Nourish by Quan's Kitchen Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur, Chinatown

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Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur, Chinatown Launches Customizable Set Meals at Quan's Kitchen

Last month, I did wrote about my staycation at Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur, Chinatown and you can check it here in my previous entry for the experiences, Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur, Chinatown - Next Level of Staycation. In this entry, I will specifically shared my dinner dining experience at Quan's Kitchen. 
Nourish by Quan's Kitchen Dining Experience
During my visit, Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur, Chinatown just reopened to welcome guests after several months of Movement Control Order (MCO). In conjunction of the reopening, Nourish by Quan's Kitchen has been introduced at Quan's Kitchen and this lifestyle-driven menu is customizable based on your own preference. This menu is exclusively available at Quan's Kitchen and available for either takeaway and delivery too. 
Quan's Kitchen Located At 8th Floor of Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur, Chinatown
Neat and Clean Kitchen Area (Quan's Kitchen)
Nicely Space Dining Area (Quan's Kitchen)
Family Setup Dining Area (Quan's Kitchen)

Nourish by Quan's Kitchen Specialty

Nourish by Quan's Kitchen menu offers your choices that you can choose from the 7 Asian and 7 Western chef-crafted meals that made using freshly sourced local ingredients from the organic farms and sustainable fisheries with a focus on overall nourishment, balanced nutrition and classic flavors. 
7 Asian and 7 Western Chef-Crafted Meals Selection
You definitely need to try their Pan Seared Seabass in a Sauce Vierge paired with Caramelized Rosemary potatoes, a vegetarian Nicoise Salad and Carrot Cake topped with toffee or go local with a Dry Rubbed Crisypy Duck Confit served with Kon Loh Noodles, Poached Kai Lan and an Egg Tart. These was the recommended dishes by them, guys! Sound interesting and drooling isn't it? 
Pan Seared Seabass with Dry Laksa Noodle (Customized)
Carrot Cake With Toffee Sauce
If you would like to order something that suited your lifestyle, yes, it is possible as you are able to customized your Nourish by Quan's Kitchen meals as well. Just customize the meal on your own way. You just need to choose 1 main dish and 3 sides.
Nourish by Quan's Kitchen Customizable Menu
You can select from the 14 wholesome mains including 48-Hour Sous Vide Beef, Pan Seared Salmon, Grilled Ayam Percik and 19 varied sides including Garlic Fried Rice, Spring Mix Salad, Roasted Root Vegetables, Warm Apple Strudel and Sago Pudding. 

You would like to opt for vegetarian option? No problem as well because you can order their Penne Pasta Mushroom Ragout and Braised Musrooms and Beancurd. 
Pan Seared Salmon
Sago Pudding
"We've watched guests custom create their orders so it was an easy decision to offer tasty meals with authentic flavors and options that fit their wellness goals", said Abhimanyu Singh, the General Manager of Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur, Chinatown Malaysia. 

Personal Experience

Since it is highly customizable, so I choose Pan Seared Salmon as my main dish and opt for Kon Loh noodles with 2 desserts, the Carrot Cake with Toffee Sauce and Egg Tart. Well, you can really taste the freshness of the salmon fish, it can feel the juiciness of its in every bite and most importantly, I don't find any bones in it. Good to go for me!
The Kon Loh Noodles was really nice and too dry or hard, really well-cooked. Sometime, foodies like us, we loved to fed our camera first then we eat our meals, when the meals cool down, it doesn't taste as good as it was warm. But I don't find this issue on my meal that day. 
Pan Seared Salmon Paired With Kon Loh Noodles
I do really salute and happy with the hospitality from this hotel including here at Quan's Kitchen. Before we started to to order, they eventually gave us a small plastic to keep our belonging especially our face mask. How lovely is that. 
Plastic For Face Mask

So guys, that's all from me about my dining experience at Quan's Kitchen, Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur, Chinatown Malaysia. The dining set was priced at RM33 nett and available daily from 12.00 P.M. until 9.30 P.M. 

For reservation purpose,you can call +603-2035 7333 or email them at
In addition, you can view the menu by simply visiting and Whatsapp +6012 507 3327 to order. Easy isn't it? Try it out now, guys!

Signing Off and Take Care Till We Meet Again On My Next Post!

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  1. wah! dah macam berjanji pula ahaah kite stay dekat Four Points Puchong. so far tak pernah stay di KL lagi. katanya best dan cantik ya? bolehlah try stay dekat sini nanti hahaahah

  2. Semua menu best. Carrot cake tu paling akak suka. Nak makan kat hotel lepas habis PKPB ni. Sure banyak promosi. Yayy.

  3. Rindu nya nak pergi Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur. Yanie pernah penginap disana. wah ada menu menarik ini. tunggu habis pkpb dan keadaan stabil sket nak ke sana jugak lah.

  4. wow, everything looks delicious here. that fish is amazing!

  5. And I see this at night - now you make me wanna eat again!
    Next time, invite me for your hotel staycation ok

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