Gami Chicken - Taste Seoul Good And #CheesyTarik 2020 Challenge

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Let's Have Some GAMI-licious Fried Chicken And Show Your #CheesyTarik Skill To Win Awesome Prizes Worth RM50,000

Awesome Dining Experience At Gami Chicken Malaysia, Pavilion Bukit Bintang

Story About Gami Chicken

The sensational Fried Chicken joint that started off in Australia have finally arrived in Malaysia to dish out some GAMI-licious chicken. You can now experience the recipes that have kept friendships and laughter going on for decades. This is the place for you to experience the authentic, delicious and savory Korean Fried Chicken, dipped in awesome sauces, of course! Not limited to only the Korean fried chicken, you can enjoy great line-up of other Korean dishes as well.

Their Korean Fried Chicken is all about originality and authenticity, prepared with the finest traditional flavors and here in this first restaurant located at 1st Floor of Pavilion Bukit Bintang, you can find some of the most egg-cited staff members who are always eager and happy to serve you. 
Gami Chicken Malaysia (Lot No. 129.91b Level 1 Pavilion Kuala Lumpur)

My Personal Experience and Foods that I Ordered

Recently I saw lot of my SocMed friends posted about their reviews on the first Gami Chicken outlet here in Malaysia and foodies like me, how can I resist not to visit  as well, right? So, I texted my friends and invited them over for lunch together to have our very first experience dining here.
Us Having The Best Korean Fried Chicken At Gami Chicken, Taste Seoul Good! 
The menu was really customer-friendly to me because everything that I need to know about the dishes were already stated there. So while referring to the menu, we were assisted by the staff as we were asking for the most recommended foods.

So top the list, we ordered the Gami Fried Chicken - Whole Chicken. All the fried chicken dishes are served with green salad and pickled radish and interestingly there are four flavors that you can choose, the Original Fried, Sweet Chili, Soy Garlic and Spicy. And for this dish, you will need to choose only two flavors, so we all decided to go for the Sweet Chili and Soy Garlic flavors!
This was my favorite dish as the juiciness of the chicken was well-preserved, the crunchiness in every bite really satisfied my taste bud and the flavors were coated properly and seep into the chicken. 
Gami Whole Fried Chicken - Sweet Chili and Soy Garlic Flavors
We also ordered the Spicy Half Boneless Chicken where this dish comes with mix of chicken breast and thigh fillet coated with the flavor of your choice. Hey, you can make it served on the side too instead of coated.
Spicy Half Boneless Chicken

Next, we go for the Gami Delights where we spotted few Korean dishes that we would like to try it out. First was the Spicy Seafood Soup, an authentic Korea-style spicy soup loaded with assorted seafoods, vegetables and glass noodle. 

If you like spicy soup like Tomyam, you will definitely like this too. It was really loaded with seafood okay guys and really big portion to me. Even 4 of us also cannot finish the entire bowl of spicy soup. 

Spicy Seafood Soup
How can you not trying these three next choices if you are having the Korean dishes, right? Tteok Bok Ki, the spicy Korean-gourmet noodles served with the rice cake (favorite), fish cake and vegetable. You can request to add mozzarella cheese on top of your noodles at a cost. For me, the level of spiciness is acceptable because I do really love to eat spicy food but not for my friends. 

Tteok Bok Ki
The newly added all-NEW hot stone dish, the Hot Stone Bibimbap, the famous Korean style where the rice topped with assorted vegetables that comes with stir fried spicy chicken and sunny fried egg. Tempting isn't it? Just love how they use this hot stone and keeping the food warm ! As so, please be extra careful as well if you are dining with kids as this hot surface might hurt them.
Newly Added Menu - The Hot Stone Bibimbap
Lastly on our dining list, the kimchi pancake and this was my very first time trying this dish. This is a pan-fried kimchi cooked in savory pancake batter. It tastes perfectly good when you dip it in the sauce provided. 
Kimchi Pancake
Oh ya, not forgetting about our drink! You definitely need to try their Gami Mocktails which are the specialty here right. Of course they do serves the carbonated drink as well. but why not trying their highlights!
Gami Mocktails

#CheesyTarik Challenge

While dining, we were informed by the staff that Gami Chicken Malaysia is currently having the #CheesyTarik 2020 Challenge where you just need to order the Corn Cheese, the seasoned corn kernels topped with shredded mozzarella cheese and parsley flake. The contest is pretty easy where you just need to show your skills of pulling the cheese and the longest pull, wins!
This challenge held from 24th September 2020 until 24th October 2020 (you still have 10 days to accept this challenge and challenge the current records). The prizes to be won are really attractive guys!.
#CheesyTarik Challenge from 24th September 2020 - 24th October 2020
The joining mechanism is pretty simple, you are entitle to participate in this challenge when you spend a minimum of RM45 and buy 1x corn cheese. Record yourself pulling the cheese high up to the air and post the #CheesyTarik video on Instagram and remember to tag @MYGamiChicken. Do not private your account.
You are entitled to win up to RM50 meal vouchers and 1x Corn Cheese when you successfully pulled the cheese to certain height. Remember I mentioned about the attractive prizes? Yes, the prizes to be won are worth up to RM50,000 where the Grand Prize winner will win Free Chicken for 1 Year and a 4D3N trip to Veranda, Langkawi with RM2,000 cash prize. 

Top 4 longest pulls will win the consolation prizes of cash and meal vouchers up to RM2,000 and Top 8 Most Creative videos will win the 3D2N stay at Museum Hotel, Penang. 

I have accepted the challenge. What are you waiting for, guys? Come join the fun and be the winner with the longest pull. 
#CheesyTarik Challenge. Well, You Can Do Better Guys!
This is all my dining experience at Gami Chicken Malaysia. Special thanks to Gami Malaysia for having me and I do really have the "Fry Me To The Moon" mood after dining here with the yummilicious foods, great environment and nice, friendly staffs. 
My Mood After Dining - Happy Face!
Address: Level 1 (Lot No. 129.91b) Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, 16B Bukit Bintang Street, Bukit Bintang 55100 Kuala Lumpur. 
Contact Number: +6016 615 5413
Operaing Hours: Open Daily from 10.00 A.M. until 10.00 P.M.
You can also order Gami Chicken via GrabFood, Foodpanda or DeliverEat! This is for your convenient. 

Gami Chicken (GrabFood)
For more information and latest promotion, remember to follow your scoial media at  Gami Chicken Malaysia Facebook and Gami Chicken Malaysia Instagram.

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