Happy 53rd Anniversary Guardian Malaysia and New Concept Store Launching

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Guardian Celebrates 53rd Anniversary By Launching New Concept Store To Transform Shopping Experience

Reinforces Position As Top Pharmacy, Health and Beauty Destination

Kitkat Nelfei At The Guardian Malaysia Concept Store Launching - Guardian Malaysia KLCC
Hey guys, have you check out the latest Guardian Malaysia flagship store at Suria KLCC recently? In conjunction of Guardian Malaysia's 53rd Anniversary, they have remodeled and launched this flagship store that given an invigorating store makeover with the aim to reinforce its position as number one pharmacy, health and beauty destination in this city. 
Invigorating Makeover On The Guardian Malaysia Suria KLCC Flagship Store - New Look

Guardian Malaysia New Flagship Store Launching Speech

"The Guardian Suria KLCC store is very special for many reasons as it has been Guardian Malaysia's flagship store serving millions of shoppers in the world-class shopping mall since 1998. It has grown into our number ONE store in sales and is the biggest trading store in our chain and sets the standards for Guardian stores throughout the country" said Soren Lauridsen, the Chief Executive Officer of Guardian Health and Beauty, South East Asia. 

Launching Speech by Mr. Soren Lauridsen, CEO of Guardian Health and Beauty, SEA

 "Extensive efforts have gone into re-shaping the shopping experience so that Guardian Malaysia KLCC Suria remains the top shopping destination for pharmacy, healthy and beauty products, no matter what the norms are!", he continued. 

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
"Apart from rolling out a few more concept stores in key market regions, to provide customers with greater accessibility to our comprehensive range of quality and competitive priced products, we have secured exclusive partnerships with Korean, Japanese, Malaysian and other global brands to meet customers demand for high quality healthy beauty items", he concluded. 

Mr. Soren Lauridsen Concluded His Speech
The new Guardian Malaysia concept store reflects the company goal to continually evolve to provide services that exceed customer expectations, no matter how high its will be. As a response to those expectation, Guardian Malaysia has provided every day "Best Value" offers especially on the customers' daily essential and bringing in the latest Beauty Trends & Brands from around the world. 
Best Value With Beauty Days - Up to 40% OFF
Beauty Trends & Brands From Around The World - i.e. Swisse, Essano, etc.
The Guardian Malaysia ultimate objective is to create practices which are the finest in the retailing industry that connecting customers to products and helping us to choose the right products with the best value, whether they are pharmacy, healthy or beauty items. 
The Latest Interior of Guardian Malaysia Suria KLCC Flagship Store
Do you know that the store make-over is actually based on the customers feedback? See, Guardian Malaysia is really take seriously of their customers' feedback and doing their very best to achieve every feedback provided. So, this vibrant and inviting concept store is the result from all the feedback provided and equally important, the product offerings have been carefully curated to meet the customers shopping need. 
Exclusive Products That Only Available At Guardian Malaysia

The Latest Concept Store Design

The store environment is a reflection of the energy which emanates from the healthy beauty products, just like the Guardian Malaysia signature orange logo. All the finishes and fixtures have been redesigned to improve visibility of the products and to make shopping more comfortable. There is something in every corner to delight the customers. 
Fixture Redesigned For Better Visibility
Neat and Tidy Arrangement - Easy and Better Shopping Experience

Special Corners

Facial Skin Care corner with the Eucerin's skin-age scan technology called the DermaAnalyzer that helps customers to understand their own skin better. At the end of the scanning, the system will eventually reveal your skin-age and recommended products to keep your facial skin healthy. 
Know Your Skin Better Corner by Eucerin's
A special make up corner by Maybelline Store where an Augmented Reality Filter was installed that comes with virtual makeovers and online makeup tools to help Guardian Malaysia's customer to find the best makeup products. 
Maybelline New York Corner with the Augmented Reality Filter
Do check out for their dedicated sections for the Korean and Japanese skin care, cosmetics and hair care. Not forgetting also a specially dedicated Kundal Wall that displays Korea's top hair-care brand that is available in Guardian Malaysia only. 
Hair Care Section and Kundal Wall
No more issue where pharmacist is not around at the Pharmacy because here at Guardian Malaysia Suria KLCC, the pharmacy services are available 7 days a week at this store to provide dedicated attention especially for customers that need prescription fulfillment, health checks and consultation.
Guardian Malaysia's Suria KLCC Pharmacy

There is also an expanded health care section specially for the diabetics patients where there is special bays just for diabetic products and diabetics-related information for customers such as the dietary plan and prevention tips. 

