Woo-Dang Releases Three New Flavors - Salted Egg, Mala and Seaweed Prawn Crackers

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Woo-Dang Spiced Up The Iconic Prawn Cracker With Interesting Flavors 

Prawn cracker is a well-known snack that has a very long history rooted in Malaysia culture and so popular that you can easily found the prawn crackers at the hawker stores, convenience stores and also supermarkets. This snack is cheap yet delicious making them simply enjoyable to everyone. 

And today, Boon Lee the well-established supplier of Malaysia's original prawn cracker company would like to introduce the Woo-Dang, a brand-new snack that has being a pioneer in the prawn crackers production. They have decided to spiced-up the iconic snack with its three newly interesing flavors; the Woo-Dang Salted Egg, Woo-Dang Seaweed and Woo-Dang Mala to showcasing how delicious the prawn cracker can be!

Woo-Dang New Flavors - Salted Egg, Mala and Seaweed (Bundle At RM34.90)
Woo-Dang might look different now, but a full flavor of the nostalgic will definitely come back to you as you try it out because Woo-Dang crackers are made with the real prawn and real ingredients. This is the first prawn cracker to have variant of flavor, making it both original and new at the same time. 

Salted Egg Woo-Dang

The Salted Egg Woo-Dang is simply addicting and made perfect for you to have it anytime, anywhere at any occasion. Every piece of the salted egg cracker was so crunchy and to boost up the flavor even more, you can paired it up with the Luckin Kopi Salted Egg Sauce. 

Salted Egg Woo-Dang + Salted Egg Sause (RM19.90)

Mala Woo-Dang

The Mala Woo-Dang will definitely give you a spicy surprise in your every crunchy bite. If you like spicy food, this is the flavor that you will definitely go for it as it is made using a combination of spices that when mixed together, it is consider too hot to handle. Every bite of it will excite your taste bud with spicy thrill and dive you into the Mala Hot-zone!

Mala Woo-Dang (RM14.90)

Seaweed Woo-Dang

The Seaweed Woo-Dang flavor will bring you a flavorful surprise from the sea as this prawn cracker is coated with the real seaweed flakes that bringing you the authentic sea experience. The perfect combination of its saltiness and crispiness make it a scrumptious snack to have. You can munch it on its own or mix it up with any type of dip! Yes, you can #DipItWithEveryDangThing!

Seaweed Woo-Dang (RM14.90)
Before I end my sharing today, do you know what makes this Woo-Dang so special?

So, these are three reasons why Woo-Dang is so special that I wrapped up in the video above. What are you waiting for, let get crack-a-lackin with Woo-Dang now. You can grab your favorite prawn crackers now at Woo-Dang Prawn Cracker - Luckin Kopi Website before this famous Woo-Dang prawn crackers run out of stock. 

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  1. never heard of this brand but the packaging looks pretty and tempting too. Luckin Kopi really doing great these days haha

  2. Brlum pernah gak dengar jenama ni... produk tempatan ke? Halal?

  3. Waa ada perisa salteg egg ke, Sis suka sangat ni ..nak kena cuba gak lee gamaknyaa ni..

  4. Kerepek-kerepek memang sangat sinonim dekat Malaysia ni. Kerepek udang pun sedap. Memang bagus la ni. Duk rumah je ni, memang rasa nak cari kerepek dan makan. Hehehe

  5. Jenama baru ya? Teruja nak cuba sebab Kita suka salted egg dan seaweed! Tentu sedap dalam perisa snacks. Kejap licin nanti

  6. nama yang sangat unik! woo-dang = kerepek u-dang. hehe. first time dengar. nampak menarik ni. bolehlah nnti cuba sebab banyak perisa yang sedap :)

  7. I'm a compulsive midnight snacker, so I'm always looking for crunchy snacks like this to satisfy my cravings. And they have all my fav flavors, especially salted egg. Yum!

  8. Menariknya keropok dia. Tertarik yang salted egg tu. Boleh pos ke?

  9. saje je tau dok promote.
    me and famili memang suka krup krap krup krap keropok or kerepek depan tv.
    now, ada 3 jenis kerepek in the house tau.
    this one, perisa nyer lain dari yg lain. kalau jumpa, nanti nak cuba.

  10. Interesting la kerorpok ni..teruja pulak tahu ada mala flavour. Kena rasa jugak nak tahu level pedas mala tu

  11. Never heard of this brand before. Thanks for the recommendations. The 3 new flavours look tempting especially the Mala Woo -Dang. :)

  12. I love this packaging. Very cool. Ada nampk u review di IG. Teringin pula nak rasa

  13. wahh nampak menarik ..tak pernah cuba lagi woo dang ni.. yang seaweed tu macam sedap..iena suka seaweed ..nanti nak cuba lah :D

  14. ahhhhhh benci ! selalu nampak dekat instagram berlegar2 review pasal nie. ramai beri feedback positif. teringin nak cuba. nak cari jugaklah nanti

  15. Takpernah dgr brand ni. Nak kena cari nih. Mcm sedap plak salted egg dgn seaweed dia.. Buat kudap2 tgk tv