A Sip of Healty Herbal Drink During CNY 2021 With October Cups

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Only The Best Natural Ingredients To Produce The October Cups Herbal Drinks

A Sip of Healty Herbal Drink During CNY 2021 With October Cups
The October Cups Herbal Drinks

Chinese herbal drinks have a long history in Asia and renowned for its quick fix remedy to cool internal body heatiness or treating wide range of health problems. In the local community here in Southeast Asia, this herbal drinks are commonly known as "Liang Cha" in Mandarin.
It is really important for us to understand that the foods that we consumed daily are categorized into cooling food and heaty food. Over-consuming either one of the foods will cause imbalance in our body and lead to illness.

As Chinese New Year is approaching, we know that foods that served during this festive season are normally heaty foods such as fried foods, nuts, chocolates and some fruits like longan, lychee and durian. These are all categorized as heaty food that over-consuming it will cause internal body heatiness that sometime lead toward body health issues like sore-throat, acne, mouth ulcers or even fever.
Whenever we have these symptoms, our parents will normally go to the Chinese herbs store to purchase all kinds of the herbal drinks' ingredients and start to boil it for us. But if you think that this will give them extra work to do during Chinese New Year, why not you take extra initiative by looking into the options that October Cups has to offers to us. 

 About October Cups

October Cups is a proudly made in Penang brand that established back in 2016 by Eileen Tan with the wholesome herbal drinks that made from 100% natural ingredients with no preservative, coloring and food artificial flavoring added.
These herbal drinks are prepared with freshest and high quality ingredients to offer customers a healthier lifestyle with every bottle of October Cups 100% natural herbal drink. 
From the simple dedication to provide nutritious herbal drinks for her family and growing requests from various friends and family by the word of mouth, October Cups has quickly garnered a notable popularity among the public.
Within short period of times, October Cups have successfully established good collaboration with various partners around Penang and Kuala Lumpur. 

The Ingredients

As mentioned above as only freshest and high quality ingredients are used to prepared these herbal drinks, these ingredients are personally handpicked and inspected before slowly boil them down into a wholesome liquid drink.
After the big pot of the liquid goodness has been boiled to perfection and let cool, the drinks will then be measured and fill them up into the pre-sterilized bottles. Finally, the ingredients such as hawthorn berries and goji berries are added into each bottle. 
There are four herbal drink flavors that October Cups offer which are the Hawthorn & Goji Berry, Winter Melon & Red Dates, Peach Gum & Red Dates and Lemongrass & Lemon.
A Sip of Healty Herbal Drink During CNY 2021 With October Cups
October  Cups - Hawthorn & Goji Berry
Hawthorn is a rich source of polyphenols which is a powerful antioxidant compound that found in the hawthorn berry. Antioxidant is helpful to neutralize the unstable free radicals that can be harmful to our body when they are present at high levels causing oxidative stress. 
Similar to Hawthorn, Goji Berry also contains healthy antioxidant and large amount of vitamin A and C that are vital in building our body immune system and preventing illnesses
A Sip of Healty Herbal Drink During CNY 2021 With October Cups
October  Cups - Lemongrass & Lemon
Lemongrass drink act as a diuretic that makes you urinate more often to ridding  off your body excess fluids. Besides, it also commonly used as detox tea to kick-start our metabolism boosting that aid us on losing weight.

Lemon is also commonly promoted as a weight loss food and helps on skin nourishment as the vitamin C in the lemon acts as a good antioxidant that boosts the production of collagen, hence making our skin looks smoother and brighter. 
A Sip of Healty Herbal Drink During CNY 2021 With October Cups
October  Cups - Winter Melon & Red Dates
Winter Melon contains Vitamin C and decent amount of zinc that act as powerful immune system booster that stimulate the production of white blood cells. Similarly to lemongrass, winter melon is also a diuretic food that help to detoxify the body where urination helps to eliminate excess toxins, fats, salts and water from our body.
Red Dates contain Vitamin C and D that works on skin nourishment such as keeping our skin elasticity and smooth as it is commonly known for its anti-ageing benefit. It also help to prevent the accumulation of melanin in our body. 
A Sip of Healty Herbal Drink During CNY 2021 With October Cups
October  Cups - Peach Gum & Red Dates
Peach Gum is rich in collagen that aids on the skin nourishment. It is also commonly known as civilian bird nest with many health essential benefits such as the ability for detoxification, brighten pigmentation, reduce wrinkles and many more. 
In conjunction of Chinese New Year 2021, October Cups presents to you the CNY Sales bundle where 9 bottles of the herbal drinks at only RM66.00 and when you purchase above RM100, you are entitled for a FREE DELIVERY. This offer ends after CNY season. Don't wait guys, get yours now for you and your loved one. 
https://shp.ee/xd7cnaz https://shp.ee/xd7cnazGet yours now at : October Cups Shopee Official Store

A Sip of Healty Herbal Drink During CNY 2021 With October Cups
October Cups - Chinese New Year 2021 Promotion
For more information about October Cups, kindly visit their social media platform at the links below.

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