My Skincare Routine With SNP Prep CICARONIC

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 SNP Exclusive Ingredients Used In SNP Prep CICARONIC Skin Care Products For Calming, Soothing and Moisturizing Even To Restore Your Sensitive Skin

I have been using the SNP Prep CICARONIC skin care products for almost 2 weeks now since the moment I was introduced to this famous Korean skincare brand. Little do I know that it is so important to have a proper skin care routine not just cleansing but also to treat and moisturize our skin. Thankfully to the expert team that advise me on this.
During the introduction, I was informed that the main ingredients used in this skin care products were the exclusive SNP ingredients which are the Centella Asiatica and Triple Hyaluronic Acid. If you are unfamiliar with these ingredients, no worries guys! Because I am with you too as I just get a chance to explore more about it. 
My Facial Routine With SNP Prep CICARONIC Skincare Products
Centella Asiatica is medically known that used to prevent skin damage and effectively treat the skin's irritation problem. CICA helps to enhance the skin elasticity, increase the skin collagen production to have an anti-inflammatory effect and boosts immune that is enough to improve psoriasis, a chronic inflammatory dermatitis skin disorder.
Triple Hyaluronic Acid comes in different sizes of high molecule, medium molecule and low molecule that supplies moisture from the bottom of your skin. It is known that Hyaluronic Acid can stores more than 1000x moisture than its own weight, hence provide excellent moisture and maintains to keep the skin voluminous. 

The complete set of SNP Prep CICARONIC consist of the CICARONIC Cleansing Foam, CICARONIC Toning Essence, CICARONIC SOS Ampoule, CICARONIC Daily Mask and CICARONIC Soothing Cream. The first step of our skin care routine is of course to cleanse our face twice a day, to kick start our day in the morning and make sure our face is clean before we have a good, night rest to allow our skin to rejuvenate. 

CICARONIC Cleansing Foam

CICARONIC Cleanser Foam contains the CICA Trio and Triple Hyaluronic Acid that help to moisturize and soothe our tired skin. With the Centella Asiatica Extract, this cleanser is suitable for those with irritated and sensitive skin. The cleansing foam contains natural fatty acid that easily foams up when mix with water providing a refreshing and rich foam that helps to  deep cleansing our face and removing all the impurities including excessive oil, impurity and dirt while maintaining the skin's moisture. 
SNP Prep CICARONIC Cleansing Foam
To use this cleansing foam is pretty simple, you just to wet your face with clean water, squeeze out the cleanser, I normally just use chicken-pea sized only and lather it with water. Once the foam is foams up, apply it in circular movement and massage it gently on your face. Rinse it off and gently pat dry using a clean tower. 
Daily Face Cleansing Routine With SNP Prep Cicaronic Cleansing Foam

CICARONIC Toning Essence

After cleansing, it is time for us to repair our skin with the CICARONIC Toning Essence. The CICARONIC Complex will helps to bring restoration and relaxation to our skin. This toning essence also acts as locking toner with the Triple Hyaluronic Acid that prevent moisture loss by regaining moisture to the tired and damaged skin. The Hypoallergenic Mild Water formula in this essence is a skin-friendly ingredient that helps to minimize the stress and keep the skin clear and translucent
To use this toning essence, just pour a sufficient amount on your palm or cotton pads and tap it over your face until fully absorb. 
SNP Prep CICARONIC Toning Essence That Hydrates Your Skin


After toning, apply the CICARONIC SOS Ampoule as this is the 7-days INTENSIVE TREATMENT CARE that helps on providing specialized care to your tired and sensitive skin. The active ingredients inside the ampoule quickly soothes your skin within a week that helps to improve regenerating power and adding synergy to our skin. This clear and lightweight water formula ampoule also help to maintain the moisture, soothing the skin and provide hydration to keep our skin radiant and glowing.

To use the SOS Ampoule, tap the upper liquid in the ampoule with your fingertips and move it down the container, hold each ends of the ampoule and gently fold it to break the bottle. Pour out sufficient amount on your palm and gentle apply it onto entire face or desired sensitive areas only. 
SNP Prep SOS Ampoule That Calms Your Skin

CICARONIC Soothing Cream

The CICARONIC Soothing Cream is the perfect savior cream for irritated skin. Similar to the rest of the products, it provides restoration and relaxation to your skin with its active ingredients. This soft but moisturizing cream is a high functional cream that enriched with moisturizing essence that helps to maintain moisture for a long time. This is a SNP Recovery solution cream that suitable for sensitive skin as it enhances the power of skin recovery by protecting damaged skin with highly intensified Centella Extract for powerful soothing effect. 
To use this CICARONIC Soothing Cream, just apply sufficient amount the cream over entire face and massage it gently until fully absorb.
SNP Prep CICARONIC Soothing Cream That Moisturizing Dry Skin


A facial routine isn't complete without mask session at least 2 -3 times a week to give an extra boost complementing your daily facial routine. With CICARONIC Daily Mask,  only one sheet can make an extra different especially on the soothing effect as this mask contain high content of soothing ingredient including the Centella Asiatica Extract that soothes sensitive and irritated skin.
3 Times A Week To Boost
To use this CICARONIC Daily Mask, just remove it from the packing and apply the 100% natural derived silk-like soft fabric on your face. Remove it after 10 to 20 minutes and gently massage all the remaining essence for better absorption. This is a daily mask but if you would like to use it alternately, I normally have my personal masking session on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 
SNP Prep CICARONIC Daily Mask For Calming Your Skin

Personal Experience

Before Using SNP Prep CICARONIC Products
After cleaning my face with the cleansing foam, I feel my face is really clean and light with a bouncy effect. I don't even feel dry, redness or tightness on my face after cleansing it. With the complete set of SNP Prep CICARONIC, now I feel my face is more hydrated, vibrant and glowing with healthy skin radiant. Surprisingly, I also notice that less acne appearance on my skin as well after using these products for almost two weeks now. I am truly happy with the result and definitely will continue to use this product for my daily skin care routine. The only missing part is I will need to apply sunscreen as well even I am staying at home most of the time due to the Movement Control Order.
3rd Day After Using SNP Prep CICARONIC Products
Noticeable changes on my skin right after first week of using these products? If you are interested and looking forward to get yourself a try on these SNP CICARONIC Skincare products, it is exclusively available at Guardian Malaysia nationwide with a very affordable prices. The Cleanser, Toning Essence, Soothing Cream and SOS Ampoule are priced at RM79.90 whereas the Daily Mask is priced at RM99.90 for 10 pieces. 
For more information about SNP products or any latest promotion, kindly visit their SNP Malaysia Facebook | SNP Malaysia Instagram

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