PG Mall - 10.10 Double Digit Sales, Coffee Week and Kempen Beli Barangan Malaysia

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 PG Mall 10.10 Double Digit Sales On The Malaysia No.1 Local e-Commerce Platform, Coffee Week and Kempen Beli Barangan Malaysia

PG Mall Introduction

The Malaysia first and only local online shopping platform known as PG Mall was established back 2017 and operated by PG Mall Sdn Bhd with the support from Public Gold Marketing Sdn. Bhd. PG Mall has a clear direction which is aimed to present a reliable business platform for the merchants to diversify their business portfolios from a global perspective. 

Shop Now With PG Mall

In short period of time, PG Mall has stand out to be a competitive online shopping platform where it successfully made up to be the Top 5 Malaysia's Leading e-Commerce player in the third quarter of 2019 and in 2020, PG Mall is now ranked as Top 3 e-Commerce site according to the iprice insight Website.

Top 3 Malaysia's Leading e-Commerce Player - PG Mall in 2020

 PG Mall Payment Methods

As reliability and security of shopping experience by its shoppers are PG Mall's priority, they have continuously improving their services and providing the latest secured payment technology that includes all the e-wallets, the GrabPay, Boost, Touch 'n Go eWallet, Maybank QRPay, MCash and others. Beside these e-wallets, you can also made payment through the FPX via online banking or pay easily via Visa or MasterCard credit card.  

PG Mall e-Wallet Payment Gateway and Online Payment Options

PG Mall also has their very own e-wallet called C-Wallet where you can easily top-up the wallet to make your purchase. With C-Wallet, you can enjoy certain amount of discount up to 31% OFF your purchases. This is so convenient and attractive, isn't it?

C-Wallet Top Up Options

PG Mall 10.10 Double Digit Sales

Online shopper like me is always looking forward for the double digit sale that happening every month throughout the year. This time around, PG Mall is having the 10.10 Double Digit Sales on the 10th October 2020. 

PG Mall 10.10 Double Digit Sales

Remember to mark you calendar, guys! Because on this very special day, you can enjoy great deals up to 80% OFF of your purchase, there is also deals with 10% OFF when you spend minimum of RM10 that capped at RM20 and do check out for the KILLER DEALS starting from RM10 only. 

Worried about the shipping fee when you purchase item from the online platform? Well, PG Mall got you covered where you can enjoy FREE SHIPPING when you spend minimum RM30 and capped at RM 4.

Great Deals Offered On The PG Mall 10.10 Double Digit Sales

PG Mall Coffee Week

Any coffee lovers out there? This is the good news that you shouldn't miss. PG Mall is currently having the Coffee Week starting from 28th September 2020 until 5th October 2020

PG Mall Coffee Week (28th September 2020 - 5th October 2020)

During the Coffee Week, you can enjoy RM20 OFF with minimum spending of RM60 capped at RM25 by applying this code "PGCOFFEE". Since this redemption is limited to only the first 5000 customers, you need to act now before you miss it guys! Click PG Mall Coffee Week to check out for this great deals now. 

You can enjoy FREE SHIPPING when you spend minimum amount of RM40 capped at RM4 and this is limited to the first 1000 redemption only. To enjoy this free shipping offer, kindly apply the coupon code "PGCFFREE"

PG Mall Coffee Week Coupon Codes

PG Mall Proudly Local

As the local e-commerce platform, PG Mall has shine extraordinary bright by running the "Proudly Local" campaign starting July 2020 until end of this year. This campaign was mainly to encourage Malaysian purchasing local products with the hashtag #BarangBaikBarangKita. We need to be confident that products produced by local brands are as good, outstanding and competitive with brands from outside. 

PG Mall Proudly Local Campaign (July - December 2020)
You are entitled to enjoy the discount as well where you can enjoy RM20 OFF with minimum spending of RM50 by applying the Coupon Code "KBBM20" or RM30 OFF with minimum spending of RM100 with the code "KBBM30".

Link: PG Mall Proudly Local Campaign

 Shop Now With PG Mall

PG Mall offers wide range of products selection ranging from Electronics, Fashion, Books, Home & Living, Food & Beverages, Sports & Leisure, Kids & Baby, Health & Beauty, Automotive to E-vouchers. The beauty behind PG Mall is that they continue to increase the product counts in daily basis and expand the family of sellers to sell online in Malaysia by welcoming new merchants who desires to sell online. 

With their great initiative, you can now get almost everything that you need in PG Mall. So, shop now with PG Mall. 

PG Mall Website

Link: PG Mall Website

For information about PG Mall, kindly visit their PG Mall Official Facebook Page and PG Mall Official Instagram.

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  1. best la PG Mall. macam macam barang ade. then ada diskaun plak tu. website pun user friendly. senang nak guna

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  4. memang seronok beli belah dekat PG Mall ni, banyak barang-barang best & promosi pun memang terbaiklah! :)

  5. Wahhh another sale is just around the corner. Pokai lah dibuatnya nanti. Aishhh i cannot lah bila ada sale nie, mesti terjebak. Not bad jugak sale di PG Mall ya. Meriah dan berbaloi2

  6. Pilihan terbaik. PGMall beri banyak kelebihan. Konsep consumerchant nya boleh jadi sideincome sambil berbelanja.

    Shake the world.. boleh dapat voucher atau insentif..

  7. Tak mau. Tak nak terpengaruh! Tak nak tengok pun. Bahaya nie! (sambil buka PG Mall dan tengok balik barangan yang banyak dalam cart - mana tau ada better deals kan)

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