100% Halal Bak Kwa By Dendeng Bak Kwa Cik Midah

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Halal Bak Kwa Is Now Available In The Market And Made With 100% Halal Ingredient By Local Muslim-Producer

Bak Kwa in Hokkien also known as Rougan in Mandarin has a very long history that was made famous in Malaysia and Singapore back in the 15th century when the Hokkien community from Fujian made their way to this region. Over the years, the original Bak Kwa has changed its taste to be sweeter compare to the mainland version.
The preparation also slightly different where in Mainland China, the bak kwa is air-dried whereas the version that we have is grilled over the charcoal. This is the reason why bak kwa from China is normally hard and difficult to bite compare to ours which is chewy, juicy, soft and smokier.  

 What Is Bak Kwa Or Rougan?

You must be wondering what is bak kwa or rougan right? Well, Bak Kwa means dried meat in Hokkien dialect and this is the famous "must-have" delicacy to be served during Chinese New Year. Traditionally, bak kwa is made from pork only and commonly available in the shape of thin-square slice or round golden-coin.
These day, other newfangled innovations have taken place where bak kwa also made from the chicken, beef, mutton or even seafood as well. To my surprise, there are even flavored with fruits like Musang King, pineapple and many more. 
In a conclusion, bak kwa is non-halal since it is made from pork and even the producers that produce chicken version is also questionable.

Is There Any Halal Bak Kwa Now?

But today, I would like to share a good news with you because our fella Malaysian has taken a game-changer step ahead of everyone else to produce a Halal Bak Kwa. Now, you can have the authentic halal bak kwa because it is prepared following the traditional recipe.
From the preparation until the end product of the Bak Kwa ready to be served, Dendeng Bak Kwa Cik Midah is replacing all the ingredients to prepare a perfect and delicious Bak Kwa using 100% Halal sources and ingredients.
Delicious Halal Bak Kwa By Dendeng Bak Kwa Cik Midah
So, the answer is YES. You can now get this Halal Bak Kwa either from Dendeng Cik Midah physical store that located at N9 Food Court, Kampung Sungai Ramal, 43000 Kajang, Selangor or even it is made available online through Shopee platform. The store at N9 Food Court opens daily from 7.00 P.M. until 10.30 P.M or while stocks last. To order online, you can click the link below.

The Idea And Story Behind Halal Bak Kwa

Based on my search on the Dendeng Bakar Snack Facebook and interview during our last visit to N9 Food Court, the Research and Development of producing this halal bak kwa has taken place 5 months ago during Malaysia was put under Movement Control Order (MCO) due to the pandemic.
2nd Store OnThe Right-Hand Side From The Entrance
Firdaus Feeq, the chef and also the owner of Dendeng shared that the inspiration came to start this halal bak kwa business when unfortunate event happened to his studio during the MCO.
On top of that, this idea also came from the traveling experience that he has during the trip to China where smoked products are available everywhere. 
Firdaus Feeq Shared His Inspiration During Our Interview
The Research and Development involved the process of replacing the main ingredients from non-halal product especially the meat source to use either halal beef or chicken only. The most challenging part is to ensure the quality and originality tastes of bak kwa is still preserved. 
Halal Bak Kwa by Dendeng Cik Minah
Not only the ingredient, the way of smoked the bak kwa is also an art that need to be study to ensure the tastiness and quality of this delicacy. In this case, Feeq chosen rambutan tree trunk as the charcoal as it gives better and fruity scent, produce more smoke and last longer. 
Rambutan Tree Trunk As Charcoal
Smoking The Bak Kwa With Rambutan Trunk Charcoal
Currently, Dendeng Cik Minah is offering three flavors which are classic original taste, original Tualang honey and also Spicy Szechuan. For me, each of the flavors have its own uniqueness in term of taste. If you want to taste the pure aromatic smoked beef or chicken, you can opt for the classic original taste, but if you want to have something sweet or spicy to excite your taste buds, then the other two options suit you well. 
The Prices Of Each Option and Vacuum Pack
Ready To Eat Halal Bak Kwa
As the bak kwa has been smoked, it is a ready-to-eat delicacy that you can either eat it just like that or even having it with bread or rice as a side dish. If you want to have it hot, just heat it up will do. Unique about these bak kwa is that you can keep it in the room temperature up to 1 week without putting it in the fridge. 
Smoked Bak Kwa
That's pretty much that I want to share with you guys about this Halal Bak Kwa. If you ask me should you try this, my answer is DEFINITELY YES. Finally, I have the answer to the question that my friend always asked me during Chinese New Year. "Sedap kah bak kwa?". I will ask them to try this bak kwa to find out the answer themselves or maybe I can serve this to my Muslim-friends that coming over during the festive season right.

For more information about Halal Bak Kwa by Dendeng Cik Midah, you can always visit their social media platforms below and this include if you would like to be their agent as this is the best time to seize the opportunity while it is still fresh growing market. 

Visited Dendeng Bak Kwa Cik Midah Physical Store At N9 Food Court
Signing Off For Now And Take Care Everyone Till We Meet Again On My Next Post!
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