Domino's Pizza - Kasih & Piza Campaign

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Domino's Pizza Kasih & Piza Campaign

Gets Everyone Giving

Sharing is caring , the key of duo happiness where we reduce the burdens and double the happiness to the receiver and ourselves. Thanks to Domino's Pizza for the "Kasih & Piza" campaign that we will be able to reach out to those in need regardless of time and place. 

Kasih & Piza Campaign by Domino's Pizza Malaysia
The gift of giving is a true act of selflessness and joy and what more when you have an opportunity to do so without worry on allocating your perfect time nad place to take the first step in giving. As a way to give back to the community in need, Domino's Pizza has extended their support by initiating its Kasih & Piza campaign on the 14th August 2020 nationwide with a pure intention to encourage one another in embracing kindness and give back to the less fortunate, simply by sharing a meal.

As a way to encourage customers to join in this altruistic move, Domino's takes the lead by successfully distributing over 115 pizzas to various charity homes, single mothers, differently-abled and underprivileged families.

Kitkat Nelfei and the Abang Domino's At The Charity Home

Through this campaign, every Malaysian not only have the opportunity to spread love but, may also be a part of raising the awareness in practicing good deeds among the community. The concept of Kasih & Piza is simple and ideal to be presented as a wholesome meal to be gifted to the charity homes, or even for anyone who is struggling to make ends meet. 

Domino's Pizza Kasih & Piza Delivered To The Charity Home
"A kind gesture can elevate anyone's day and create a better environment for the society's surroundings. As a brand that emphasizes on the important of being  emotionally connected, our responsibility ties back to our brand promise of "It's All About You". Through this initiative, we look forward to inspire and unite Malaysians for the greater good. Kindness is one of the values that drives us forward and we are happy to be able to live up to it and share it with our customers and communities, said Linda Hassan, the Group Chief Marking Officer of Domino's Pizza Malaysia and Singapore.
It's All About You! True Happiness When Someone Care!

To order the Kasih & Piza, you just need to key in the address of whom you intend to share your love with and select the nearest Domino's Pizza Malaysia store for Abang and Kakak Domino's to deliver to the selected destination, on behalf of you. 

Key In The Recipient Address and Choose The Nearest Store

With the aim to brighten anyone's day, Domino's Kasih & Piza offers a variety of meal sets ranging from RM30.00 to Rm100.00 only. You just need to apply the Promo Code KKP1 (RM30), KKP2 (RM50) or KKP3 (RM100).

Kasih & Piza Set 1 (Code: KKP1)
Kasih & Piza Set 2 (Code: KKP2)
Kasih & Piza Set 3 (Code: KKP3)

Key In The Code And Click "Redeem"

Click the "Redeem" button and you just need to fill up the details of pizza choices with the other items that customized for this package. 

Add Your Item Based On The Selected Package

Once completed, your Kasih & Piza meal will be delivered to the front door of the recipient of your choice by Abang Domino or Kakak Domino. 

Abang Domino Delivering The Order To The Charity Home
So guys, if you  wish to purchase and donate any Kasih & Piza meals, you may place your order and made payment on the Domino's Pizza Malaysia Website or via Domino's mobile application. You may opt to take away the Kasih & Piza meal sets via Potong-Q or Pandu Ambil if you would like to have more personal experience for your giving. 
Take Away Option Is Possible

I have done my part today by delivering the Kasih & Piza to Rumah Warga Emas Nascom that located at Block B, Tingkat 1, PPR Seri Semarak, Air Panas, Setapak 53300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was really happy to see them enjoying the foods we delivered for them. I strongly recommend all of you to use this opportunity as well and make use of the "Kasih & Piza" campaign to brigthen up someone's day.

Oh yes,  besides the pizzas that you ordered, Domino's Kasih & Piza also comes with an exclusive greeting card as token of remembrance. How sweet is that, right? 

Greeting Card as Token of Remembrance

Special thanks to Domino's Pizza for this great, lovely collaboration and definitely looking forward to do more in near future. 

Signing Off and Take Care Till We Meet Again On My Next Post!

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About Domino's Pizza Malaysia

Domino's Pizza Malaysia is the largest Domino's market in Southeast Asia and fifth largest in Asia Pacific back in 2017. Domino's Pizza Malaysia was established back in 1997 and managed by master franchise holder, Dommal Food Services Sdn. Bhd. To date, there are 242 Domino's Pizza stores in Malaysia. 

For more information and latest update, you can visit Domino's Pizza Malaysia Facebook Page or Domino's Pizza Malaysia Instagram

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  1. thank you for this kind of kindness to the charity.
    Kasih & Piza campaign is really a perfect name

  2. bagus jugak buat kempen macam ni. membantu mereka yg dalam kesusahan. at least dapat menggembirakan sedikit hati mereka kan

  3. Bagunay Dominos Pizza buat Charity melalui cara ni.. moga dominos pizza sentiasa success atas kemurahan hati mereka..

  4. bagus jugak dominos buat vamni. boleh la belanja family yg jauh tu sebab dah lama tak balik kampung

  5. Auwww......this is a very sweet campaign. Good to promote kindness and positivity.

  6. such a good campaign. good job dominos. hope more charity program in the future

  7. Great campaign to make day the unfortunate. Everyone should take this opportunity to spread kindness.

  8. Bagusnya Domninos buat macam ni. Sekurangnya bila kita nak bagi dekat someone, atau nak buat charity, atau teringat orang sush, boleh bai diaorag rasa Domino ni. Good

  9. Kalau bagi yang mampu, harga dah dikatakan murah dah kan, tapi bagi mereka yang kurang berkemampuan, harga murah tu mahal bagi mereka, so baguslah ada juga kempen macam ni, sama-sama kita bahagi kasih sayang...

  10. Bagusnya inisiatif yg diperkenalkan oleh dominos. Membantu mereka yang memerlukan ❤️

  11. Bagus inisiatif Domino's kali ni. Dapat juga orang tersayang makan pizza walaupun berjauhan kan. Nanti nak order Domino's lah. Dah lama tak makan.

  12. Bagusnya domino ambil inisiatif ini untuk bantu golongan yang memerlukan .

  13. The Domino's Pizza for the "Kasih & Piza" campaign is a good campaign. we need to care for the unfortunate ones more

  14. Wow this Kasih & Piza campaign brings lots of cheers to others, food is for sharing.

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