Vitamins and Supplements - Including Diabetics Corners

Not to your surprise, Guardian Malaysia actually offers diverse range of high quality Own Brand products that is value for money!

Check Out for the Corner "Only At Guardian" For the Own Brand Products

Fit & Fab Anniversary Celebration Contest

In conjunction of the 53rd Anniversary and celebrating this milestone, Guardian Malaysia will be launching its nationwide "Fit & Fab Anniversary Celebration" contest. Guardian Malaysia customers just need to take part in the #GuardianFitnFab Challenge on TikTok where this contest will run from 16th October 2020 until 15th November 2020. 
Warming Up For the #GuardianFITnFAB TikTok Challange
Fantastic prizes are awaiting for you which includes iPhone 11 Pro Max for the Top Winner, a Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer for the Most Creative Video, a SONY Playstation 4 for the Cutest video and 8 Consolation prizes of RM500 Guardian cash vouchers each. 
Show Your Creativity and Cuteness In The #GuardianFITnFab TikTok Challenge

 Guardian Anniversary Gift Box Giveaway

Another good news to share with you guys! During the celebration period, Guardian Malaysia will be giving away their Guardian Anniversary Gift Box as well. You just need to be the first customer who spends a minimum of RM53 and the gift box worth more than RM153 will be yours. 
Kitkat Nelfei with Guardian Malaysia Anniversary Gift Box
The boxes contain delightful surprises from the well-known brand sponsors like BioEssence, L'oreal, Maybelline, Pantene, Sunsilk, Canmake and Catrice. 
For more details about this giveaway, follow closely Guardian Malaysia Facebook Page.
Guardian Malaysia 53rd Anniversary Gift Box
Special thanks to Guardian Malaysia for having me for the Guardian Malaysia Suria KLCC store opening and Happy 53rd Anniversary. Wish you the best for many years to come and it was a great pleasure to be part of this celebration. 

About Guardian Malaysia

Guardian Malaysia started as a 200-sqft pharmaceutical retail outlet catering to the expatriate community 53 years ago. Today, it is the leading pharmacy, health and beauty retail chain in the country, with more than 450 stores nationwide, providing an unrivaled variety of pharmaceutical , health and beauty products. The chain of stores serves more than 3 million customers across the country. 

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  1. Wahh... Should throw a visit to the store one day. One thing I think Guardian deserves a praise is their friendly staffs and that really make a big reason why I love doing shopping here. Hihi. Good job, Guardian Malaysia and happy Anniversary!

  2. Guardian has now become one of my frequent haunt when I go replenishing my selfcare products. I want to enjoy the one in KLCC but, perhaps wait until it is much safer.

  3. guardian always my favorite spot for me to buy skin products. happy anniversary guardian!

  4. Dah lama tak pergi Guardian so I tak perasan dia dah makeover tapi judging from your picture, nampak lebih kemas dan senang nak shopping hihi

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  6. The store looks so nice and neat! Lepas ni mesti lagi best masuk Guardian dahla tengah banyak sales sekarang.

  7. ini salah satu kedai berhantu ni.. hahahaha~ dah masuk, tak jumpa jalan keluar ha.. tahniah Guardian untuk usia yang mencecah 53 tahun dan semoga lebih panjang usia dan membantu lebih ramai anak muda mencari rezeki disamping memberi yang terbaik kepada pelanggan..

  8. Wah... Tak sangka Guardian dah 53 tahun. Tempat shopping favorite my keperluan sebab susunan teratur, kemas mudah cari dan harga pun selalu ada great offer!

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  10. Happy birthday Guardian...
    Tengahri nanti nak singgah Guardian cari barang.. Sis memang selalu masuk Guardian ni sebab dekat dengan rumah.. harga ada yang lebih murah jualannya berbanding kedai lain..

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  12. I love their KLCC Suria new layout, its more vibrant, inviting, and spacious. Going shop more.

  13. Normally we choose to come here for health n beauty items. Oh yes true now it looks more vibrant and 'menyerlah'. Happy birthday Guardian!

  14. Guardian has truly transformed to be one of the de facto places for Malaysians to shop. It looks spacious and comfortable on top of the reasonable prices. Happy Birthday to guardian.

  15. Yay! Happy 53rd Anniversary to Guardian . Like to shop there esp the new store at KLCC, so huge and nice to shop there

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