Heritage Staycation Experience At Modern Hotel Georgetown, Penang

January 08, 2021

 Dear Readers, 

Residing In A Classy Heritage Building While Staying Modern In An Instagram-Worthy Hotel With Classy Black And White Interiors Within The Georgetown UNESCO Heritage Site

Modern Hotel Penang On The Heritage Building Est. In 1920

Once again, I made another awesome trip to Penang one week before Christmas just to avoid the crowds knowing that local tourists will start to visit and plan for their year end trip over the last week of the year. Indeed, this is the perfect plan because week after my trip, my friends also making their staycation plan to stay at this hotel but it was fully booked. So, make sure you made an early reservation to avoid disappointment since this hotel started to gain it fame now. 
Modern Hotel Famous Instaworthy Spot
Modern Hotel Penang is strategically located within the Georgetown UNESCO Historic Site at 179, Muntri St, Georgetown 10450 George Town, Penang Malaysia. This Instagram-worthy 4-star elegant hotel is residing in a classy, 100-years old heritage building that just recently renovated and refurbished to offers guests with a well-lit and inviting staycation ambient. The grand opening of this hotel was held earlier last year on the 14th January 2020. 
Travel Responsibility - Be A Responsible Tourism
Before I share with you the details of my staycation here at Modern Hotel Georgetown, I saw this poster that really attracts my attention. It was about the reminders from the Penang Government to all the tourists and I believe this is applicable to everyone, basically everyone not limited to tourist only. 
COVID-19 has been there in our community for almost a year now. Accept it or not, we still need to follow all the SOP set by the government. Always remember to follow these simple rules at least we can minimize the spread within us right. 
Always protect yourself with these 5 simple steps. 
  1. Always practice Social Distancing at least 1 meter from others! Don't know how far is one meter? Just make sure the person around you is at least an arm's length away from you. 
  2. Always wash your hands with soap whenever possible and sanitize your hands regularly. Minimize touching surfaces whenever you are traveling outside. 
  3. Always wear face mask at all time, make it a habit to reduce the spread of the COVID-19. 
  4. Always dispose the used face mask properly in the trash. If you are using cloth face mask, do wash them frequently as well or sanitize it.
  5. Seek for medical attention immediately if you are unwell. 

Check-In Procedure 

I was really amazed when I first arrived here looking at this 100 years old hotel building and totally blown away the moment I stepped into the hotel lobby. The design was so classic with its black tiled-wall and white paint, a totally black and white concept. The first thing to do was to scanned our MySejahtera and during our check-in, there is only one staff on-duty. He briefed us on the hotel rules and regulation and request us to filled up some necessary check-in documents. A total of RM150 deposit was collected and will be refund during check-out.
Modern Hotel - Reception Area
Some others hotel rules are as per picture taken below such as pets are not allowed and any smoking or vandalism on hotel amenities will cause the deposit to be forfeited, or charges will apply depending on the value of the items. There are other charges incurs as well for extra guest, late check-out or early check-in. 
Modern Hotel Georgetown - Hotel Rules and Regulations
After check-in procedure is completed, we proceed to our designated rooms that situated on the 1st and 2nd floor. The staircase heading to the upper floor is also another instagrammable spot that refurbished with black paint.
Modern Hotel Georgetown - Instagrammable Staircase
The white backdrop with multiple items that painted in white attached on the wall that I shared earlier is actually located at the first floor. It comes with a bench that you can eventually sit and strike the best pose of yours for an Instagrammable OOTD. 
Pose In Front Of This White Backdrop - This Is Not Dora The Explorer!

