Kwai Chai Hong - Spreading Hops and Dreams to Fellow Malaysian

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Kwai Chai Hong Presents Mid-Autumn Festival 2020 With 8 Masterpieces Crafted By 8 Local Artists Showcasing Their Interpretation Of The Jade Rabbit From 18th September 2020 to 4th October 2020

Mid Autumn Festival Installation At Kwai Chai Hong "Hops and Dreams"

Kwai Chai Hong once again creating another set of positive atmosphere for the Mid-Autumn Festival after the successful Chinese New Year Installation of the Flying Dragon. This year, the Mid Autumn Festival actual day falls on the 1st October 2020 and Kwai Chai Hong is bringing an exciting project to the community, by the community, for the community.

Big Bunny, Small Bunny Installation At Kwai Chai Hong

"Hops and Dreams" is the theme that chosen by the Bai Chuan Management to celebrate the virtue of a mythical iconic character that referred as the "Jade Rabbit". This popular celestial animal exhibits similar values as our fellow Malaysians in trying times. 

Although there are many versions of the story behind the Jade Rabbit, the common characteristics remain. It is a symbol of righteousness, self-sacrifice, loyalty, intelligence, patience, companionship, unity and love

This is proven in the common spirit of our fellow Malaysians from all walk of life, who has done the nation proud during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Mid-Autumn Festival On The Year Of Rat (Jade Rabbit And The Rat Lantern)
The "Hops and Dreams" Jade Rabbit displays at Kwai Chai Hong has started on the 18th September 2020 and the exhibit will lasts until 4th October 2020. The daily opening hour during this period has been extended from 9 A.M. until 12.00 A.M.

If you would like to understand more about the concept behind the design by each artist, you can do so as each of the masterpiece on display is accompanied by a QR code that leads audience to a video of the artist sharing the story and inspiration of their very own creation. That's awesome, isn't it?

Scan QR Code For the Story & Inspiration Behind This Jade Rabbit
"We at Kwai Chai Hong remains true to our intentions of preserving the heritage and sharing the culture from the past. We are humbled by the support we have been receiving with a steady stream of crowd. We feel it is time for us to do our part in providing an avenue to lifting everyone's spirit and celebrate unity in such difficult times. And what better way to do this than through Art and Technology!" said Zeen Chang, the Managing Partner of Bai Chuan Management.
Short Introduction by Zeen Chang About Kwai Chai Hong And Concept of "Hops and Dreams"
Bai Chuan Management crafted a proposal to call for the local artists who shares the same passion to come together and create art to represent the Jade Rabbit as well as fellow Malaysians.
With this initiative, a team of eight home-bred artists were formed and each of them was given a plain Rabbit-shaped light fixture to work on. These artists were tasked to craft their very own interpretation of "The Jade Rabbit" within two weeks time frame. 
"The Jade Rabbit" by Drewfunk
"We are truly honored that we found eight like-minded local artists who share our passion. It was a challenge for all of us especially on the planning and executing at lightning speed but everyone was committed to make this happen knowing the positive impact that this display will bring. In this new norm, perhaps this is the only way we can make things work since every moment is precious and unpredictable. We hope to use this platform to spread love and positivity in true spirit of "Hops and Dreams" fun style", added Zeen Chang. 
Zeen Chang Provides Brief Introduction About the Artist And The "Jade Rabbit" Display

Artist Introduction and The Jade Rabbit Display

Nini Marini 

Marini, also known as Nini Marini is an artist and self-taught painter based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is graduated from The Birmingham Institute of Art and Design in Visual Communications (Time-Based Media). She has spent 20 years in the Media industry as producer, Head of Content Innovation for a national media company while practicing art on the side. 

Today, she is a full-time artist and maker dedicated to building her art business and she loves to explore art through various mediums. This includes translating original artwork onto different materials like ceramic, textile, metal and even artificial intelligence.

