Guardian Malaysia Exciting Month With The Global Beauty Sale (GBS)

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Guardian Malaysia Curates The Latest Beauty Trends From Around The World

The current pandemic situation has stopped everyone from traveling around the world due to travel restrictions and this also stop many of us from getting the latest health and beauty products that are not yet available in Malaysia.
6 Beauty and Daily Essential Products From All Around The Globe
Quick enough that Guardian Malaysia have been inspired by this unprecedented changes that effecting the modern retailing to create first-of-its-kind Global Beauty Sale (GBS) that gives us a continued access to great beauty products with good value that available around the globe.
Guardian Malaysia Brings The World To You Through Global Beauty Sale
Yes, that's right guys! As a beauty destination, Guardian Malaysia has taken an extra mile to curate and bring in the latest beauty-trend products around the world close to you now so that our needs in the new normal are served. 
Month-long Campaign - Global Beauty Sale (GBS)
This month-long campaign take places from 3rd November 2020 until 2nd December 2020 will be showcasing beauty products that are setting the trends around the world. The  amazing selection represents the beast of all global brands and this reflects Guardian's commitment to ensure their customers able to get the high quality products at great value. 
Beauty Brands Around The World (26 Countries) Made Available At Guardian Malaysia
"On top of the wide selection of brands and products, we are offering customers a discount of up to 50% during this period. The selection includes top beauty brands from Korea and Japan, the best of natural beauty products, newly arrived brands at Guardian and daily essentials from 26 countries including Malaysia", said Anna Ng, the Retail Marketing Director, Guardian Health and Beauty, Malaysia and Singapore. 
J-Beauty Routine (Source: Guardian Malaysia Facebook)
K-Beauty Routine (Source: Guardian Malaysia Facebook)
During the Global Beauty Sale, Guardian Malaysia offers wide selection of the best beauty products that gives you the beauty radiance from Thailand, the lovely Korea drama look that that is so outstanding and the everyday beauty look from Japan dramas, make-up that gives you that classic western European glam and many, many more products for your personal care, hair care, skin care and also daily essential.  
Global Beauty Sale (GBS) - Western Glam

 Other highlights of the Guardian Global Beauty Sale include;
  •  BUY 1 FREE 1 offers for more than 190 personal care products
  • Over 100 Skincare items at RM11
  • Everyday BEST value - over 1,300 daily essential products at reduced prices everyday
  • Get a FREE Bluetooth Smart Digital Weighing Scale with minimum of RM220 purchase of any Health Care product in a single receipt (while stock last)
  • FREE Silicon Kitchen Utensil (3 pcs set) with a minimum spend of RM88 on any Personal Care products in a single receipt
  • A BRAND NEW Honda Civic to be won in the "SHOP, WAVE & WIN" Contest. Just spend a minimum of RM30 and pay with your MyDebit ATAM card, take a photo of your transaction slip, send in your photo and stand a chance to win the Grand Prize of a brand new car
Skin Care Products at RM11 (Source: Guardian Malaysia Facebook)
Spend Minimum RM220 On Health Care Product In Single Receipt (Source: Guardian FB)
"SHOP, WAVE & WIN" Contest
"So instead of flying around the world for your Health and Beauty products, we bring the products from around the world to you. Don't miss this great opportunity to buy and even stock up your daily essentials as Guardian always gives you the best quality at the best prices for the best value", Anna concluded.

Guardian Malaysia is my favorite beauty and daily essential one-stop beauty retail shop that I will visit when I need to stock up my daily essential products. I can get more items at the best price with extra saving for me. Always stay tune to their social media pages as everyday, Guardian Malaysia will have a wonderful surprises especially on their jaw-dropping awesome deals that they update in daily basis. 
Daily Essentials and Beauty Products That I Normally Get It From Guardian Malaysia
Before I end my write-up today, I have a good news to share with you guys! During this Global Beauty Sale, I am proudly collaborated with Guardian Malaysia to give 1 lucky winner a RM50 e-voucher for you to shop at Guardian Malaysia. The mechanism to win this e-voucher is pretty simple. Just click the picture below and follow the instruction given in my latest Instagram post. Easy as that, guys!
So, don't miss this opportunity okay? 

For more information on your favorite products at amazing discounts during this Global Beauty Sale, please visit or you can click this link to view the e-catalogue. 

Stay Safe And Take Care Everyone Till We Meet Again On My Next Post!
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  1. Kita jarang shopping kt guardian.. lepas ni boleh la shopping kat sini. tengok macam good big deals tu hahaha

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  3. more sales on beauty brands at guardian?! can't lose the train! haha

  4. Wow!!!!!!! Best nyer Guardian ada global beauty sale. Paling best Cetaphil is on sale. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. I love how Guardian always come up with such exciting promotions for their customers! Love the Buy 1 Free 1 and all the discounts too hehee 😁

  6. I love Guardian because they always have 40% discounts on selected items during weekends. And now this global sale! I see that you've got Aloe Vera gel there. That's one of my fav Guardian products.

  7. Nasib laaa Guardian memangd ekat dengan rumah Sis, biasa memang ke Guardian aje membeli barang keperluan, ada member kalau beli lagi murah kan... nak kena terjah ni, tengah sale lagi berbaloi...

  8. Havent been visiting Guardian for quite a while since Watson is nearer to where I am. but having read through this, I was amazed at the number of new items they are offering. I guess it is time to check out the great sales they are having

  9. Barang yg ditawarkan kat sini semua menarik dan berbaloi. Akak shopping hari tu banyak juga sbb murah

  10. wa so nice to have the 6 Beauty and Daily Essential Products From All Around The Globe from my fav pharmacy - Guardian Malaysia! I will buy more from them now

  11. tak pergi mana pun tapi skin tetap kena jaga...memang sekarang nampak banyak tawaran dari guardian yang best2 teruatamanya produk skincare dari oversea....berkenan pulak dengan bubbletox mask tu ...rasa nak cuba ...ehehehe

  12. Suka pergi Guardian intead of another place. sebab rasa macam murah and paling dekat dgn rumah. Oh aloevera tu memang best. bila pakai rasa smooth je kulit.

  13. My fav shop mmg guardian. Tapi dah lama tak kesana since covid. But last week i choose to buy online and suka sangat dengan servisnya. And since ada sales skrg i nak beli banyam barang dgn harga murah