Pink October, the Breast Cancer Awareness Month and 5-Minute Life Saving Rule

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Let's Do The 5-Minutes Self Breast Examination (SBE), Prevention Is Not In Your Hand, But Early Detection Is!

#IHaveChecked, Have You?

What is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is a malignant tumor that starts from cells of the breast. This is a group of cancer cells that may invade surrounding tissues or spread to other areas of the body. The disease occurs almost entirely in women but men can get it too!

When cells in the breast grow out of control, they develop into cancer. If the cancer has not spread beyond the breasts, it is known as pre-invasive breast cancer. The most common types are the ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) and lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS). 

Most breast cancer are diagnosed at invasive stages which consist of several types:
  • Early Breast Cancer where it is confined in the breast but may have spread to one or more lynph nodes in the armpit. 
  • Locally advanced breast cancer where it may have spread to places near the breasts such as skin, muscles and chest but not found in other parts of the body. 
  • Metastatic (Advanced) Breast cancer where the cancer cells have spread to other areas of the body like lungs, bones or liver.

Tips On When The Best Time To Perform Self Breast Examination (SBE)

 Self Breast Examination (SBE) Method

1 out of 30 women are at risk of developing breast cancer, and 1 in 4 Malaysian will develop cancer by 75 years old. This is the statement provided by the National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM). Isn't that alarming?
In conjunction of this year Pink October, the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Passionation Co together with NCSM have launched this #IHaveChecked campaign. The purpose of this campaign is for YOU to first, check yourself via Self Breast Examination (SBE) method to bring awareness and educating everyone out there (yes, including the men) about this SBE method and how this 5-minutes check can help to save a life.
Here is the 5-minutes Self Breast Examination (SBE) Method steps for you to perform the self-checking in front of the mirror. 
Self Breast Examination (SBE) Method
Self Breast Examination (SBE) Method
So guys, this is some of the information that I can share with you and hope this will be beneficial to everyone especially our loved one. Remember to share this simple, yet important life saving rule because it can make a total difference! Early Detection is the key!
#IHaveChecked, Have you?

About National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM)

The National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM) is the first not-for-profit cancer organization in Malaysia that is committed to providing education, care and support services for people affected by cancer and the general public.

Over the last 54 years, it provides holistic cancer support through the Cancer and Health Screening Clinic, Nuclear Medicine Centre, Resource and Wellness Centre, and the Children's Home of Hope.

In the past year, NCSM made an impact across Malaysia and reached out to over 300,000 Malaysians. They conduct free health screenings for the underprivileged communities and highly subsidized screenings for the public at large, enabling more people to have a chance to undergo early detection of cancer.

For donation, please visit or National Cancer Society Malaysia Instagram and click the link in their bio. Preventing breast cancer is not in your hands, early detection is. 
October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month by NSCM

#PassionationCo #NCSM #IHaveChecked #GetCheckedWithNCSM

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  1. Bagus Nel! Masih ramai yang tak aware pasal pemeriksaan breast cancer ni. Hehe supposed mmg kena check regularly sbb self check je kan

  2. Setiap Oktober pasti kita teringat kempen Breast Cancer Awareness dan aunty kita yang sememangnya penghidap Kanser Payudara. Teringat dia melalui semuanya bersama keluarga. Sampai akhir hayat dia. Pencegahan awal amat penting. At least kita ada masa utk do something dengan keluarga tercinta dan best friend yang jujur berkawan. Kan?

  3. This post reminds me that we also have no bra day for female whose sufferred from breast cancer.

  4. I always reminds my sisters about this and I am thankful that they are having theirs examined yearly too. I hope all are doing it - you must love yourself before loving someone else.

  5. Yaa my Mum cancer fighter dan paased away bulan lepas..cancer payudara stage 4.. now i memang aware dengan benda ni..sebab takut kann...

  6. This is such a great posting and reminder to us all! Indeed sometimes most of us take the checking part lightly, whereas it should be done regularly. It’s great that more men have taking part in this campaign too, since they’re indeed can be at risk as well.

  7. Good information! I need to check too. Day lama x check. Thank you for sharing this information and remind me.

  8. Memang benar pepatah tentang , "lebih baik mencegah daripada mengobati". Karena dasarnya setiap orang saling membantu. Terimakasih telah mengingatkan :)

  9. I memang takut penyakit ni. Mintak dijauhkan. Teringat tahun lepas ada sorang untie ni tak boleh terima kenyataan dia kena cancer then terjun sungai muar. So penting awareness dari awal.

  10. Thank you for this. I think most people (women especially) are aware of the importance of self examination, but it's good to have reminders like this.

  11. Good knowledge to learn about. Penting juga untuk semak dan kenalpasti tubuh badan kita dari awal kan. Supaya dpt ambil langkah2 awal mcm ni

  12. Thank you fo sharing this. Most people tend to forget doing this self assessment every 6 - 12 months. It's good they created an awareness as such.

  13. Thank you sharing this. Bukan wanita je patut tahu. Suami kepada wanita pon perlu tahu supaya boleh bagi support kepada wifenya yg pengidap breast cancer

  14. Hi Nel! It's incredible when a man sharing and remind us about this. Prevention is better than cure! Always. A friend of mine had shared by consuming 4Life Malaysia Transfer Factor the so called 'smart molecule' is one of best way as supplement and treat cancer too. For all ages. Wallahualam.

  15. bagus perkongsian ni. mulakan dari rumah. and boleh jadi awareness juga yang breast cancer juga dihidapi oleh kaum lelaki

  16. banyak benda lagi tak tahu pasal kanser payudara ni. thanks for sharing the info bro. lelaki pon memang kena ambil tahu ni. huhu

  17. I support this good cause, must spread the awareness and urge more people the check.

  18. i pun dah check.. lelaki pun kena check juga tau.. bagus ada kempen macam ni..

  19. Bagusnya ada kempen Breast Cancer Awareness ni.. Bukan semua orang alert tentang benda penting ni.. moga semuanya jaga diri dan sentiasa pastikan tentang ini dari awal lagi