BaWangChaJi Introduced BW Rewards To Rewards Their Loyal Customers

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A Loyalty Platform Just For Tea-Lovers And Redeem The BaWangChaJi's Limited Edition 2021 Calendar Now

Before we end the tough year of 2020, BaWangChaJi once again announced its exciting offers to all Malaysians with its special rewards and discounts as a celebration to welcome the new year of 2021. Good news to all tea-lovers including myself because now we can enjoy more privilege and participate in the campaigns by signing up for "BW Rewards" via Facebook account. 
BaWangChaJi Introduced BW Rewards To Rewards Their Loyal Customers
Sign Up "BW Rewards" Now To Enjoy Member Benefits
BaWangChaJi Introduced BW Rewards To Rewards Their Loyal Customers
Signed Up For BW Rewards - Let Get Started To Collect Stamps
The "BW Rewards" has officially kick-started on the 26th December 2020 and in conjunction with the New Year celebration, you are entitle to redeem a BaWangChaJi 2021 Calendar: 365 New Hopes when you purchase 15 beverages through the "BW Rewards". To sign up as "BW Rewards", kindly just scan the QR code in the picture above for the sign up guide or just click "Send Message" after clicking this link BaWangChaJi Facebook Link. Click the "≡" and choose the BW Rewards to Sign Up or Log In. 

Drink, Stamp & Win

Just follow the few simple steps below and you can redeem the Limited Edition BaWangChaJi 2021 Calendar. 
  1. Visit any BaWangChaJi's outlet and purchase the drinks. 
  2. Log-on to "Chop-Stamp" section
  3. Click the Chop-Stamp and show to the crew at the counter
  4. The crew will scan the QR Code of the Chop-Stamp and the stamp will be marked completed. 
  5. Once you have fulfilled the purchases of 15 beverages, you may redeem a BaWangChaJi's 2021 Calendar at any outlet, while stocks last.
You are entitled a stamp for every drinks that you purchase. For example, if you purchased 3 drinks in a receipt, 3 Chop-Stamp to be scanned by the crew. 
BaWangChaJi Introduced BW Rewards To Rewards Their Loyal Customers
Limited Edition BaWangChaJi's 2021 Calendar : 365 New Hopes

 BaWangChaJi 2021 Calendar: 365 New Hopes

The inspiration behind the BaWangChaJi 2021 Calendar came from BaWangChaJi Malaysia team with the intention to encourage everyone to stay positive and always be hopeful in the whole new 365 days of 2021. The calendar is designed in the form of cards where each card represents a different phase of BaWangChaJi's journey with its last card consisting of the CEO's message. Interestingly, you can display these calendars in two methods, either you stick it on the fridge door with the magnets or put it standing with the given wooden brackets. 
BaWangChaJi Introduced BW Rewards To Rewards Their Loyal Customers
BaWangChaJi's Limited Edition 2021 Calendar : 365 New Hopes
BaWangChaJi Introduced BW Rewards To Rewards Their Loyal Customers
BaWangChaJi's Limited Edition 2021 Calendar On The Wooden Bracket
"We would like to thank all BaWangChaJi fans for being with us in 2020 and we hope to tell more stories as well as creating more memories with all of you next year. Dear fans, let's wrap up this year with a bang and we are inviting all BaWangChaJi fans to sing up for the newly-launched "BW Rewards" and stand a chance in redeeming more awesome goodies while enjoying premium and authentic sensation of tea from BaWangChaJi", said Mr. Jack Chong, CEO of BaWangChaJi Malaysia.

BaWangChaJi Coming Soon Promo - RM288 Promo

Before I end my sharing today, BaWangChaJi would like to spill the tea for the upcoming promotion that definitely will be the greatest news for the tea-lovers out there. This promo will be available soon that enable you to purchase 30 vouchers for any drinks at only RM288.00. Do some math quickly that you are able to get your drinks at approximately around RM9.00 only, guys! So, stay tuned for more update that I going to share with you guys. Meanwhile, enjoy your beverages from BaWangChaJi and remember to collect your stamps. 
For more information about BaWangChaJi Malaysia events and promotions, you can check them out at the links below. 

About BaWangChaJi Malaysia

Originated from Yunnan Province in November 2017, BaWangChaJi is one of the earliest regional tea house chains that positions itself as the purveyor of Original Tea Leaf of the Chinese Culture. From Yunnan to China Nationwide, China Nationwide extending throughout the world, the brand has expanded rapidly with over 300 outlets across Asia. 
BaWangChaJi offers 4 different categories of tea drinks, which are the Cheese Macchiato, Fresh Milk Tea, Cold Brew Tea and Fresh Fruit Tea. We pride ourselves with strict material selection standards where everything is freshly made to ensure the quality of each drink that we served. We strive to bring a modern twist to the heritage of Chinese Tea, cultivating a new and post-modern tea culture in Malaysia where authentic and healthy drinks are cherished by people of all ages. 
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  1. Suka Chinese Tea. Macam-macam ada. Cuma brand ni akak belum cuba. Nanti nak try, sebab nak dapat kalendar tu. Kiut betul. Hehehe.

  2. cantiknya calendar dia, minimalist concept! Siapa yang dekat dengan Bawang Chaji tu boleh kumpul dan tebus!

  3. cantiknya calendar dia, minimalist concept! Siapa yang dekat dengan Bawang Chaji tu boleh kumpul dan tebus!

  4. Smart nya kalendar ni, dalam bentuk card pula tu..memang kreatif! 🥰 Tapi, nak kumpul 15 stamps tu agak banyak juga 😂

  5. suka lah design calender dia serius cantik and very unik. okay nanti pi try sebab nak calender haha

  6. Menarik promo yg ditawarkan. Pernah 3 kali beli air bawangchaji. Not bad

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  8. Cantiklah dia punya planner dan kalender... tu dapat semua yaa? suprisenya kalau hari-hari bukak notes tu kan nak baca...

  9. cantik yer design kalendar ni, menarik sangat ada konsep reward sambil tu enjoy minum tea yang sedap.

  10. Wahh.. I'm in need of a planner for this new year. Love loyalty programs like this that reward customers.

  11. Love the design and creation of the BaWangChaJi Malaysia's 2021 calendar. Unique and love it! Can become bookmark too!

  12. Wow, what an amazing new feature with so many great deals and offers. blm smpt cuba this brand lg, need to go visit their shops soon!

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  14. BawangChaji ni kita tak pernah cuba selalu nampak promo mereka sebab banyak minuman menarik dan juga promosi hebat hehehehe nanti ada masa Nelfie boleh belanja kita kot kan...