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TOP Embraces The New Norm To Help Orang Asli Children Return To School Safe and Protected In This Year's "A Brighter Future with TOP" Campaign In Collaboration With TESCO And Jabatan Kemajuan Orang Asli (JAKOA)

In 2020, everyone has been impacted with the hit by the world's current pandemic, the COVID-19 where almost 80 millions of the world populations have affected by this virus. Looking at our own country, Malaysia especially our frontliners have been working really hard to overcome the spike of COVID-19 cases in Malaysia. But life must go on! Just like the working adult, we adopting a new norm which is to work from home. For the children, they also venture into the online learning to keep the education process on-going and hankering to get back to school in 2021. 

This COVID-19 has impacted the national economy especially among the Orang Asli populations, hence when the government announcing the back-to-school plans for these children, there is a concern where we are putting them in jeopardy when getting the essential items are equally hard for them. 
My Family and I, Support TOP For Their Good Initiative
Thankfully, TOP, the Putra Brand Award 2019 Platinum Winner for the household product category has returns with the "Brighter Future With TOP" charity fund-raising campaign with the goal of equipping 364 Orang Asli students in Pahang, Perak and Johor with the back-to-school essentials for the 2021 school year. 

In order to reduce the risk of these children contracting with the COVID-19 when they are at school, TOP has contributing two reusable cloth face masks and some back-to-school essentials such as new uniforms, shoes, socks, school bags, stationary sets, color pencils and exercise books for each child. This kindness act of contribution by TOP is to motivate the children to attend school while easing their parents' financial burden and giving them peace of mind that their children are protected against the pandemic. 

This is not the very first year of this campaign because over the past 5 years, the campaign has benefited approximately 2,500 children aged between 7 to 17 years old from the 79 communities in need including the Orang Asli and NGOs serving orphans and children from the single parent households. 

TOP In Collaboration With JAKOA and TESCO Malaysia

TOP worked closely with JAKOA to shortlisted the schools with Orang Asli enrollment especially from the area that have seen significant reduction in the household income among the communities due to the pandemic. The three Orang Asli primary schools that receiving the back-to-school essentials are SK Kampung Kudong, a high-achieving Orang Asli school in a forest reserve in Bekok, Johor, SK Pos Dipang in Jeram, Perak that has shown exceptional spirit in rebuilding from the landslides, floods and other tragedies and last but not least, the isolated SK Terisu, Cameron Highlands, Pahang where incomes have plummeted. 
Orang Asli Students From SK Kudong, Bekok
Orang Asli Students From SK Pos Dipang, Jeram
Orang Asli Students From SK Terisu, Cameron Highlands
TOP also has a collaboration with TESCO Malaysia where funds will be raised via a contribution of RM0.30 from the sales of TOP detergent products at all TESCO stores or TESCO Online from 1st December to 31st December 2020. JAKOA will deliver these back-to-school essentials to the Orang Asli communities by the 15th of January 2021, ahead of the new school term. 
Collaboration Between TOP and TESCO Malaysia, "Brighter Future With TOP" Campaign
During this campaign, the TOP detergent products will be selling at special prices at all TESCO outlets and TESCO online.  

TOP Contribution In This "Brighter Future With TOP" Campaign

TOP is a renowned for its championing concept of hygienically clean living to encourage cleaner laundry, more comfort and a better sense of well-being through its continuous breakthrough innovations under Lion Corporation, Japan. It is famed for its Micro-Clean Tech with Anti-Sebum technology that effectively removes visible and invisible stains. 
TOP With Micro-Clean Tech
In order to protect the children from the spread of COVID-19 at school, TOP has identified that the reusable cloth face mask will be more economically practicable and this will be able to reduce the financial burden on the families too. The reusable three-ply cloth face masks with built-in filters in children sizes are more sustainable and economical compared to the disposal surgical mask. 

To close the sustainability loop, TOP will be contributing its TOP Super Hygienic detergent to each Orang Asli family to equip them with a high-performance detergent to hygienically and thoroughly clean their laundry including the school uniforms and cloth face masks. 
TOP Products
"TOP Super Hygienic Powder Detergent and TOP Odor Buster Liquid Detergent are suitable during the pandemic as the anti-bacterial formulation kills 99.9% of bacteria for maximum protection and it has high performance anti-sweat odor to deactivate the musty smells, deodorize fabric and eliminate trapped sebum. This campaign has resonated with TOP consumers over the past five years and we hope that they will continue to support the "Brighter Future with TOP" campaign this year as the need is greater than ever", said Ms Ling Ai Li, the Marketing Manager (Fabric Care Division) of Southern Lion Sdn Bhd. 
 The campaign is in line with the Malaysian Education Blueprint (MEB) 2013 - 2025 that emphasizes to improve outcomes for Orang Asli students through public private partnership that extends to the parents and communities to help transform the education system especially timely as the COVID-19 third waves sees cases spiking. 

"The pandemic is straining Orang Asli communities almost to breaking point. Some families fear for their children health as they simply cannot afford masks, yet they do not want their kids to be left behind academically. Online learning is not possible in these communities as often there is no internet connectivity and no devices at home. Instead, teachers send worksheets directly to the student's homes. The Orang Asli communities and JAKOA are grateful to all Malaysians for their support of the Brighter Future With TOP back-to-school campaign and for the additional of reusable cloth face masks that will make a vital difference providing protection for children, peace-of-mind and easing economic burden on parents", said Prof. Juli Edo, the JAKOA General Director. 

A Bright Future With TOP From 2015 to 2019


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For more information about TOP products or on-going promotions, please visit Southern Lion Malaysia Website or call their Customer Care Line at 1800-88-0133. 

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