Let's Explore The Rooms

After dropping our luggage on the 2nd floor, Faiz and I visited Mira's room that located at the first floor. The spacious room comes with a king-sized bed with an attached bathroom that covered with glass wall only. This room also comes with a bathtub that located at the covered-balcony with a coffee table that you can eventually hangout there. 
Modern Hotel Georgetown Deluxe Double With Bathtub - King-Sized Bed
Attached Bathroom With Glass Wall
Bathtub At The Covered Balcony With Coffee Table
Slightly different from the room that we visited earlier, the bathtub in my hotel room is placed inside the bathroom and made the entire bathroom more spacious. This space is also covered with glass walls only but thankfully it comes with the sliding curtains. For your relaxing bath experience, the hotel provides the shower gel, bath bomb and salts.
Romantic Setup - Just Perfect For Couple and Honeymooner
Bathtub In The Attached Bathroom - Comes With Shower Gel, Bath Bomb and Salts
The room is also very spacious and comes with king-sized bed plus an open-concept balcony that overseeing the cityscape. 
King-Sized Bed That Comfortably For Two
Surprisingly, this hotel provides Arissto Coffee Machine for their guest in the room. I was blessed to have a cup of premium coffee while staying here at Modern Hotel Georgetown. As usual, there are bottles of drinking water too.
Compliments From Modern Hotel
Not forget to mentioned as well the writing desk in the room comes with ample space that I can work comfortably and plenty of power plug points. 
Spacious Writing Desk With TV and Telephone
Open-Concept Wardrobe And Sink Next To It
Open-Concept Balcony With Coffee Table And Parasol

Other Facilities

Do you know that this hotel has a mini jacuzzi and public open balcony with sun loungers? So, do not underestimate this 4-star hotel because it full with surprises. But deal to the current pandemic situation, this area is open for two person only at a time. Do not breach this rule else you will be fine when caught.
Mini Jacuzzi For Relaxation Dip
As mentioned earlier, this hotel is strategically located and hence there are lot of attractions available nearby that you can explore especially the Georgetown UNESCO Heritage Site, just 5 minutes walking distance or taking picture at the picturesque Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, the renowned mansion that was famous in the Crazy Rich Asian movie.
Attractions Nearby Modern Hotel Georgetown, Penang
Overall, I had great and comfortable 2 Days 1 Night stay at Modern Hotel Georgetown and really satisfied with room and service provided. The rooms were really clean, neat and tidy as well. I will definitely recommends this hotel to my family and friends that planning for their next trip to Penang in near future.
One more reminder, if you are driving here in Penang, there are few parking spaces available in front or beside the hotel. Just remember to pay the parking fee that you can conveniently doing it using your e-wallet.
For more information about Modern Hotel Georgetown, Penang, you can click the links below. 
Email: booking@modernhotel.com.my
Contact Number: +604-2189918

That's pretty much that I want to share about my staycation at Modern Hotel Georgetown, Penang. 
Signing Off For Now And Take Care Till We Meet Again On My Next Post. 
For Collaboration Or Any Inquiry, Feel Free To Contact Me At kitkatnelfei@gmail.com




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  1. Wow the hotel looks so exquisite and special. It does have that simplicity to it which makes it even beautiful.

  2. Omg the bathroom and jacuzzi. I really love this hotel.

  3. suka la jakuzi Tu. if im back hometown, sometimes i akan staycation at Georgetown. nanti nak try stay sini

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  5. Oh my, got open area jacuzzi as well..so nice ! Must try visit this place when got a chance later. Thanks for sharing

  6. Memang cantik interior dia..siap ada jakuzzi lagi, memang nice..Boleh la masuk list hotel to stay kalau pergi Penang lagi 😁

  7. Perghh lawa betul.. Dah la besar, luas.. Untuk family kecil stay sini best ni. Bathtib dia.. Memng nmapak mewah.. Siap ade jakuzzi.. Memmag masuk dalam list hotel ni.

  8. Bathtub! This is what I am looking for! I am so going there~ after this pandemic end, I am so going there and relax myself.

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  10. Cool giler tgk hotel ni. Suka tengok. Hope one day bila datang Penang boleh bermalam di sini

  11. What a wonderful and fun destination! It's perfect for the whole family for a quick weekend getaway. Totally loving the toilet too so cantik. Thanks for sharing :)

  12. I go to Penang often but I have yet to try this hotel. The room looks so posh. And I love the ootd bench. Will check it out on my next visit.

  13. cantiknya the hotel. So minimalist. Airah selalu juga pergi penang nanti nak stay sini la pula. HArap covis cepat la habis

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  15. Nama hotelnya Modern yaa, ingatke moden tu deko dia ke.. pestime gak dengar ni,.. cantik, bersih dan style gile hotelnya.. one day ke Penang boleh singgah ke sini stay.. ramai yang suka dengan jakuzzi tu yaaa..Sis pun sama hehehe

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