MyIndoHabit with Indomie Malaysia

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My IndoHabit with Indomie Mi Goreng Barbaque Chicken and Indomie Chicken Curry Flavor

#MyIndoHabit with Indomie Malaysia

History of Indomie and Introduction of Indomie Malaysia

Indomie has been an unique brand of instant noodles that was well-known in producing high quality noodle to every household in this region and produced by Indofood. Indofood is the pioneer and one of the largest instant noodle producers in the world. Indomie comes in many varieties from the classic soup flavor such as Chicken Curry flavor and Soto, to the most popular Indomie Mi Goreng. 

This brand was first launched in 1971 with the very famous Indomie Chicken flavor. 11 years later, Indomie launched the first dry noodles variant, the Mi Goreng which inspired by the traditional Indonesia fried noodle dish. 

Indomie Instant Noodles
As for Malaysia market, Indomie Malaysia was founded in 1997 and its immediately gained its popularity within the Malaysian market because of its premium taste and high quality noodle. Indomie Goreng Special and Indomie Goreng Asli were the most favorite products in Malaysia.

 Mi Goreng Barbeque Chicken Flavor

Indomie Mi Goreng is best to consumed without any broth. You just need to cook the noodles in the boiling water for at least 3 minutes, depending on your personal preferences. As for me, I don't like my noodle to be overcooked or soggy. It is just nice when you see the hard noodle now turn into springiness yellowish noodle. 

At this stage, you know that it is ready for you to drain the water out and pour your noodle into the bowl. Add in all the seasoning sachets and make sure mix them well. Your Mi Goreng is now ready to be served. 

Indomie Malaysia has just recently introduced a new flavor into the Malaysian market, the Indomie Mi Goreng Barbeque Chicken. This version served you a mild spicy taste coupled with a sweet smokey BBQ sweetness which gives you a perfect blend for your taste buds. The entire eating experience was enhanced when you add in the crunchy fried onion to give an extra aroma to satisfy your craves. 

I do really like to add in additional side dishes to make my Mi Goreng platter looks interesting and presentable. Check out #MyIndoHabit when I prepare my Mi Goreng in the picture below. 

#MyIndoHabit Mi Goreng Barbeque Chicken Platter

Indomie Chicken Curry Flavor

The soup-based noodles were inspired by the diversity of the Indonesian spices. The combination of the noodles and a blend of the Indonesian spices for the aromatic soup makes this Indomie simply delicious and irresistible. 

The preparation of this soup based noodle is similar to the above step just that no draining is required for this case. As for me, I prefer to have just nice amount of soup to avoid the soup becomes tasteless.

My favorite soup-based Indomie is this Indomie Chicken Curry flavor. This was the local's favorite flavor since Indomie was introduced back in 1982 which this flavor gives an exotic curry taste and wonderful aroma. 

Let's check it out #MyIndoHabit when I prepare my very personalized Indomie Chicken Curry noodle. 

#MyIndoHabit Indomie Instant Noodle Chicken Curry Flavor

So, these are my personal #MyIndoHabit when it comes to prepare Indomie Instant Noodle. How about yours? Why not share your Instant Noodle preparation habit with everyone here in this write-up. 

Springiness Test! Just Love It So Much - Indomie Malaysia
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For more information about Indomie Malaysia, kindly visit them at:

Facebook: Indomie Malaysia Facebook Page

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Website: Indomie Malaysia Website

Address: Indofood (M) Food Industries Sdn Bhd, Lot 26, Jalan Tasek Industrial Estate, Ipoh 31400 Perak, Malaysia. 

Tel: +605 5482968

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  1. Your indomie looks yummy. I love to eat indomie as their noodles very springiness. It just so my taste

  2. Tengok orang buat dan makan sedap tapi dah lama tak makan Indomie atau yang seumoamanya...teringin lak tgk ni...

  3. amboii rajinnya masak! so far kalau masak indomie suka masak atas dapur. rasa dia lagi best and campur macam2 nyums!

  4. I think nobody does instant noodles like Indonesia does. Love the dry ones best, with the bumbu and 'bawang goreng kriuk kriuk'

  5. Akak tertarik dengan dekorasi unicorn dan galaksi purple black tu. Nak tengok makanan, atau nak tengok tema belakang tu. Hahaha. Indomie memang best, kalau makan waktu hujan dan cuaca sejuk. Memang best.

  6. Perghhhh... Your indomie so yummy!
    Tetoba rasa nak kedapur masak dan makan indomie. Kita suka curry dia

  7. Kak min paling suka yg bbq tu sedap kena tambah byk sayur br dia tak masin sgt

  8. Kalau di rumah ni indomie hanya masuk yang cili hijau tu je, yang lelain semua kalau Sis beli semua taknak..tak tau kenapa.. bagi Sis sama je, cuma mee indomie rasa kenyal sikit kann..

  9. Nad memg jarang makna indomie.. Lately ramai share indomie terbaru.. Memg kene cuba. Tengok nampak sedap je

  10. Suka yg goreng. Lebih kau rasa dia.. kalau masak ni mmg kena kwbih 2 pek

  11. wah meriah yer plating indomie. kalau camni semangkuk pun tak cukup!

  12. Indomie maggi has been a great friend of mine during my study years, especially time hujung2 semester. Hahahaha. Serious, sangat mengenyangkan walaupun sekadar mee segera

  13. I've tasted both and i like the mi goreng more. Maybe because since my college time i used with the indomie mi goreng. But my son love the curry noodle.

  14. The curry flavour sound so yummy! Im gonna go buy it soon!

  15. time malam-mala kalauy lapar, TB pun selalu buat mee goreng dari brand indo mie ni.. sedap dah puas makan.. berselera lagi kalau ada tambahan haisan yang menambah selera.. hehehe