Nini Marini With Her Own Version Of Trixie The Moon Rabbit

Trixie The Moon Rabbit was built using t-shirts remnants where Nini Marini believes that different people have  different energy and by weaving them into Trixie represents the Malaysian's spirit that comes together as one. It is also a good reminder to all of us to continue being good to each other, be great friend to another person and always be willing to stay connected. 

Trixie brings the message of friendship, freedom, energy, creativity and love. 
For more information about Nini Marini, you can visit her personal page at Nini Marini Website (About Me)
Trixie The Moon Rabbit by Nini Marini

Habsah Abang Saufi

Habsah is well known for her designs that playing with beautiful silk fabric and creating new colors with different motifs to make the luxe resortwear under the brand, TOM ABANG SAUFI. 
Habsah Abang Saufi With Her Jade Rabbit

Habsah's Jade Rabbit believes to be a spiritual and fun-loving character who loves the Earth and Mother-Nature. We should always respect the coexistence of us together with the nature. 

For more information about Habsah Abang Saufi, you can visit Habsah Abang Saufi Instagram.

Habsah's Jade Rabbit - Respect The Mother Nature And #MaskOn


Drewfunk, a Malaysian-street art muralist that have been on and off residing in Melbourne, a graduate with Bachelor in Multimedia & Design from RMIT University. He is well-known as a key player in the street and fine art world. Drewfunk aims to recapture his heritage through the context of street art using his very own style where he often used animals and mystical creatures in his artworks.

Drewfunk with his Chinese Porcelain Jade Rabbit
Drewfunk painted live his Porcelain Jade Rabbit in the span of 6 hours with the concept of porcelain where it is delicate and fragile, pretty much reflecting us on the time we are all in the moment due to the pandemic. The images that Drewfunk painted on the Jade Rabbit body's were inspired by different cultures in Malaysia to show that although we are all in a fragile time, we are strong together.
For more information about Drewfunk, kindly visit Drewfunk Instagram.
Porcelain Jade Rabbit by Drewfunk

Farah Mohan (Novak Batik)

Farah Mohan is a self-taught batik artist that created 100% hand drawn batik that available for you to check it out at Novak Batik Instagram.

Farah Mohan with her Batik On Bunny Jade Rabbit
Although there are many version of Chang Er's companion, the Jade Rabbit, this is the version that Farah's painted for her Batik On Bunny Jade Rabbit. The Jade Emperor went down to earth and disguised himself as a poor hungry old man. He asked food from 3 animals, the fox, the monkey and the rabbit. Both fox and monkey gave him food except the rabbit. He got nothing to offers except himself. He jumped in the fire pit but before he was able to do so, the Jade Emperor caught him and touched by his gesture. So, the Emperor brought him back to heaven and made him the Jade Rabbit and be friend with Chang Er that flew up to the moon later. 
You need to check out for the Jade Rabbit's ears where the left ear depicts Chang Er making her journey to the moon whereas the right ear depicts Chang Er living happily with her companion, the Jade Rabbit.

Batik On Bunny by Farah Mohan

Alice Chang

Alice Chang was born in Malaysia and always been fascinated with figurative and pictorial art since her childhood. She is a student of art tutor, Mr. John W. Skelcher in Italy. She also did several stints in painting classes to acquire more in-depth knowledge to refine her pictorial works with the renowned art historian professor, Prof. Yves Larches of Walk The Art in Italy and New York city.


She now doing researches and creates arts in her private studios in Malaysia and Italy for exhibitions and charity organizations which she is a very active promoter especially it concerns children. She is also a trained potter, embroiderer, mosaic artist and fine artist. 

She currently serves as the Activity Officer of Malaysian Artist Society. 

Alice Chang With Her Jade Rabbit

Alice's Jade Rabbit were made from the lace materials with beads that sewn and glued on it. She used pink and peach colors to represent joyous occasions, yellow represents vigour, red is a compulsory color in the Chinese tradition and green represents life. 

There are 4 Chinese characters that represent a joyous mid-autumn reunion and the mask reminds us all the need to follow SOP, wash our hand and wear face mask all the time. 

