Enjoy Extra Saving With Lulu Supermarket Super Friday Sale

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Enjoy Lulu Hypermarket Super Friday Sale For Its Super Products and Super Deals Starting 23rd November until 6th December 2020 

Year end is around the corner and it is time for us to get something special just to reward ourselves for working so hard throughout the year! Or time to prepare some Christmas gifts for our loved one, family and friends during the gift exchange! Guess what guys, just on the right timing and during the payday week, Lulu Hypermarket is throwing there very own Lulu Super Friday Sale earlier this week starting from 23rd November 2020 until 6th December 2020. 
Lulu Super Friday Sale From 23 Nov - 6 Dec With Up To 70% OFF On Selected Categories

Let's Explore Lulu Hypermarket and Department Store, CapSquare KL

Before we explore each categories of the products that having the massive and attractive discounts, let us get to know about Lulu Hypermarket that located at CapSquare, Kuala Lumpur. This hypermarket and its department store comprises of 3 floors complete with Baby Feeding Room and Nappy Changing Room for the parent's convenient with baby and kids, Customer Services & Information and also a gift wrapping service.

Lulu Hypermarket and Department Store Directory
In compliance with the Restricted Movement Order (MCO) by the Malaysia Government amidst to the COVID-19 current situation, Lulu Hypermarket business hour will remains as 9 A.M. to 10.00 P.M until this coming 6th December 2020. You can have peace of mind when you shop here because they are observing all the required Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) like MySejahtera check-in, temperature monitoring, face mask is compulsory and high-risk individual or kids are not allowed to enter the premise.
Lulu Hypermarket and Department Store Business Hours
SOP during Movement Control Order (MCO)

Lulu Hypermarket and Department Store Super Friday Sale

You can find almost every category of the products in this hypermarket are tagged with the Super Friday Sale price tag. Yes, almost everything starting from the electronic products to household, fashion for both adults and kids, toys and last but not least the groceries, you just named it. You can enjoy the discount up to 70% during this sale. 

Electrical & Electronic Products
You can find all the electrical and electronic products placed at the 2nd floor of this building. There are so many well-known brands that participated in this sale such as Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp, Philips, LG and many more even the local brands like Khind and Pensonic. Besides the discount, some of the product also comes with FREE GIFT such as Lulu Gift Voucher up to RM300 and Remax Powerbank 10000 mAh. 
Electrical and Electronic Department At 2nd Floor
Electrical - Kitchen Appliances
Electrical - More Kitchen Appliances On Sale
Electrical - TV, Sound Bar, Home Theater Set, etc.
Electrical - Personal Hair Care (Curler, Hair Dryer, etc)
Looking For Self-Reward Gift! Maybe This?
Wanna know what else you can get at the Electrical and Electronic department beside those I shared above?
  • Cleaning appliances such as washing machine, vacuum cleaner, etc.
  • Living Room appliances such as air conditioner, stand fan, etc.
  • Kitchen appliances such as refrigerator, blender, juicer, microwave, induction cooker, etc.
  • Computer appliances such as keyboard, headset, printers, flash drive, etc. 
  • Hand-phones
Household Product
At the same floor, you can also get the household product such as the elegant dinner set, bake dish, non-sticky pan, coffee pot and many more. There is also an exclusive products that only available at CapSquare outlet; the UAKEEN 6-pcs Granite Cookware and Pearl Noire Ceramic Tableware. 
Entrance To Household Products Department
UAKEEN Granite (Exclusively Available At Lulu CapSquare, KL Outlet only)
Non-Sticky Pan by Nirlep, Pressure Cooker by Bajali
Amercook Non-Stick Crepe Pan/Frypan
Pearl Noire Ceramic Tableware
Lulu Coffee Pot 1L
Looking For Something To Surprise My Mom Later
Toys Corner
Well, if you are planning to reward your kids for their well-being during the MCO or planning to surprise them during Christmas, you definitely need to stop at this toys section. You can find all affordable and reasonable priced item here that suitable for the kids or soft toy for your loved one. 
Toys Corner
Soft Toy - Smaller Size
Plush Huggable Toys
Can I Have This As My Christmas Gift This Year?
Okay, that's pretty much of the items that you can find here at the 2nd floor of Lulu Hypermarket and Department Store. Moving down 1 floor either by the lift or escalator, you will find the Fashion department for the ladies, men and children, handbag and shoes corner and also health and beauty products. 
You can find discount up to 30% on the Men's fashion section from the brands like Sunnex, De Backers, Oxemberg, Tom Smith, Eten, Sin Denim, Twills and also Zeyrek. You can get your street wear or even smart casual wear at cheaper and affordable price during this sale.
Men's Clothing Corner
Fashionable Jeans For Men

Purple Suits Me Well, Right? Favorite Color Bah!

