Everyone Can Owned And Be Inspired With The Interior Design By The IDW Design Collection

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Interior Design Can Now Be Owned By All Malaysian

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Everyone Can Owned And Be Inspired With The Interior Design By The IDW Design Collection
IDW Design Collection by IDW Design & Build Sdn Bhd
Home is a place not only to protect you and your family from the sun and rain, but also a place that can give you peace and enjoy life comfortably. Therefore, interior design of your home plays an important role in achieving these ultimate goals.

But, do you know that 70% of a homeowners in Malaysia does not use an Interior Design services or consultation when it comes to renovating their house? And, the outcome was not up to their expectation. Well, this might be including me, myself too. 
Everyone Can Owned And Be Inspired With The Interior Design By The IDW Design Collection
First House With Empty Unit
I still remember two years ago, when I owned my first house, I almost cracked my head just to look for inspiration on how to decorate and design every corners in my house.
Because I couldn't find a good reference, I visited every showrooms within the neighborhood just to be inspired on how my "Home Sweet Home" going to looks like. 
Another difficult task is on the communication to convey my plan to my contractor and make it happen exactly like how I plan it to be. 
Those who have gone through this process will understand what I am talking about, right? 
Thankfully, I just discover a great book related to Interior Design that just released and make available in the market. This is indeed a good source of reference that can be owned by every Malaysian now.
The name of this book is IDW Design Collection by IDW Design & Build Sdn Bhd
Everyone Can Owned And Be Inspired With The Interior Design By The IDW Design Collection
IDW Design Collection Book
There are 200 luxurious and modern home collection that come with complete home layout plan, detailed drawings and the renovation guidelines. What make this book a great resource is the all-in-one package.
This is the most complete ID book that I ever see in the market as I can choose the design from the modern classic to modern contemporary or anything in between for every corner of my house. 

It can be my living or family area, dining and kitchen area, laundry and foyer area, bedroom with walk-in wardrobe, an office area or even a design for the Muslim prayer area! As the entire books are packed with drawings and measurements, some of the details might be printed in smaller font causing the need for me to squinting my eyes to have a better vision on it.
What WOW me the most about this ID book is the incorporation of the book with latest technology, the QR Code. Just scan the code and every details will be made available in my mobile phone.
I can have a better view of the plan by zooming in to the part that I need to focus on or I can even share the designs that I need with my contractor without bringing the  entire book for discussion purpose.  

Everyone Can Owned And Be Inspired With The Interior Design By The IDW Design Collection
QR Code Technology In IDW Design Collection
This book will be my best companion for now since I am planning to touch-up some of the corner of my house in near future just to make my entire room more lively with the designs available in IDW Design Collection. 
Now, you must be asking about who are the great authors and mastermind behind this great masterpiece right?

Challenges in Building IDW

The authors of IDW Design Collection are IDr Hj. Lokman Hakim Ahmad Subki and IDr Hjh. Rabiatul Adawiyah Rasol, the founders of IDW Design & Build (IDW). This company was established back in 2007 as a start-up business in interior and renovation company when both of them are at the age 21 year olds. They were graduated with Diploma in Interior Designer followed by Degree in Interior Architecture and ended with Master of Science in Facilities Management. 

Their company was first driven after receiving an offer to design and renovate a bungalow which costed RM 1.4 millions. In just 3 years at the age of 24 years old, both the founders received another big project with the task to design a college costing RM 1.7 millions. This project took one year for the completion process. 

Due to the insufficient experiences and young age factors, both the founders were often scammed by contractors and faced with debt issues. High determination and persistence have become their main willpower to further pursue their studies in Master of Science in Facilities Management while managing IDW business. 

