Teeth Whitening With Whitekish Magic Charcoal

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Whitekish Magic Charcoal, Your Solution For Teeth Whitening, Remove Tartar And Bad Breath

Have you ever feel shy and not confident to smile every time you want to do public appearance or photo shooting? Because you are worried about people talking about your unpleasant smile and teeth condition that looks yellowish, noticeable tartar or even bad breath? To be honest, I really understand that situation because I have the same issue as well and that make me tend to speak less and avoiding direct communication when I am in the public event, try not to smile when taking commercial photo shooting. 
Whitekish Magic Charcoal

Whitekish Magic Charcoal Ingredient

Finally, I found the solution to all my teeth problems using the famous Whitekish Magic Charcoal that made available in the Malaysia market recently. This teeth whitening product is made from the 100% organic ingredient which is the coconut shell that acts as activated charcoal with no added chemical. It is proven safe to be used and approved by Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) under the Notification Number of NOT200700100K. 
Before Using Whitekish Magic Charcoal

Problems That Whitekish Magic Charcoal Solved

This activated charcoal effectively helps on the whitening and cleaning the teeth and mouth by absorbing bacteria and food chemical overall that creating unpleasing odor and bad breath. Beside whitening and get rid of the bacteria that causing bad smell of the mouth, it also helps on removing the tartar and neutralizes the pH of the mouth. 
100% Organic Ingredient - Activated Charcoal (Coconut Shell)

How To Use Whitekish Magic Charcoal?

I can observed the difference of my teeth after using this Whitekish Magic Charcoal as early as 7 days. It was recommended to brush your teeth using extra soft toothbrush twice a day during the first week and reduces the frequency to twice a week alternating with your normal toothpaste on the second week onward.
Whiter and Cleaner Teeth With Fresher Breath After A Week
That's pretty much on my personal experience of using this Whitekish Magic Charcoal. If you would like to try this product, you can get them at www.whitekish.com or https://jamumall.com/whitekish-magic-charcoal and experience the magical experiences yourself. For more information, you can also Call/SMS/Whatsapp at +60178898878. 
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Before (Left) vs After (Right) Using Whitekish Magic Charcoal
That's All For Now, Stay Tuned And Stay Safe Till We Meet Again On My Next Post. 
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  1. Sebab dah guna. Mmg nampak keberkesanannya. Suka tgk gigi yang cantik dan putih berseri

  2. ok nak cuba jugak nanti, sebab selama ni saya guna cara ubat gigi tambah soda bikarbonat atau soda dengan cuka then letak ubat gigi..tapi cara saya buat ni tak boleh buat selalu sebab risau gigi terhakis akibat campuran soda dan cuka....yang guna arang belum try tapi dulu kecik2 pernahlah cuba pakai arang yang betul ....memang kelakar sebab nak tahu jugak betul ker gigi boleh putih ...kalau dah ada cara yang senang macam ni kenapa mesti nak susah2...yer dakk

  3. Wow, the difference between your before and after is very noticeable. That just proves how effective this product is!

  4. Sis peminum kopi, rasa macam nak cuba gak leee, ramai kata bagus...

  5. Guna charcoal memang bagus sbb nenek kita dulu2 pun guna arang utk berus gigi dan gigi mrk pun tahan lama.

  6. Org dulu2 mmg guna arangkan? So cam maybe bagus la kan? I tgk ramai yang review kata bagus so leh la try hehe

  7. Petua orang dolu-dolu memang betul laaa ya? Memang berkesan arang ni rupanya mampu memutihkan Gigi. Nak try laaa

  8. I'm using this too. Very easy to use and i really like this whitekish

  9. Wahh nampak dah perubahan. Ramai yang bagi feedback positif kan? Senang nak putihkan gigi

  10. Oh my I can really see the differences before and and after you've used it. Interesting how this product works.

  11. Waaa.. berkesan. I like la produk macam ni. Lagipun bahan bahan dia memang biasa kita semua dengar memang bahan yang tidak merbahaya.

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  13. Read many good reviews about this product, kind of tempted to try also.

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