal to us back then and until today, this is the practice that I saw everyone still doing it. 
But the question now is "Is this sufficient just to keep our hands cleans and free from germs, viruses or bacteria?". 
How about the surfaces that you will have contact with? 

How about all your belongings and small accessories? 
Let me introduce you a UV Sterilizer Combo that I'm current using to ensure my surroundings are at least 99.9% germ-free, safe and clean. 
Joylee LED Ultraviolet Disinfectant Rod V2
First, the Joylee LED Ultraviolet Disinfectant Rod V2 which is the upgraded version from the previous version. Before I introduce the function, let me highlight the comparison between the latest version and the first version of the Sterilizer Rod. 

The sterilizing process has been improved from 20 seconds to only 10 seconds now and having better disinfection coverage which is limited before this. It is much more sustainable where it is rechargeable with USB-powered and no longer powered by battery. Last but not least, the UVC light is brighter now using LED light instead of the dimmer UVC light bulb. 
Joylee Small, Travel-Friendly Disinfectant Rod
Ultraviolet (UV) light could eliminate the DNA or the RNA of the microorganisms hence this light will be able to eliminate the cell and not be able to breed after the UVC disinfection. When the cells cannot replicate, it cannot infect!
These are the reasons why you and your loved should own this LED Ultraviolet Disinfectant Rod V2. 

  • Chemical Free because the sterilization process is completed using the UVC light only without using any harmful chemical. Hence, this is a safer method compare of using other sterilizing method that involved chemical usage.  
  • Strong UVC LED is stronger and brighter compare to the light bulb version, thus this rod is more effective to eliminate the unseen germs, bacteria, mites and viruses. 
  • Instant Sterilization Process where the sterilization can be completed in less than 10 seconds only and the rod is easily operated with a single button only to switch ON and OFF. 
  • This sterilizer rod is a smart device with Power Saving where it has intelligent shutdown function after five minute. 
  • Sustainable usage with USB Charging function to recharge by charging without worrying about the need to find battery for replacement after each usage. 
It is very convenient that you can used it on huge surfaces such as electrical appliances, kitchen appliances, children products, mats, blankets and other household products and even water surfaces.