Everyone Can Owned And Be Inspired With The Interior Design By The IDW Design Collection
IDr Lokman Hakim and IDr Rabiatul Adawiyah
Managing business while pursuing study is not an easy task, this proved when IDr Lokman Hakim, the IDW Board of Director, was once failed by his lecturer in one of his Master's subject due to time commitment in study. Even geared with knowledge, both founders were continuously faced with sly contractors who took advantage from them, forced them to latter bear the loss. 
Despite great deal of challenges faced in bearing loss liability from getting scammed by contractors, they stand strong together in building IDW empire and the bond between IDW's founders get stronger together when they both decided to get married in 2012.  

Fire Tragedy

In 2017, there was a fire tragedy happened at New Zealand's vacation house that almost killed IDr Lokman Hakim and his family . This tragic accident has open up IDr Lokman Hakim and IDr Rabiatul Adawiyah's mind to create a stronger version of IDW legacy. From the tragic moment, it  gave both of them a "push-factor" to educate and grow their team stronger than before in continuing IDW business legacy.

They where determined to help 1 million home property owner to get their dream home equipped with beauty and perfection by 2030, ensuring IDW Design & Build Sdn Bhd remain at the forefront in bespoke interior design industry by enhancing client experience with their continuous design solutions and profound professional project management. 

COVID-19 Phenomenon

2020 has made a significant world's history with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic that shocked everyone. The rapid spreading of this virus within our community has caused death toll to continue to rise and alarming. In order to contain the spreading virus, everyone was forced to face "total lockdown" by staying at home until the government announce otherwise. 

With a mentality prepared mindset in facing futuristic challenges, IDr Lokman Hakim, IDr Rabiatul Adawiyah and the rest of IDW team were ready enough to face every circumstances. This has shifted their main focus, calmly analysing every unpredictable possible means and getting ready to turn their highest attempt in giving the best. 

Everyone Can Owned And Be Inspired With The Interior Design By The IDW Design Collection
Strong IDW Team Regardless The Pandemic
Due to the Movement Control Order (MCO), many homeowners felt that they needed a better home for comfort and happiness, as a pioneer in designing a comfortable place to work, study and spend time with family, IDW eventually getting higher requests to beautify every homeowner's home. 
During this pandemic as well, the "New Normal" has inspired IDW to release their first book collection entitled "IDW Design Collection" with the main goal of helping more homeowner to get their dream home. 

Exclusive Service And Fees To Pay

As trusted and well established interior designer brand, IDW successfully design and build every home area to look luxurious in every project execution. The effectiveness of IDW in realizing the design suited with each client's preferences proved that every investment made was worth with the result received. 
Even more, IDW tried their very best in creating awareness to every homeowner to understand the style and preferences with quality design for alignment of lifestyle. Even though IDW design services started only at RM6K, but this creates boundaries to some homeowners who wished to continue with us. 
But fret not, with the IDW Design Collection launched in 2021, IDW strives their very best in helping to make every homeowners' dream come true with an affordable price that could be owned by anyone. 
This book offers 200 exclusive design with every elements and styles for each area exist in the house, complete with detail drawings, 3D designs and concept references for their source of inspiration in building their dream home. 
Everyone Can Owned And Be Inspired With The Interior Design By The IDW Design Collection
IDW Design Collection At Very Affordable Price
As I mentioned above that this book can be owned with a very affordable price, IDW currently having the Raya Promotion since Raya is around the corner. With the collections available in IDW Design Collection, the retail price is priced at RM 2897 but you can get it now at only RM 397 per book. Don't miss this golden opportunity to own the first "PLUG & PLAY" INTERIOR DESIGN BOOK  IN MALAYSIA. 

Purchase the IDW Design Collection: IDW Design Collection At RM397 ONLY
Everyone Can Owned And Be Inspired With The Interior Design By The IDW Design Collection
Saya Dah! Anda Bila Lagi?
For more information about IDW Design & Build Sdn Bhd, you can visit their official social media platforms by clicking the links below. 

Signing Off For Now And Take Care Till We Meet Again On My Next Post. 
For Collaboration Or Any Inquiry, Feel Free To Email Me At kitkatnelfei@gmail.com.
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