Adam Series Axtension To Improve Men's Health

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Let ADAM Series Axtension Be The Solution To Your Men's Health Problem

Men's health problem is commonly related to the sexual dysfunction such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation and prostate cancer. These are men's greatest enemy that it can affect men of all ages but more commonly observed in the older men. Therefore, it is important for us to take good care of ourselves and ensure that we do regular check-up as early detection and prevention can save life. It is important to screen further for underlying the root cause that contributed to this sexual dysfunction and treating it correctly can lead to improvement of this sexual health problem. 
ADAM Series Axtension For Better Men's Health

 How To Take Care Of Your Men's Health Issue?

  1. Staying active and eat clean by performing cardiovascular exercise such as swimming or jogging at least 3 times a week to keep your heart in good shape and take enough nutrients from food consumption to achieve better blood flow. Also, always stay hydrated by drinking plain water instead of sugary drinks. 
  2. Reduce stress by taking time everyday to do something that you enjoy doing it such as listening to good relaxing music, get plenty rest at night at least 7 to 8 hours a day. It is important also to maintain a positive mental attitude to improve your mood. 
  3. Regular check-up is important so that you are keep up to date and understand your overall health status so that treatment can be effectively given whenever required. Early detection is the key. 
  4. Beside eating clean, consuming supplement also help such as Omega-3 Fish oil to control cholesterol, vitamin C to boost immune system and also ADAM Series Axtension to boost men's health and vitality. 
You must have been asking about ADAM Series Axtension supplement that I highlighted above,right? Well, this is the supplement that I am currently consuming to maintain and improve my health. 

Let VARF Connects People To Better Life!

It started with the questions like "Is It Normal?", "I Don't Know What To Do, Who To Approach For Help?" and "Are They Safe to Consume?", a company named VARF Healthcare Sdn Bhd has been established by a group of ambitious people who want to solve the pain-point that many people face. ADAM Series and EVE Series are the two products that produced to target different problems of the different gender. 

Story of VARF Sdn Bhd

Adam and Eve were the first man and woman according to the creation myth of the Abrahamic religions. They are the original human couple, parents of the entire human race. Adam is the man while Eve is the woman. VARF Healthcare Sdn Bhd engineers the products using the naturally derived ingredients and non-toxic-to-health alternatives. They sought out the most powerful natural ingredients and combine them with advanced technologies with numerous researches and develop into products that cater both men and women need. Thus, it is scientifically proven nutrition and beauty products that help people to live younger, healthier and fulfilled lives. 

VARF Vision

We handle seriously on individuals needs in today's global health landscape and these singular voices inspired us to leverage our resources with natural ingredients though scientifically formulated to achieve optimum reliability and effectiveness of our products. 

VARF Mission

Based on the concept of natural origin and healthy, our professional team united in the same path to create the most suitable and affordable health care and skin care products making everyone to stay well in body, mind and spirit. 

VARF Value

Our true passion and commitment to provide the nutritional benefits promised to prioritize your health, let us focus on bringing life changing to you. 

 ADAM Series Axtension

Adam Series Axtension is scientifically formulated with the main ingredient of Grape Extract, as well as using other active ingredients derived mainly from the traditional herbs such as Grape Juice Powder, Apple Extract, Saffron Powder, Maca Extract and Guarana Extract which have been proven to be effective and suitable for consumption by most men. Based on the scientific studies, this product is formulated in France and manufactured by using the latest technology in order to achieve optimum reliability and effectiveness. 
ADAM Series Axtension is targeted to improve men's health especially the sexual health. It is important for men to lead a healthy sexual lifestyle, but this is often restrained due to the low desire, especially when it comes to performance and ability to satisfy your partners. Regular consumption of ADAM Series Axtension would help in protecting men's health and  prostate health such as prevent erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and prostate cancer. The premium and high-quality ingredients are used in the manufacturing hence ensure the effectiveness that significant results can be seen within 30 days of consumption. 
ADAM Series Axtension

