My First Cheddar Cheese Tart With Anchor Food Professionals Recipe

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Baking My Very First Cheddar Cheese Tart Using Anchor Products

To be honest, this entry is my very first sharing on baking experience and of course, I am really satisfied with the result as the cheddar cheese tarts taste was really good, the egg tart crust not too buttery and the cheese filling was fantastic. Special thanks to Anchor's high quality fit-for-purpose products and the recipe posted in 
My First Cheddar Cheese Tart

About Anchor Food Professionals

Anchor Food Professionals is the Foodservice brand of Anchor that create high quality, fit-for-purpose products and solutions for foodservice professionals in over 50 countries. They truly understand that dairy and the role that it can play in delivering great taste, texture and appearance in the signature dishes. 

As Anchor Food Professionals, they work alongside with their customers in their businesses as they consistently shares new ideas and ways of doing things. They focus on those applications where dairy provides the "WOW" factors and making this as the reason that customers enter that bakery, pizzeria, restaurant or even a coffee shop. 

With their industry insights and world leading research and innovation, they continuously creating new high functions, fit-for-purpose dairy ingredients and service solutions that help to meet the demands of their customers' food businesses. 

This is the reason why I choose Anchor products as my main ingredients to bake my favorite Cheddar Cheese Tart.

My Trusted Brand, Anchor Food Professionals

 Ingredients for Baking Cheddar Cheese Tart

There will be two portions of ingredients that you need to prepare, the dough (egg tart crust) and the cheese filling. 

For the tart dough,
  • 227 g Anchor Unsalted Butter, cold & diced
  • 375 g all purpose flour (Tepung Gandum)
  • 112 g icing sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 67 g ground almond 
  • 2 whole egg
For the cheese filling, 
  • 500 g Anchor Cream Cheese 
  • 120 g caster sugar
  • 60 g Anchor UHT Full Cream Milk
  • 1/2 teaspoon corn flour
  •  1/4 lemon juice
  • 200 g Anchor UHT Whipping Cream
  • 45 g Anchor Colby & Cheddar Shredded

Baking Instructions For The Dough

  1. In a mixer with paddle attachment, mix the butter, flour, icing sugar, salt and ground almond until the butter is well coated with all the flour. 
  2. Add the egg and mix until form a dough. 
  3. Rest the dough in the fridge for 2 hours.
  4. Portion each about 25g and line into the 7cm tart mould to get the desire thickness.
  5. Keep the tart in the fridge first to let it rest for 30 minutes before baking.
  6. Bake at 160°C for 20 minute or until golden brown color. 
  7. Set aside and let it cold down. 
Add in Anchor Unsalted Butter
Add in Multipurpose Flour
Add in Icing Sugar

Add in the Ground Almond

Add in 2 Whole Eggs When The First Mixture Mixed Well
Rest The Dough in the Fridge For 2 Hours
Portion and Line into the Tart Mould To Get Desire Thickness And Keep In Fridge For 30 Mins
Bake It For 20 Minutes at 160°C
Set Aside To Let It Cold Down

Cheese Filling Preparation

  1. Thaw the Anchor Cream Cheese at room temperature for at least 30 minutes to soften.
  2. In the mixer with paddle attachment, beat the cream cheese and castor sugar until smooth and creamy. 
  3. Add in corn flour and slowly add in Anchor Full Cream Milk into the cream cheese mix. 
  4. Add in lemon juice and mix well. 
  5. Once done, put the first mixture in a bowl. 
  6. Replace the paddle attachment with whisk attachment, whip the Anchor Whipping Cream until soft peak.
  7. Fold the second mixture into the first mixture. 
  8. Add in Anchor Colby and Cheddar Shredded Cheese and mix well.
  9. Pipe this filling onto the Egg Tart Crust using piping bag with round tip. 
  10. Keep the tart in the freezer and freeze it. 
  11. Take out from freezer, lightly brush the top with one beaten whole egg and bake it when frozen. 
  12. Bake at 230°C for 12 to 13 minutes. 
Add In Anchor Cream Cheese Into Mixer With Paddle Attachment
Add In Castor Sugar And Beat Until Smooth and Creamy
Add In Corn Flour and Add Anchor Full Cream Milk Slowly Into The Cream Cheese Mix
Replace the Mixer With Whisk Attachment. Add In Anchor Whipping Cream
Whip The Anchor Whipping Cream Until Soft Peak
Fold The 2nd Mixture Into The 1st Mixture
Add In Anchor Colby and Cheddar Shredded Cheese And Mix Well
Pipe The Cheese Filling Into The Baked Tart Shells
Keep The Tart In The Freezer and Freeze It
Beat One Whole Egg
Lightly Brush The Top With The Beaten Egg and Bake It While Frozen
Bake At 230°C for 12 to 13 Minutes

Ready To Serve

Now, the Cheddar Cheese Tart is ready to serve! I consider this was a huge success because this was my first time baking and guess what? I just discover how to use my Inventor Microwave few seconds before I start to bake my tart crust. Phew! It was really an enjoyable moment preparing this and all the preparation works really worth it. 
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So guys, if a first time baker like me can do it so well, I believe you guys can do it better than me. For more information about the recipe or other recipe, kindly visit Cheddar Cheese Tart by Anchor Food Professional in . My recipe write up is 100% following the suggestion here in
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My Delicious Cheddar Cheese Tart Baked With Anchor Products

That's all for today. What should I bake next guys? Any suggestion? 

Signing Off and Take Care Till We Meet Again On My Next Post!

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