Subway Malaysia - Let's Meat Your New Best Friend

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Meat Your New Best Friend As Subway Malaysia Introduces Limited Edition Meat Stack Sub

Is This Driving You Hungry? The New, Fresh Sub Worth Every $$$

Subway® Malaysia is going all out again on the final quarter of 2020 when they officially launch its latest Limited Edition Meat Stack sub end of last September. This sub will be available nationwide from 30th September 2020 until 5th January 2021. Subway® Malaysia has pumped every muscle, dough and dollar to perfect this Meat Stack to celebrate every Subway guests by providing them an abundance of meat that can be indulged anytime.

Subway Malaysia Limited Edition Meat Stack Sub

 Meat-Lover Like Me Definitely Going To Like It

So, this is my lunch box for today when I decided to give this meaty, Meat Stack sub a try! It was really filling as every bites filled with four different type of meats that tastes so good when mix together with the sauces and other fresh ingredients. This definitely going to be my favorite sandwich ever from Subway® Malaysia.
Special Lunch Box by Subway® Malaysia - The Limited Edition Meat Stack Sub
The Subway-first Meat Stack sub features four types of meat, the Chicken Strips, Beef Pepperoni, Beef Salami and Chicken Slice. As usual, you can combined your meaty sub with customizable fresh ingredients such as mixed greens, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, onions, jalapenos, pickles and cheddar cheese to create the ultimate tasty, meaty sandwich. 
The Limited Edition Meat Stack Sandwich by Subway® Malaysia
"The limited-edition sandwich was created to celebrate and delight Malaysians with bigger, meatier meal that worth every dollar. This Meat Stack caters the meat-lovers who can't get enough protein and with our biggest and tastiest sub, Malaysian can now layer-up their subs with our signature premium-quality meats.", said Mr. Samad Shariff, the Subway® Malaysia Country Director. 
Meatier Meal - Packed With 4 Different Type of Meats Paired With Fresh Ingredients

Facebook Live And Prizes To Be Won

In celebration of Meat Stack's launch, Subway® Malaysia will be hosting three Facebook Live session with Subway friends. Mark your calendar as actor Izzue Islam will take over Subway Malaysia's Facebook Live on the 3rd October, MYFM radio announcer Emely Poon on the 8th October and last session with TV host Mark O'dea on the 10th October 2020. 

Subway fans are invited to tune in as you can create your very own Meat Stack sub to stand chance to walk away with prizes up to RM500 worth of Subway vouchers. 

The Meat Stack Live Show - Izzue Islam (3 Oct), Emely Poon (8 Oct) and Mark O'dea (10 Oct)

Share Your Experiences

So guys, what are you waiting for? Let's together "Stack It Up" with the new Meat Stack sub and remember to share your experience on social media with the hashtags #SubwayIsFresh #SubwayMeatStack. This new limited-edition sub is available via dine-in or take away from all Subway restaurants or can be order through delivery via FoodPanda or GrabFood starting today. 
Enjoyed My Lunch With The Meat Stack Sub
You can have 100% confident when it comes to curb the spread of COVID-19 because Subway Malaysia has a very stringent health, safety and hygiene procedures in place to ensure the health and safety of the sandwich artists and guests. 

For more information and latest promotion, kindly visit Subway® Malaysia Website or Subway® Malaysia Facebook Page.

About Subway Restaurants

Subway® Malaysia offers a fresh alternative to traditional fast food, providing guests with the choice of 37 million combinations of quality proteins, fresh vegetables and bread that baked daily. The world's largest restaurant chain serves nutritious and delicious subs, soups and salads to about 44,000 restaurants in over 100 countries. In Malaysia, there are currently over 210 restaurants.
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  1. perghh.. mengundang betul Meat Stack Sandwich tu.. dah lama rasanya tak pekena subway ni. teringin nya nak makan sekarang.

  2. Omg! Baca artikel nel ni sgt mengundang ye! Lapar dibuatnya kebetulan lom makan lagi haha

  3. I often eat subway too, going to try it out

  4. baru jer 2 hari lepas order subway BMT ...memang nak try jugak yang meat stack nih sebab nampak kenyang .....paling best kat subway ni sebab sayur semua freshhhh

  5. Wah ada menu yang baru dekat Subway ini. Naim pasti penggemar makanan segera akan lebih teruja melihat menu yang baharu ini. Stay safe bro :)

  6. So nice try it out so fast. I haven't tried this new Meat Stack sub time to go for it tomorrow as breakfast sin

  7. Dah lama x mkan subway ni.. terliur la pulak.

  8. That looks so inviting! But I don't think I can finish it all in one sitting.

  9. Wah saya suka subway selalu tapau habis semua sayur-sayur, nnt nak try yang meat stack pulap

  10. alamakkkk, jadi lapar pulak bila nampak nama SUBWAY tu. lama dah tak makan subway. banyak betul ya program online show sekarang.nak join lah kot2 menang hadiah ke kan

  11. Lama sungguh tak makan Subway..sebab entah lerr, bila nak makannya, tak tau nak order hahahaha... nanti laaa tunggu anak balik baru mencubanya...

  12. Yummy, subway is my fav sandwich. Sedap and kenyang sebab besar portionnya. Nak cuba yang ni

  13. Wow banyaknya dagingnya.. teruja sangat limpahan daging mcm tu. Mmg terbaik

  14. Oh yummsss! i also like their meat stack sub, i tried the one with chicken strips & slices.

  15. okay, dah lama tak makan subway. tetiba rasa macam nak cari jugaklah nanti subway terdekat.

  16. Wow... nampak sedap wei... saya peminat daging...malangnya kat tempat saya tak ada Subway.. hehehe... Jadi, saya tengok foto you dengan "Best friend" you saja lah nampaknya ni... hihihihi...

  17. Tengok subway sedapnya, bila depan kaunter terpinga nak order. Haha Mengoda betul ni.