The 6 Beauties of Bawangchaji's Big Big Cup That You Need To Know

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Let Us Explore The 6 Beauties Of BaWangChaJi's Big Big Cup

BaWangChaJi has gained lots of attention recently especially during the latest 11.11 Single Day Sale as they have set the new record with the highest daily sale on that one-day campaign. Did you join the campaign to try your luck to win attractive prizes from the 11 lifestyle brands that they collaborated with? For more information, you can check out this post The Rising Star Among Teahouses to find out more about it.  
Just a quick fun fact, do you know that tea is one of three major drinks in the world that has a very long tradition and history? Malaysians are pretty familiar with milk tea as it was a blooming market, but it always has an unhealthy connotation associated with it. As a market changer, BaWangChaJi is bringing-in a new culture in the tea industry where authentic and healthy drinks are adored. They have take necessary steps to serve the beverage with an attractive and multi-functional packaging to cope up with the journey of modern twist to the heritage of Chinese tea. 
The 6 Beauties of Bawangchaji's Big Big Cup That You Need To Know
BaWangChaJi Attractive and Multi-Purpose Packaging
So, if you are really a tea-lovers in Malaysia, you must be very familiar with the Big Big Cup that BaWangChaJi used to serves the Fresh Milk Tea series. Actually I was first introduced to this Big Big Cup drink during the Tear Cup event that was held during the launching of realme Design Studio. 
The 6 Beauties of Bawangchaji's Big Big Cup That You Need To Know
Tear Cup Event At realme Design Studio Launching
Have you ever been so curious about the hidden capabilities of the Big Big Cup? Well, let me show you how special this BIG BIG CUP is and some tips to play with the cup while immersing in your favorite tea drink. 

1. Creativity Canvas

The BaWangChaJi's Big Big Cup is discovered as a tool for tea lovers like you to unleash your creativity by drawing or painting on the ample space on the cup. Well, you can customize the drawings freely based on your imagination and give the Big Big Cup a new, unique look combined with its logo which portrays the Chinese tea culture. 
The 6 Beauties of Bawangchaji's Big Big Cup That You Need To Know
Unleash Your Creativity With BaWangChaJi's Big Big Cup
During the Merdeka Drawing Campaign, you can see all the creative, great artworks that created by the fans and now, it is time for you to show the hidden artistic talent by drawing out a masterpiece on the empty spaces of the BaWangChaJi's Big Big Cup.   

The 6 Beauties of Bawangchaji's Big Big Cup That You Need To Know
Artwork By Fans During Merdeka Drawing Campaign

2. Goddess' Selfie Prop

Incredible huge size of the Big Big Cup is the best thing that we ever have when we purchased the Fresh Milk Tea series. You can't find this elsewhere except here at BaWangChaJi. This cup has been the all-time favorite selfie prop for all the selfie king and selfie queen out there because it make your face looks smaller in the photo without the need to do any editing. 
The 6 Beauties of Bawangchaji's Big Big Cup That You Need To Know
BaWangChaJi's Goddess' Selfie Prop
If you haven't try it, go ahead and give it a shot. Many fans have provided very interesting responses saying that Big Big Cup is bigger than their face, which makes them resist in capturing more selfies with it. This including me, myself okay! Check this out!
The 6 Beauties of Bawangchaji's Big Big Cup That You Need To Know
BaWangChaJi's Big Big Cup Is Longer Than My Face

3. Drop-Dead Gorgeous

The Big Big Cup also provides insta-worthy shots as a prop for the young tea-lovers where many Malaysian influencers love to check in to the store and upload the shots while they are holding this Big Big Cup with the backdrop of the stores on their social media. This Big Big Cup shots have become a trend and it is well-known among youngsters for its attractive and instagrammable outlooks. 
The 6 Beauties of Bawangchaji's Big Big Cup That You Need To Know
Drop-Dead Gorgeous Insta-Worthy Spot In The Store!
The 6 Beauties of Bawangchaji's Big Big Cup That You Need To Know
Can't Wait To Visit This Store In Near Future
Alright, that's pretty much of the outer Beauties of the BaWangChaJi's Big Big Cup. Let us explore the another three inner beauties of this cup, okay?

