Vax OnePWR Blade4 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Testing

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Easy, Convenient and Powerful Cordless Vacuum Cleaner That Every Household Need To Have

This entry is my personal honest review on the latest Vax OnePWR Blade4 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner that I received from Try and Review on loan-basis. I do not own this product yet but it was sent to me for 2-weeks of testing purpose. Before I move into details of my comments, let check it out the details of this product, okay? 

 About VAX ONEPWR Blade4 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

This is the first time I was introduced to use an electrical appliance from this brand, Vax. To my surprise, this brand has strong history where they just celebrated 40 years anniversary 3 years ago. They must have established a very well-known and trusted electrical brands as they have successfully penetrated into the global market around 50 countries in the year of 1995. I believe today, in 2020, they are more countries have been added into their list. 

I think this vacuum cleaner is a new line up added into their product line and do you know that this vacuum version has been awarded as Which? Best Buy Cordless Vacuum Cleaners in February 2020, Good Housekeeping Institute Approved 2020 and Vacuum of the Year 2020 by Expert Reviews. 
This Vax ONEPWR Blade 4 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is also proven to clean carpets better than the UK's Top 3 Best-Selling Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, okay? Impressive, isn't it? 

VAR ONEPWR Blade4 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Information On The Box

What's In The Box?

What I Like About This Cordless Vacuum?

  1. Cordless Convenience - This Vax ONEPWR Blade4 is one of the cordless vacuum cleaner that ensure me a hassle-free experience of operating it from the need to plugging and unplugging when I have to move from one place to another during my cleaning process. Thanks to the chargeable battery option that making this vacuum able to go cordless. 
  2. Removable ONEPWR Battery - As mentioned above, this vacuum is now power-up using chargeable battery, well done to Vax for another brilliant innovative. I just love how they design it to be the removable version and I can have spare battery on standby. This can eliminate my downtime on the cleaning process. From my testing, the battery took around 2 - 3 hours to be fully charged and it seem to be automatically turn off from charging when the battery is full. This will be an extra power saving, right? 
  3. Lightweight and Innovative Design - The design of this cordless vacuum was so simple, just like what I shared on the section "What's In The Box". It comes with minimal compartment and easily installed. I can do it without the need to refer to the guide. I can now vacuum every single corner in my room due to the flexibility design. Although it mentioned lightweight, this vacuum weighted approximately 3 KG and using it for longer period of time, it can be little bit heavy for me too, especially when there is a need to clean on the elevated point (i.e. ceiling). 
  4.  DustTracker LED Headlight - First time using a vacuum cleaner with a LED headlight where this function actually increase my visibility especially on the dark corner, so there is no where left for the dust to hide. 
  5. 3 Button Simple Operation - This vacuum only have 3 buttons on the handle and making the operating to be so simple for me. There are On/Off button, On/Off DustTracker option (increase the suction speed and better grip too) and speed option (there are only two speeds option, for normal cleaning, the first speed is sufficient for me already).
  6. DustVault Technology - This Vax Blade4 has 3 stage filtration technology that ensuring that even the smallest particles of dust are captured in the dirt bin. With this, it can capture up to 99.8% of particles down to 0.3 microns in size okay.
  7. Removable Bin - This removable bin option has make my life so much easier. I just need to remove this bin from the vacuum and the container can be easily emptied.
Removable Dirt Bin
This vacuum has bring my entire house cleaning experience to the next level, guys! These are the reasons why I do really like this Vax ONEPWR Blade4 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. I will definitely invest and get one for my hometown too.
Effortless Cleaning Using Vax ONEPWR Blade4 Cordless Vacuum
Why I mentioned invest? Well, good electrical appliance is not cheap but still affordable. This vacuum was priced at RM2,199.00 and what say you about this price? 

Feel free to comment below on your thought and also do share with me which brand you are currently using so that I can check it out too. 
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  1. Omg! Ini memang sangat2 menjadi idaman kalbu ni. Kuat tak? If kuat dia punya sedutan mmg kena beli ni

  2. Menarik vakum dia. Memang tengah duk tengok vakum macam ni.Harga boleh tahan jugak ye

  3. Wishlist i ni tunggu 11.11 .. senangnya ada vakum macam ni, tak payah nak tarik wayar bagai kannn.. nak survey laa nanti sale 11.11...

  4. I like cordless vacuum too, can move around the house easily. Time for me to visit Harvey Norman to check this out yay

  5. Memang i pun tengha usha vacuum cordless ni.. Cantik design dia ni.. Sennag nak vacuum tanpa wayar boleh sana sini. Harga boleh tahan juga.. Kene kumoul duit la jawabnya.. Ehehe

  6. alamakkk i wish i read this article before i bought my vacuum recently. this one looks super canggih and totally loving the removable dirt bin feature!

  7. Just bought 1 with only rm200+ last 4-5 months. This kind of vacuum memang viral nowadays. Cordless. Ringan. Less noise.
    This one lebih canggih than mine. Memang patot la mahal. Sesuai dgn speaifikasi.

  8. Oh? Cordless vacuum cleaner! That's so cool. I remember when I was in school, teachers asked us to imagine one household item from the future. And I said cordless vacuum cleaner. And now here it is. (I feel old)

  9. Vacuum ni mmg best. Sedutan diammmg sangat power. Cuma org kata saiznya agak berat ya

  10. Quite pricey ya this Vacuum but so smart leh. Should have one in my house, easy to grab and use when needed right?

  11. i have one like this cordless vacuum but brand from Japan. it cost me more cheaper price

  12. Thanks for giving such good knowledge. I got some helpful information from this post. Keep Posting such types of posts. test and tag franchise for sale