Unique Dining Experience Ala Wild Wild West At Gombak Cowboy Cafe

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 A Place Where You Find Scrumptious Dishes With Unique Environment You Won't Find Elsewhere In Kuala Lumpur

Hunting a new place for dinner is one of my favorite thing to do especially when we are allow to dine out now provided that we followed all SOPs during the Movement Control Order. While searching, I found out that my social media was flooded with pictures from this unique cafe and I was eagerly wanted to try it out the next moment. Thankfully, my wish was granted when my friends invited me over for a dinner at the Gombak Cowboy Cafe. 
Unique Cowboy Town Cafe, The Newly Opened Gombak Cowboy Cafe
Gombak Cowboy Cafe is located at Lot 5639 Jalan Sungai Pusu, Kampung Sungai Pusu just next to the Gombak Horse Riding Club (GHRC) and the most iconic place around here is the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Gombak. Just few kilometers from the entrance of IIUM, you will notice this signage at the road side on your right-hand side.
There are ample parking spaces available outside of the cafe but if it is full, you can either park at the area behind this signage. Upon chatting with the cafe owner, Mr. Zainuddin, he share with us that in near future, cafe visitors can also park their car at the road side when the staircase heading toward the cafe is fully constructed.
Gombak Cowboy Cafe Signage
I was pretty amazed the moment I step outside of the entrance of this cafe, the entire environment really imitating as if I enter into a cowboy town in any of the Wild Wild West film. The cafe was built exactly just like a saloon that are able to cater more than 100 pax. 
The Iconic Saloon Entrance With Bull Horns
The Environment Of Gombak Cowboy Cafe Dining Area
Interior Setup At Main Saloon
Second Dining Area Just Opposite The Main Saloon
What elevating the entire Wild Wild West experience was the horse stable that located just next to the cafe. While waiting for it to be served, Mr. and Mrs. Zainuddin showed us around the horse stable and introduced us about the horse breeds that available here. I would say this was an interesting experience for me because I never had such a close encounter with horses before. 
Horse Stable Just Next To The Saloon
Can You Spot The Chicken At The Horse Stable?
Alright, enough of touring around this area and let us get back to the saloon to enjoy the scrumptious foods and beverages that available here at Gombak Cowboy Cafe. Here, they offers fair range options of salads, soups, appetizers, main courses and beverages. As per the suggestion by Mr. Zainuddin, we ordered Thai Salad , Minestroni Soup, Nachos, Buffalo Cowboy, Smokey Duck Breast and Lamb Shank.
First, we had the Thai Salad, a plate full with lettuce dressed with Thai Chili Sauce and what made the entire platter so interesting and delicious is the lychee. The taste of this healthy dish just blend perfectly and making it so enjoyable to be finished up. This is just perfect for those who looking for a clean eating or diet.
Thai Salad - Gombak Cowboy Cafe Style
Next, we had the soup before our main courses were served. We ordered the Minestroni Soup where this tasteful tomato based soup served with pasta, potato, broccoli, minced meat and paired with garlic breads. This soup is so flavorful that definitely suit your taste bud.
Minestroni Soup by Gombak Cowboy Cafe
While having a great time spent together and chit-chatting about life since we haven't meet each other for quite sometime, Nachos served was just right on-time. This Nachos platter also very unique at its own way as it was served with guacamole, diced tomato and cheese on top of it. While finishing it, we just realize at the bottom of the nachos platter, it was based with baked beans sauce. As it was freshly prepared, the chip was really crispy. This is the key for a good nachos, right.
Nachos, The Gombak Cowboy Cafe Style Again
We also tried the Buffalo Cowboy which is the chicken drummet marinated with the sweet and spicy sauce. Every bite was so flavorful just like having the Korean famous gourmet and served with some healthy lettuce and purple cabbage. 
Buffalo Cowboy
If you know Mr. Zainuddin, you must have tasted their delicious smoked duck or any smoked products that they produced from BBQ Lamb KL Kemensah. So, we ordered the Smokey Duck Breast as well since we really miss it. 
Every slice of the duck breast was perfectly smoked, aromatic and juicy that you can't stop till the last slice. This is the "Must-Try" dishes that I recommend you to order if you visit Gombak Cowboy Cafe or even BBQ Lamb KL Kemensah.
Smokey Duck Breast - Signature Dish For Me
Talking about Smokey Duck, I was lucky back in May where I get to satisfied my crave for the smokey products with the Smokey Frozen Kemensah where I had my lamb, chicken and duck.
Last but not least, the highlight of the night as recommended by Mr. Zainuddin, we had the Lamb Shank. It was served dipped in the black pepper sauce with creamy creamer, roasted potatoes and some lettuce. I do really enjoy having it as the lamb shank was perfectly cooked that it was juicy and tender, easy to eat without making any mess. And surprisingly, I don't taste any gamey smell from this juicy piece of meat. The portion was kind of generous too as it was sufficient for two or three.
Lamb Shank
There are wide range of drinks that available for you to choose, either you can go for fruit juices, smoothies or some other common hot and cold beverages. We had the Espresso Chocolate Smoothies, Mocha Smoothies and Pina Colada. Normally, if I go to a cafe, I would always look for something that different and yes, these are the specialty that you might hardly find it elsewhere. 
Presentable Smoothies
Overall, I am truly satisfied with my dining experience here at Gombak Cowboy Cafe. The foods and beverages are professionally prepared and the tastes really suit the Malaysian taste buds although there are mixture of Western and local cuisines. The price was pretty reasonable looking at the portion that served on the table and worth every penny that we pay for. 
Truly Recommended - Gombak Cowboy Cafe
Oh yes, before I forget, this cafe also very convenient in term of payment where you can opt to pay using e-wallet like Touch 'n Go, Maybank QR Pay or even bank transfer beside accepting cash. I really love this concept as well as I am going toward using e-wallet in every transaction I made nowadays. 
For more information about Gombak Cowboy Cafe, kindly visit them at 
You can also Whatsapp them for booking purpose to avoid disappointment at +60197324100 or +60197204100. The cafe operating hours starts at 3.00 P.M with last order at 10.00 P.M.

Signing Off For Now And Take Care Till We Meet Again On My Next Post. 
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