She hopes that we are able to preserve and share each other's tradition and culture with all fellow Malaysian. 

Jade Rabbit by Alice Chang

Pamela Tan (Poh Sin Studio)

Pamela Tan is an architectural designer that explores various fields in art, architecture and design. Her work blurs the boundaries between disciplines that embody narrative and values in all form. She aims to propose speculative ideas that seek the subtle unseen and unveil the unknown delights in all scales. 

She obtained a Masters in Architecture RIBA Pt.2 from the University of Greenwich, London. Her first year architecture design project entitled 'Mappa Mundi: A Map Maker's Dream' was selected to be exhibited in The Royal Academy of Arts. She was the recipient of the PAM-Tan Sri Ar Chan Sau Lai Award 2016. She presented her final year design thesis project entitled 'Soil City' for TED X-University Teknologi PETRONAS. 

For more information about Pamela, kindly visit her Pamela Tan Official Page.

Pamela Tan With Her Moon Rabbit
Looking into the detail of the Moon Rabbit, it is actually showing a complete cycle of the moon phases cycling around the rabbit's ear. This signifies that the rabbit is loyal throughout all the phases of the cycle. She is also interested in the Chinese Porcelain that represent solid yet fragile but now it is in the textile form and glowing like a lantern. 

The pattern on the Moon Rabbit extract lot of circles that representing the moon and she would like to share the message for us to just be ourselves and embrace the diversity. 

The Moon Rabbit by Pamela Tan

Master Siow Ho Phiew

Master Siow Ho Phiew is the Lion Head craftsman that producing lion heads since 1986 and often hailed as the father of high pole lion dance in Malaysia.

Master Siow With His Playboy Bunny, The Jade Rabbit

The Rabbit plays one of the lead character representing the spirit of Chinese Mid Autumn Festival. This rabbit was inspired by the diverse culture in Malaysia, the combination from the Chinese and Malaysia Batik culture with added Western style. Master Siow designed Batik on the body and added a bow-tie looking like a Playboy bunny with the carrot that symbolized abundance of wealth. 

The ear was made from the rabbit fur whereas the cute fluffy little tail was made from the sheep fur. With his Jade Rabbit creation, Master Siow would like to wish fellow Malaysians smooth sailing in everything you do, stay safe & healthy and hopefully we can get over the Covid-19 soon.

Master Siow's Playboy Bunny

Shakir (Filamen)

Shakir is the co-founder of Filamen. Filamen is an audio visuals collective where it serve as a platform for all range of people who are into audio visuals to interact with each other and also help expose themselves to public audience. 

For more information about Filamen, kindly visit their website at Filamen Official Website.

Shakir With His Vibrant and Colorful Jade Rabbit
Shakir puts Projection Mapping action to showcases the vibrant and colorful Jade Rabbit at night. He was inspired by the uncertainty that everyone has experienced during MCO, it can be positive and the negative side. Although everything seem to be so mysterious, our fellow Malaysian proof that we are flexible and resilient against anything that happen to us. 

The Vibrant and Colorful Jade Rabbit By Shakir
For more detail information, please visit Kwai Chai Hong Official Facebook Page or Kwai Chai Hong Instagram or Kwai Chai Hong Website .

Address: Lorong Panggung, City Centre, 50000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (

Contact Number: +6012 316 6212

Don't miss this awesome display at Kwai Chai Hong. Get ready your camera as they will take you on a journey celebrating love, self-sacrifice, peace, companionship and harmony through the 8 art installations by 8 talented home-bred artists. 

Kitkat Nelfei At Kwai Chai Hong "Hops and Dreams" Event

Congratulation Kwai Chai Hong for organizing another great attraction during the Mid-Autumn Festival and thank you so much for the invitation. It was really a great experience and learning a lot about about the story on the Jade Rabbit and arts from the artists. 

Hops & Dreams by Kwai Chai Hong

Signing Off and Take Care Till We Meet Again On My Next Post! 

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