 Main Ingredients In ADAM Series Axtension

Proanthocyannidin (OPC) contained in the Grape Seed Extract is super anti-oxidant with its antioxidant effect 50 times greater than Vitamin E and 20 times higher than Vitamin C. It can capture free radicals and eliminate or reduce free radicals which leads to oxidative damage. Grape extract can regulate insulin secretion, thereby controlling the blood sugar level and improve blood circulation. 
Maca Root Extract is a peculiar plant grows in the Andes of South America, Maca. Maca is a cruciferous plateau plant, native to the plateau plant of the Peruvian Andes of South America, 4000 meters above. It contains unique macaamine and macaene that has a significant effect on the body balance. As the fruit is rich in nutrients, it is then be known as Peruvian ginseng or Peruvian Viagra. The ancestors of the ancient Incas discovered maca when they were thirsty and unbearable. They filled and quenched their thirst with it. Unexpectedly, they would not only be physically strong after eating, the abilities have been greatly improved, hence the world-famous ancient Inca empire has then been established. 
Saffron Powder is a precious Chinese medicine in ancient times which has a functions of removing blood stasis, promoting blood circulation and clearing menstruation. Modern studies have shown that Saffron has the effect of lowering blood lipid and serum cholesterol, thus it can be used to prevent atherosclerosis and can also be used as an antioxidant and Vitamin A and D stabilizer. 
Guarana Extract made from Guarana fruit, a native to the tropical rain forest of the Amazon Basin in Brazil. It is one of the Brazil's most well-known medicinal plants in the rain forest and has been recorded in the history. The indigenous people call it the "mysterious eye" and its nutritional value is very high, rich in amino acids, alkaloids, multiple minerals, tannins, multiple vitamins and carbohydrates, etc. It is known as Brazil's "national drink". Guarana drink was being set as the designated drink for the Brazilian football team in the 2006 World Cup in Germany. Long term consumption can refresh the brain, balance the yin and yang, control appetite, relieve abdominal pain, restore physical strength, replenish energy and strengthen the body. 

How ADAM Series Axtension Helps?

Improve Blood Circulation

ADAM Series Axtension helps to improve the blood circulation, thus also help to improve the erectile function as it allows greater blood flow to the penis. Sufficient blood flow is important during stimulation as it affects the function of the arteries and veins which leads to a proper erection. 

Regulate Testosterone Level

Testosterone is considered as the "Male Hormone" which is produced by the testes. This hormone is responsible for many of the secondary characteristics of sex seen in men, such as hair growth and deeper voice. Additionally, testosterone contributes to a healthy libido, building muscle mass as well as maintaining energy levels. By balancing the level of testosterone in man, ADAM Series Axtension would lead to increased sexual performance, especially in terms of stamina and endurance. 

Alleviate Stress

As stress degrades sperm and semen quality, ADAM Series Axtension helps to reduce the effects of stress and adrenal fatigue by increasing the sperm and semen quality in terms of volume, concentration and motility. Therefore, this giving couple a higher chance in conceiving a child. 

Besides the three main benefits that I mentioned above, ADAM Series Axtension also helps to reduce the size of enlarged prostate, hence able to relieve the urinary problems by the reduction of obstruction in the urinary flow. This product contain antioxidant that helps to batter the cancerous growth as well as being a natural prostate enhanced food. The presence of Vitamin C in this ADAM Series Axtension is one of the best foods for the purpose of the prostate health, especially in easing urination and swelling prevention. The ingredients contained in this product acts as a natural inhibitor of an enlarged prostate. 
Consuming ADAM Series Axtension Every 2 Days
I have just started using this ADAM Series Axtension and it tastes nice in a fruity flavor ended with bit bitterness. In term of quality and safety, this product comes in a form of food powder that you just need to take a sachet by direct consume it from the sachet every alternate day before bedtime. 
However, this product is not recommended for patients with heart diseases symptoms such as irregular heartbeat, of for any reason with a medical history of heart attack, stroke and/or any related diseases. 
Get Yours Now And Live Healthier
For purchase purposes, you can order it at BUY ADAM Series Axtension Here. This ADAM Series Axtension comes in a box for 1-month supply which is 15 units of 3g sachet at the price of RM328.00. VARF Healthcare Sdn Bhd do have a bundle package that they offer you 3-month supply which is 3 boxes at the price of RM838.00 (save up to RM146) or 5-month supply with 5 boxes at the price of RM1230.00 (save up to RM410). 
The storage of this product is simple that you just need to store it in a cool dry place and avoid from any heat and/or direct sunlight. Most importantly, keep out of reach from children. 
For more information and details about VARF Healthcare Sdn Bhd, you can check them out at the link below.

Address: VARF Healthcare Sdn Bhd, 104b Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3, Taman Sutera Utama, 81300 Skudai, Johor. 
Phone: +607-5542685
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