Guardian Malaysia - Healthy Beauty Awards 2020

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Guardian Rolls Out Healthy Beauty Awards 2020

Just Vote For Your Most Popular, Trusted And Best Brands & Win Up To RM50,000 Worth of Prizes

Guardian Malaysia, the leading pharmacy, health and beauty retailer has rolled out its Healthy Beauty Awards 2020 that giving its three millions and more customers the opportunity to vote for their favorite brands and win prizes up to RM50,000 in prizes. 

Friends of Media were invited to the Guardian Malaysia Healthy Beauty Awards 2020 Launch on the 2nd September 2020.

Media At The Launch

This annual brand appreciation contest that was previously known as Guardian's Most Voted Brands Awards has been renamed to Healthy Beauty Awards 2020. The voting for this contest starts on the 2nd September 2020 and will be ends on the 30th September 2020. 

David Wong, Marketing Manager of Guardian Malaysia

"This search for the top brands as voted by Guardian's customers aims to give our customers a voice in selecting the best healthy beauty products in the industry that is on offer at all Guardian stores. So, I urge all our customers to make your voice and your choice heard. 

At Guardian, our customers always come first and this unique true customer voting platform is even more relevant today as Guardian is driven to connect, engage strongly with and understand our customers' lifestyle needs, preferences and behavior that are constantly changing and evolving. 

I believe Guardian Malaysia's Healthy Beauty Awards 2020 are among the most prestigious and definitive in the market today taking into the consideration on the depth and breadth of the products, brands and categories involved. 

In addition, the votes taken as a whole will give an unbiased snapshot of brands that have reached and impacted our customers the most. The brands will gain an important deeper understanding of the customers' brand preferences with more than 70 winners in 6 main award categories, namely the "Best Newcomer", "Most Voted Influencers Choice", "Cosmetics", "Skin Care", "Personal Care" and "Health Care". said Anna Ng, the Retailer Marketing Director of Guardian Health and Beauty Malaysia and Singapore.

David Wong, the Marketing Manager of Guardian Malaysia at the Launch

Reflecting the digital lifestyle of the majority of today's consumers, the voting process will be conducted entirely in digital format. This means, all the voting will be done online where Guardian's customers will need to register yourself at the Guardian Healthy Beauty Awards 2020 Website via your social media platform or register manually using your email address and start voting.

Register Using Social Media Platform Or Manual Registration Using Email

Good news, guys! This year there is no purchase required to participate in this contest and you can submit as many entries possible as there is not submission limit.  

Brand Voting During the Healthy Beauty Award 2020 Launch By Media

After voting, each voter will earn a RM10 e-voucher which you can redeem at the Guardian Online Store with a minimum spend of RM100 in a single receipt during the period of this contest. 

Personal Experience: It is so easy to participate in this  Healthy Beauty Awards 2020 and I have decided to register myself using my social media platform to cast my votes. The RM10 e-voucher was immediately sent to my email that used for the registration.

My RM10 e-voucher After Vote Submission

All the customers who vote also stand a chance to win the one of 186 prizes and Guardian vouchers totaling up to Rm50,000 including a Grand Prize of ONE Osim uDivine V Massage Chair and Rm250 worth of Guardian Cash Vouchers. 

Healthy Beauty Award 2020 - Prizes To Be Won Up To RM50,000

This contest is open to everyone aged 18 and above. The winner will be selected based on the entry which most closely resembles the overall Guardian Healthy Beauty Awards 2020 winners list.

For more information and full "Terms & Conditions" of Guardian's Healthy Beauty Awards 2020 and the voting, please visit Guardian's Healthy Beauty Awards 2020 Website.

So start voting now and be in the running for the fantastic prizes this September. 

Start Voting Now and Stand A Chance To Win Great Prizes

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