4. The Safe Temperature Grip

Let see the first inner beauty that this Big Big Cup can offer. First, do you know that this Big Big Cup has a heat and cold resistance functions? The bottom part of the cup is designed to be hollow with the idea that it can help to insulate the hot and iced drinks. You will be able to hold it comfortably while enjoying the freshness of the milk tea with satisfaction. Cool,right? And this is the first time I saw a cup that designed to be so user-friendly for us. 
The 6 Beauties of Bawangchaji's Big Big Cup That You Need To Know
BaWangChaJi's Big Big Cup Safe Temperature Grip

5. 700 ml Super Size Tea Volume

Another fun fact of this Big Big Cup! Do you know that it was designed that 70% of the cup is made to serve 700 ml of Fresh Milk Tea series which is definitely more than other milk tea that comes with a standard volume of only 500 ml? This made the BaWangChaJi's fresh milk tea series filled with a generous amount of fresh milk tea for you to enjoy and quench your thirst during the hot weather in Malaysia. 
The 6 Beauties of Bawangchaji's Big Big Cup That You Need To Know
BaWangChaJi's Big Big Cup With More Fresh Milk Tea
The best seller for this Fresh Milk Tea series is the White Peach Oolong Milk Tea that features white peach oolong and New Zealand fresh milk. It has a simple yet distinctive aroma that you won't find it elsewhere. Apart from that, you can try out their Jasmine Green milk tea, Yunnan Pu'er milk tea, Da Hong Pao milk tea and Tie Guan Yin milk tea.

 6. Tear for Surprise

BaWangChaJi loves to surprise their fans like us by storing gifts at the bottom of the cup on special occasions or celebrations. You can also utilize this Big Big Cup as a tool for surprises whether you are planning to confess to your crush or simply to surprise your loved one. Well, there are sufficient spaces at the bottom of the cup to put the cute gifts for your loved one while enjoying the milk tea. A double happiness in one single cup, right? 

The 6 Beauties of Bawangchaji's Big Big Cup That You Need To Know
BaWangChaJi's Big Big Cup Highlight - The Tear For Surprise Function
Now, you have better understanding on this BaWangChaJi Big Big Cup right, why not give them a try on their fresh milk series and while enjoying the drink, give yourself a chance to unleash your talent too. 

Let stay tune for more update from BaWangChaJi for their next event that you definitely don't wanna miss it. For more information about BaWangChaJi Malaysia events and promotions, do follow them at BaWangChaJi Malaysia Facebook and BaWangChaJi Instagram.

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  1. serius besarnya cup milk tea ni, memang puashati minum macam ni. i pun first time tengok cup safe temperature grip, macam-macam pembaharuan untuk bersaing dengan other competitor kan

  2. I belum pernah try BaWangChaJi tapi sure akan try nanti! Mesti puas minum kan bila guna big big cup! :D

  3. presentation pada cup cantik dan pastinya saiz besar kot. but here in pahang no franchise. For those yang ada boleh cuba bawangchaji ni.

  4. I dah try most of the drink masa dekat Kuching. I suka the design of their packaging and so many varieties of drinks.

  5. first time i heard about BaWangChaJi. I thought it was food brand but it was milk tea. the cup so big. satisfied for one session drink. heheh. so great their campaign ya. so creative and interesting.

  6. Sejujurnya belum pernah tahu tentang nama ini. Tertarik dengan cup dia yang besar! Puashati minum gini... White peach Milk Tea tuu tentu sedap sebab femes kannn..

  7. firstime akak minum Bawangchaji kat event realme dan terus jatuh cinta.. hee~ memang time diet pun boleh minum kebanyakan air dari Bawangchaji ni.. jadi.. kakak suka !!

  8. Wow, that's seriously one big cup! Love the design. I've always been a tea person, and love trying new tea blends, so will definitely check this one out.

  9. Very big wooo.. kalau i ni tak habis minum.. but nice lor dia buat konsep macam ni, at least pembeli rasa berbaloi dengan harga yang di bayar, kalau murah lagi laaa best kann siap dapat cawan besar.. Coffee memang takde ye?

  10. yes la. cup ada lukisan kreatif. ikut tema kan? tak la copy paste setiap cup. bagi yg collector, pasti buat collection this big cup bawangchaji.
    ok ok i am a coffee lover. tapi, teh tarik dan adik-beradiknya pun on aje. terutama if the teh tarik kaw kaw!
    yes again, panjang cupnya. yg tealive, normal size tu pun sukar utk saya habiskan sorang diri. ni kan pula lebih panjang dari saiz muka :) ha ha ha ha ha...
    tq for sharing!

  11. Bawangchaji nng sedap.. suka dengan tea dia sbb pure. And cawan dia mmg besar

  12. 1st time dengar this brand. the cup design tu cantiklah. nanti nak try macam best je

  13. I like their tea, its very soothing and aromatic plus the canvas cup is so elegant.

  14. Xpernah jumpa dan cuba lagi brand ni. Tapi tgk besar cup dia. Nnt kalau terserempak nk cuba lah.