Keep Our Vitality At The Optimum With EROJAN

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Unleashing Your Internal Power For Body Endurance and Ultimate Performance With EROJAN

Do you easily feel tired, drowsy or sleepy, lack of motivation and no energy due to fatigue?
Are you a middle-aged men with health crisis?
Do you always staying up late at night especially now as we are working from home and observed longer working period compare to the time when we were working from the office? 
Do you suffer chronic stress due to pressure either from the family, work or traumatic situation before? 

Are you a heavy alcoholic drinkers or heavy smokers? 

Or are you a gym rat? 

If you or your loved one is answering YES to either one of the questions above, then you need to explore EROJAN, a product that traditionally used for men's health and energy. These are the 6 key ingredients that made into a capsule that provide 8 awesome benefits to the consumer. 
Working From Home With Longer Hours - Say No To Fatigue Now With EROJAN

Fusion Power of 6 Key Ingredients In One Capsule

EROJAN contains Tongkat Ali, a well-known herbal remedy that has traditionally used as medicine in Southeast Asia for centuries. Many studies have been conducted on this herbal that it can boost male fertility by increasing the testosterone level. It is also rich with nutrients that help to strengthen the muscle and endurance. 

Tribulus Terrestris, a small leafy plant that also traditionally used  to enhance libido by increasing the testosterone level, keep the urinary tract healthy and reduce swelling. Additionally, its main component, the Saponin is known to aid dilating coronary artery, improving coronary circulation and thus better blood circulation. 

Horny Goat Weed is a herb where its leave are used as a medicine to improve sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction (ED) and low sexual desire. Its active ingredient, Icariin also helps to protect the nerve, increase the blood flow and inhibit blocking dilation of the arteries to create harder erection. 

Maca, also known as the Peruvian ginseng that renowned for its reputation for giving big boosts of the energy and enhance sport performance for longer pace. This is also a traditionally-used medicine that assists consumers on the fertility problem by improving the semen quality. 
Butea Superba, a shrub native that commonly available at Thailand, India and Vietnam that contain compound that able to improve sexual performance, treat erectile dysfunction and boosting the sperm counts. Besides effective for sexual improvement, this ingredient also helps to increase the bone strength and bone mineral density due to its nutritional uptake effectiveness in the gut. The phytonutrients and flavonoids in Butea Superba help to combat heart disease and cholesterol levels, hence improve the consumer heart's health. 

Lastly, the Cuscuta Chinensis is commonly found and used in traditional medicine in Asia region such as Korea, China, India, Vietnam, Pakistan and Thailand. It is used to tonify consumer's liver as this plant extract exhibits pharmacological like hepatoprotective that able to protect liver from oxidative stress. 
The 6 Key Ingredients In EROJAN Product

Is It Safe To Consume?

If this is your question about consuming EROJAN product, then you can have peace of mind because several laboratory tests have been conducted with promising results such as NO PRESERVATIVE, NO HEAVY METALS, NO MICROBES and FREE FROM ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION DRUGS
In addition, EROJAN product also undergoes testing by Halvec Laboratories Sdn Bhd, a Halal Testing and Verification Excellent Center that offers testing and verification services covering the scope of Halal Testing. And the result is......
EROJAN Does Not Contain PORCINE Ingredients

8 Awesome Functions of EROJAN

It is known that EROJAN will provide the consumers with these 8 functions when they consume EROJAN in daily basis by taking 2 capsules a day after meal. 
EROJAN - 2 Capsules A Day After Meal
  1. Improve Body Vitality - to stay fit and active for daily routine
  2. Increase Stamina - for Long Pace of Exercise and Excellent Sports Performance
  3. Promote Stronger Bone Density - to support a stronger body movement
  4. Improve Blood Circulation - for better blood flow in the body
  5. Support Overall Masculinity - to be more attractive
  6. Regulate Testosterone Level - to maintain general men's body health
  7. Increase Libido - for better performance
  8. Regulate Fat Distribution - by burning fats in the body efficiently

Personal Experience

As a working adult that spending most of the time in front of the laptop, i frequently and easily feel fatigue plus sleepy. After consuming this product for 2 weeks now, I feel more energetic and motivated with better mood as well. This make my day more productive in delivering my job and indirectly creating positive vibes within. Stay tune on this post as I will update it again in near future for more personal experience especially on the sport performance and body stamina. 
EROJAN For Body Endurance and Ultimate Performance
Interesting isn't it? If you would like to know more about these products including the price, you can visit Wellous Malaysia and request for the latest offers from the authorized dealer. Simple as that guys.
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  1. Kopi Tongkat Ali memang dah famous for ada health supplement with tongkat Ali and all other ingredients, sounds promising ☺️

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  6. Wah bolehlah saya try nanti. sekarang ni lelaki dan wanita pun kena menjaga kesihatan :)

  7. even working from home kita still perlukan makanan tambahan untuk kekalkan tenaga sepanjang hari

  8. This looks like a great supplement for men. It's good that it could benefit men of all lifestyles, from gym rats to heavy smokers.

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  11. what a great supplement for men. totally loving the selection of ingredients used to carefully concoct the formula of this brand!

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