Yoodo Malaysia Introduced Yoodo 2.0 and Yoodo Ambassador Program on Yoodo Community Day

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Yoodo Malaysia, The First Truly Customizable and 100% Digital Mobile Service Provider

Covid-19 has been a serious pandemic that affected lot of people but this does not stop Yoodo Malaysia from organizing their annual most-waited event by the Yoodo-ers, the Yoodo Community Day. I was fortunate to be given a chance to attend this #VirtualLepak Yoodo Community Day event on the 7th November 2020 through Zoom meeting. This virtual "lepaking" session was attended by more than 200 Yoodo-ers participants from all around Malaysia.
Yoodo Malaysia Introduced Yoodo 2.0 and Yoodo Ambassador Program on Yoodo Community Day
Yoodo Community Day #VirtualLepak Zoom Session
The event was hosted by Munaa Bella and we have Mr. Chow Tuck Mun, the head of Yoodo Malaysia to kick start the event by introducing the latest Yoodo 2.0. In between, we had awesome performances by live band and also a special appearance of Aizat. Before the grand finale that every Yoodo-ers waiting for, which is the lucky draw with grand prize winner will get a set of Sony Playstation 5, the team introduced the Yoodo Ambassador program that going to reward the Yoodo users for sharing their experience to family and friends.
Yoodo Malaysia Introduced Yoodo 2.0 and Yoodo Ambassador Program on Yoodo Community Day
Congratulation Lucky Winners

About Yoodo Malaysia

Yoodo Malaysia was launched by Celcom back in 30th January 2018 as a brand marketed for the hybrid of conventional prepaid and postpaid mobile plans. Under Yoodo, this was the Malaysia's first truly customizable plan and 100% digital mobile service provider that gives the users full control to customize their mobile plan in terms of data, voice minutes and SMS to suit their needs, with zero hidden charges or commitments. To make it simple, you only need to pay for what you need to use!
Yoodo Malaysia Introduced Yoodo 2.0 and Yoodo Ambassador Program on Yoodo Community Day
Yoodo Malaysia - Customizable Plan, Only Pay For What You Need
Besides data, voice minutes and SMS, Yoodo also offers exciting product offerings, features and add-ons that helps to empowers users to live their desired lifestyle especially in gaming, travel, entertainment and more.

What Do We Have For Yoodo 2.0? 

Yoodo Malaysia proudly unveiled their Yoodo 2.0 which is the Yoodo's next evolution as a brand and its services as it continues to lead the digital telco space. The product features that was introduced includes: Renew Anytime, Power Pass and Yoodo Rewards. Besides this features, Yoodo also introduced the Add-ons and Yoodo Unlimited

With Renew Anytime feature, you can easily switch your mobile plan anytime, anywhere you want and whenever necessary. This convenient feature removes the need for users to wait for their current monthly cycle to end before switching to their new, preferred plan. 
Yoodo Malaysia Introduced Yoodo 2.0 and Yoodo Ambassador Program on Yoodo Community Day
Switch Your Plan Anytime
The Power Pass is an add-on data packet that give you the 100 GB high-speed data that valid for one hour at the super affordable price of RM2 only. Yoodo Rewards was introduced to give back to the users for every purchases that they have made where you will enjoy one free Add-on for every 10 Add-ons you have purchased. 
Yoodo Malaysia Introduced Yoodo 2.0 and Yoodo Ambassador Program on Yoodo Community Day
100 GB High-Speed Data At RM2 Valid For 1 Hour Only
Yoodo introduced 8 brand new Data Add-Ons this year across gaming, entertainment and e-commerce, bringing the total number of Add-Ons to 18 based on the latest demands especially at this pandemic season. This add-ons are the additional data package that do not deduct from your data plan. 
Yoodo Malaysia Introduced Yoodo 2.0 and Yoodo Ambassador Program on Yoodo Community Day
Add-Ons For Gaming, Entertainment and e-Commerce
Recently, Yoodo introduced the latest unlimited data plan that allows you to customized your own unrestricted, unstoppable Unlimited Plan. When you subscribe to this plan, you can customize your data speed, hotspot quota, voice minutes and SMS. As part of the package, you will also receive FREE Voice Minutes and FREE Hotspot quota.
The plan that Yoodo offers; the Unlimited ATAS PLAN at the price of RM43/month with the speed of 6 Mbps and Unlimited BAJET PLAN at the prices of RM35/month at the speed of 3 Mbps. 

Yoodo Malaysia Introduced Yoodo 2.0 and Yoodo Ambassador Program on Yoodo Community Day
Yoodo Unlimited Plan

What is Yoodo Ambassador Program?

Yoodo Malaysia is looking forward to rewards their loyal users and brand amplifiers for the continuous support by introducing the Yoodo Ambassador program. With this program, you will be rewarded for your efforts when you help to share your incredible experience as a Yoodo user. 

How to Be Part of Yoodo Ambassador Program?

You just need to send an email to yoodoambassadors@gmail.com with your personal details and social media platform links. When you application is successful, you will receive the Ambassador Missions that Yoodo Malaysia will issue in monthly basis. The more you complete the tasks listed in the mission, the more points you will get and hence, better rewards waiting for you. 
Yoodo Malaysia Introduced Yoodo 2.0 and Yoodo Ambassador Program on Yoodo Community Day
Join Me To Be Part Of The Yoodo Ambassador
During this initial pilot phase, each Yoodo Ambassador will receive Shopee vouchers as a reward for completing their mission. At the end of the monthly duration, you simple just need to email Yoodo at the same email address, yoodoambassadors@gmail.com the links and details of the tasks that you have completed. Yoodo team will verify the your submission and credit the corresponding Shopee vouchers on the 10th of the following month. 
Bloggers and brand amplifiers with less than 10,000 followers will receive RM50 Shopee credits once you have accumulated at least 15 mission points whereas RM80 Shopee credits for those with followers above 10,000.  

What are the Mission Examples?

Below is just an example of the potential missions for Yoodo Ambassadors:
  • Reshare 4 Yoodo posts a month on your own feed/channel (10 Points)
  • Share a photo of your Yoodo dashboard (with an active plan/renewal) on social media and encourage your fans to try Yoodo (5 Points) 
  • Join our social media contest and share it on your profile (3 Points)
  • Comment on 10 of our posts a month with Positive Comments/Replies with your personal experiences (15 Points)
  • Include "I Use Yoodo, powered by Celcom" in your own organic content (3 Points)
  • Include #YouDoItBetter in your own organic relevant social content (3 Points)
  • Write a blogpost about Yoodo (directly/indirectly) and use our hashtags (15 Points) 

Sample Of Yoodo Ambassador Sign-Up Form

Full Name: Nathanael Chan

Social Media Link/Handle 1: https://www.instagram.com/Kitkat_Nelfei
Following: 13.6K
Social Media Link/Handle 2:
This is pretty much that I would like to share with you guys. For more information about Yoodo Malaysia or latest promotions and campaigns, kindly visit Yoodo Malaysia Website, Yoodo Malaysia Facebook Page or Yoodo Malaysia Instagram.
Thank you so much Yoodo Malaysia for having me on the VirtualLepak session on last weekend. 
Signing Off For Now And Take Care Till We Meet Again On My Next Post!
Stay Tuned For More Update!
For collaboration or inquiry, feel free to drop me an email at kitkatnelfei@gmail.com.

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  2. Wow.. Sesuatu yang baru bagi saya. Pertama kali tahu tentang ini. So far friendly user. OK laaa nak explore lagi

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