4 Reasons Why Pak John Steamboat & BBQ Buffet At eCurve Mutiara Damansara Is The Best Steamboat In Town

October 16, 2020

Dear Beloved Readers,

The Best Steamboat Buffet In Town

If you are asking about my opinion where to go for Halal steamboat plus BBQ buffet in Kuala Lumpur, I will definitely suggest you to check it out here at Pak John Steamboat & BBQ buffet that located at eCurve, Mutiara Damansara. These are the 4 reasons why they are the best steamboat buffet in town based on my own personal opinion.
Pak John Steamboat and BBQ Buffet Style

Strategic Location In The Shopping Mall

Pak John Steamboat and BBQ Buffet is strategically located in the eCurve Shopping Mall at Mutiara Damansara. You can look for this outlet at LG-13A & LG-15 at the South Entrance. So depending on where are you coming from, but for me, normally I will park my car at The Curve or IPC Shopping Mall parking lot. I will need to walk straight from The Curve to eCurve main entrance, turn left and walk all the way until the South Center and take the escalator one floor downward. 

You can easily find this store and cure your hunger after long day of shopping at these famous shopping malls around.
Pak John Steamboat and BBQ Buffet Outlet At eCurve Mutiara Damansara

Affordable Steamboat Buffet Price

With the choice of foods and beverages they serves and the comfortable environment, these prices are consider affordable and reasonable. Since the prices are different between weekday (lunch and dinner), weekend and public holiday, kindly refer to the picture below for your reference. If you bring kids along with you and he or she is below 5 years old, they can eat for FREE guys!
Pak John Steamboat & BBQ Buffet Prices

Hygiene Controls

Before we start our core business here at Pak John Steamboat & BBQ restaurant, we were provided the glove that we must wear every time we go to the food and beverage shelves. This was my first time ever visiting a restaurant that they do so. That was a plus point to why they are the best in the town. 
Food Hygiene 101 - Everyone Gets A Hand Glove

 Good Variety of Quality and Fresh Food Choices and Soup Bases

As claimed by Pak John Steamboat & BBQ Buffet, they actually serves more than 160 choices of foods that you can either cook by steamboat or BBQ grill. I just love how they actually present the food on the shelves nicely for us to grab.
Chilled Food Shelves (Love the Tagline There: We Only Serve Quality And Fresh Food)
Closer Look On The Food Shelves (Properly Labeled Too) 
Remember to pick your soup base first before you explore what they have on the shelves and by the time you back to your table, you are ready to start your steamboat. The only downside about this steamboat setup is you can only have 1 choice of your soup-based. 

You can refer to the picture below for the soup choices availability here at Pak John! As usual, I will always go for the Tom Yam soup for my steamboat.

Variety of Soups For Your Choice
Assorted Steamboat Foods
Wait a minute, they actually serves Premium Grade foods as well at this price? You need to believe this. You can order unlimited Premium Grade Australia Beef Slices, Smoked Duck Breast Slice, New Zealand Lam Slices or even Smoked Abalone Slices at this corner. 
You can see the staffs prepare the item freshly just for you upon your order. How sweet is that. 
Premium Corner

Unlimited Smoked Duck Breast Slices
Unlimited Beef/Lamb Slices
Unlimited Abalone Slices
Besides, there is also a dim sum and buffet dishes corners that serves fried nuggets, fried mini sausages, curry, fried noodles, sushi and many more!
Dim sum and Buffet Dish Corner
Assorted Japanese Sushi
Assorted Dim Sum

Alright, we are ready for the best Steamboat and BBQ Buffet in the town now. 

Steamboat and BBQ Grill Buffet
Before you end our buffet meal, remember to spare some space for the desserts guys! You can have the unlimited pancake and we upgrade it by adding some ice-cream on it. 

Unlimited Pancake ( We Added Ice Cream On Top Of It)
Assorted Ice Cream Flavors

These are my personal reasons that I agreed for what they have claimed as the Best Steamboat and BBQ Steamboat in the town. If you ever visited them before, do you agree with me? Feel free to add in points or your personal reasons too!

Happy Faces Having Great Buffet Meals At Pak John Steamboat & BBQ Buffet Restaurant

Okay, that's all for this entry guys. If you have a suggestion where should I go next for my dining experience, feel free to drop it at the Comment below and I will definitely find my time for it. 

Signing Off and Take Care Till We Meet Again On My Next Post!
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  1. I dgn hasben mmg suka giler makan kat parkjohn ni! We all kalo makan kat sini berjam2 spend masa utk makan hahah

  2. Salah satu tempat makan steamboat kegemaran akak masa tahun 2014 sampai 2016. Lama juga tak pergi e-curve. Nanti nak pergi sana la makan Pak John. Buffet dia best sangat. Akak suka makan wafer dan ais krim tu. Heheeh. Arghhh lepas PKPB harus ke sana.

  3. I love to eat the slices meat in my steambot menu. It's a must menu for me because i can feeling-feeling korea gitu 🤣

  4. Smoke duck tu jarang sisyat jumpat kat kedai steamboat yg biasa sisyat pergi. Must try la pak john ni..

  5. Fuh!!!!!! Dah lama saya x makan steamboat. Look so yummy. Thank you for sharing your review on this restaurant with me.

  6. i've heard a lot about this place but x prnh pg. cant wait to try now!

  7. Yes! this is my favourite! so far kalau nak pegi makan steamboat akan peggi pak john berbanding kebun korea itu ahahaha

  8. Heheheh lama giler tak pergi Pak John Steamboat eCurve ni yang pertama buka hehehe zaman mula-mula dulu dapat lah jemputan wakakakaka harga sekarang dah jauh beza mungkin sebab penambahan jenis menu bagus jugakan....

  9. wow
    tempat makan steamboat favorite Hans nih
    sampai hati tak ajak

  10. Sedapnya makan makanan panas-panas ni kan. Bagus, banyak pilihan disediakan untuk pelanggan. Aiskrim pun ada juga ya. Nampak sedap .

  11. Wow now i m craving for Pak John Steamboat, it has been a while since the last time i go for buffet steamboat.

  12. Smoked duck tue nmpk menarik.. leh la wat reunion kat pak john steamboat.. byk pilihan n dessert pun pelbagai

  13. Sis tak pernah sampai makan sini tapi anak yang kat Shah Alam tu sudah...dia suka sebab banyak pilihan makanan sampai ke dimsum katanya.. one day Omaknya plak nak try...

  14. Wow, sedapnya steamboat. Dah lama tak makan. Terliur plak tengok. Hehe


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