As for the ladies, you also can enjoy discount up to 30% for the clothing on the brands like Cortigiani and De Backer. In addition, you can have 50%  discount for the brand likes Modernform International and Lingerie on your inner wear.

Not forgetting for the kids as well, you can look for the O'Dear with 50% discount and also Ruff Children's Fashion with 30% OFF. These discounts are applicable for the selected items only. 

O'Dear Children Fashion

Ruff Children's Fashion
Look At This Cute Children Attire? Son, Do You Want This?
Handbag & Shoes
Fashion isn't complete without a nice handbag and shoes, right? Well, you can hunt for fashionable handbag with discount up to 30% for brands like De Backers, Cortigiani, Eten or John Louis. 
Ladies Bag Section
Cortigiani Ladies Bag
As a shoe collector, this is what I am looking forward the most during this Super Friday Sale. Do you know that Skechers offering discount up to 50%? Let me spill the tea, guys! Look at this.
Skechers Discount Up To 50% (Selected Items Only)
Nice, Right? So Affordable To Own A Pair Of Skechers Now!
Beside Skechers, other brands like Reebok, New Balance, Tag Basic, Tom Smith, Eten, De Backers, Kronos and Atlanta also offering very attractive discounts that worth to check it out.

Shoes Brands With Discounts
Now, let us explore the Supermarket section that located at the Ground Floor of Lulu Hypermarket and Department Store. This is the place where you can get your groceries at the best price even before the Super Friday Sale. Imagine now they are having the sale from 23rd November until 6th December 2020? 
Groceries - Milk Products
Liquid Detergent - Dynamo Brand (RM17.90 each after 42% Discount)
Liquid Detergent - Top Brand (RM 16.90 each)
Pure Basmathi Rice - Sunflower Brand
Luppo Brand Snack
Have A Break, Have a KitKat!
I Can Enjoy Buying Groceries With Discount Up To 59%

I have done my shopping here to top-up my groceries and I will definitely return there to get some of the items for the Christmas Gift Exchange session that going to happen soon next month. Grab this opportunity since I can enjoy extra discount, wise decision right? 

So, don't miss this opportunity guys. Visit Lulu Hypermarket and Department Store now either at Capsquare, Kuala Lumpur or 1 Shamelin before 6th December 2020. Lulu, Where The World Comes To Shop, Safely. And enjoy extra saving too!
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Stay Safe And Take Care Everyone Till We Meet Again On My Next Post!
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  1. menarik sekali promosi menjelang perayaan krismas.. offer pun saya nampak ada yg sampai 70%..

    1. Menarik kan bro, kebetulan month end pulak.. serious barang2 dia memang murah time sale ni.. sangat berbaloi for us.. Rasanya nanti Krismas pun ada juga lagi sale macam ni..

  2. Replies
    1. Best sangat Adinda Baizura.. Ni pun my first time pergi Lulu Hypermarket ni walaupun berdekatan dengan office.. Lepas ni memang singgah sini jer untuk beli barang2 dapur... jimat pun jimat...

  3. I've heard of Lulu before, but never been there. Looks like they have a good selection of items there. Maybe will go after PKPB ends.

    1. Same goes to me Mama.. This was my first time here after I can't resist to hear how cheap Lulu can offers us their goods and products... Tak tengok dengan mata sendiri memang tak percaya :) Yes, you should check them out in near future.. take care and be safe ya for now...

  4. Oh yes! Lulu bila sale memang kaw kaww murah dia. Kelmarin husband kita dah pegi shopping beli keperluan rumah. Jimat banyak!

  5. Selalu nmapak kawan2 post lulu suka buat sale.. Barang pulak banyak pilihan. Tapi nad tak lergi lagi.. Paling dekat 1 shamelin..

  6. Yay! Now is the best time to visit Lulu Hypermarket and buy at Lulu Super Friday Sale. So nice it's until 6th December 2020.

  7. I am going to be broke next month bcs of the sales haha. Thanks for the info!

  8. Suka nengok laaa Lulu ni, tersusun aje barang-barang dan nampak banyak pilihan semasa barangnya.. lagi-lagi ternampak periuk batu tu haaa.. harap one day bukak laaa kat Johor..

  9. Fuhhh dashat lah sale dekat Lulu Hypermarket ni! Siapa yang duduk dekat dengan Lulu boleh la pergi serbu. Jimat duit!

  10. Wow so many amazing sales and bargains that one can get from Lulu Hypermarket. Those who live near the hypermarket should really take advantage of the awesome discounts to save more right?