The Six Products By Japan's No. 1 Household Insecticide Manufacturers Enters Malaysia Market

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Earth Corporation (EC) of Japan is established in 1892 at Japan and EC has been enhancing consumers lives for 128 years now. It strives to become a comprehensive manufacturer of daily necessities by delivering comfort to consumer's living through products that are one step ahead of others. The products are produced using world class manufacturing processes and safety standards, the Earth Corporation's innovative products are now exported to over 55 countries in the world. 

The corporate philosophy "Act For Life" reflects its aim to be closely in tune with consumers, delivering quality products and services for the safety and comfort of all, whilst always "act to live" in harmony with the Earth. 

Earth Home Products (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
Good news, guys! The Earth Corporation (EC) of Japan which is the well-known world leader in home care and household insecticide products is now introducing their world class products to Malaysia. 

During the official launch through Earth Home Facebook Live recently, Nobuhito Hosaka, the Managing Director of Earth Home Products (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of EC shared that "For a start, we are unveiling six home care and insect control products in Malaysia. Many of these are top sellers in Japan and in the countries that Earth Corporation products have been available. One of our flagship products is an  alcohol-free-fabric deodorizer spray made from essential oils, which eliminate more than 99% bacteria and viruses and repel mites."

Six Earth Corporation Products Enters Malaysia Market
"We observed the anxieties over the pandemic as well as health concerns over insect borne diseases like dengue, creating a demand for our range of household necessities. These products help to make the home environment a safer and healthier place for their family. Coupled with an affordable pricing strategy, we are confident that you products will be well received in Malaysia," he added.

The six products which are retailing now at the leading supermarkets in Malaysia are marketed under different brand names. They are:

1. NATUCAIR Fabric Spray (Recommended Retail Price: RM12.90)

NATUCAIR Fabric Spray is a fabric spray that is made using Natural Essential oils. It removes odors, eliminates more than 99% of bacteria and viruses, repels mites and most importantly it is 100% alcohol free. 

It comes with 3 variants - Relaxing Purple, Sparking Yellow and Pink Blossom

NATUCAIR Fabric Spray
Removes Odors, Eliminates Bacteria and Virus and Repels Mites

2. NATUCAIR Mosquito Repellent Air Freshener Gel (Recommended Retail Price: RM13.90)

NATUCAIR Mosquito Repellent Air Freshener Gel is a natural, non-toxic air freshener that repels mosquitoes too. It also comes with 3 variants - Relaxing Purple, Lively Green and Pink Blossom.

NATUCAIR Mosquito Repellent Air Freshener Gel
Air Freshener and It Repels Mosquitoes

3. ARS Hoy Hoy Trap-A-Roach (Recommended Retail Price: RM5.60)

This is Japan's No. 1 Cockroach trap with insecticide-free attractant bait made of cockroach's favorite food.Its ultra-strong wavy glue trap can hold up to 15 KG in weight. The house-shaped trap is specially designed to suit cockroach's habits and hides away unpleasant sights of cockroaches caught on the glue. 

Hoy-Hoy Trap-A-Roach

4. ARS White Cap Natural Cockroach Bait (Recommended Retail Price: RM11.90)

This White Cap Natural Cockroach Bait is made of 100% natural ingredients and formulated based  on the cockroach's favorite food and boric acid, a naturally derived active ingredient. It is capable of eliminating the whole colony of cockroaches and effective up to six months. 

ARS White Cap Natural Cockroach Bait

5. ARS Rat Glue Trap (Recommended Retail Price: RM10.90)

This is the best-selling rat glue trap in Thailand. The sticky glue is ultra-strong and odorless that comes with durable waterproof plastic trays in two sizes (one big tray and two small trays). 

ARS Rat Glue Trap

6. EARTH Air-Con Cleaner Spray (Recommended Retail Price: RM24.90)

This is a simple, easy-to-use and effective air conditioner spray that comes with powerful jet trigger nozzle for a effective cleaning and helps to suppress mold and fungus growth in between the cooling fins. It cleans, eliminates bacteria and viruses as well as deodorizes with green tea leaf extract smell. 

EARTH Air-Con Cleaner Spray
Cleans, Eliminates Bacteria and Viruses and Deodorizes

So, guys, I have started to use these Earth Home products after they officially launched in Malaysia. You can get these products in most of the major supermarkets like AEON, Jaya Grocer or Hero Supermarket. You even can get it online at Shopee, guys!. 

Just click the link below to purchase the products from Shopee. 


For more information about these products, kindly visit their website at 

Address: Earth Home Products (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. A-8-02, Capital 1, Oasis Square, No. 2 Jalan PJU 1A/7A Ara Damansara, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 

Tel: +603 7734 2118

Fax: +603 7734 7119


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