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Every time we visit Langkawi, we will definitely plan for island hopping by boat to explore Langkawi which have 99 beautiful and natural islands that make up the Langkawi Archipelago. There are plenty of service providers that offers you different experience from the cheapest until the most exclusive packages. 

Team @KiteJalan At MegaWaterSports Jetski Tour Booth

But this time around, Team KiteJalan planned for an exclusive way to discover the beauty of Langkawi using the service from MegaWaterSport Jetski Tours and the fun in the sun began with the jet ski tour! If this is your first time, fret not guys because the tour lead will brief every member of the tour on the travel plan and formation, safety briefing including the hand signals (when to slow down or stop jet ski engine) and last but not least on how to operate the jet ski. 

Our Tour Instructor

Before I share with you guys the entire tour experience, let's me share what you need to know about the jet ski tour so that you will have a smoother trip without disappointment. 

Tours Per Day

There will be two trips per day which is Morning Tour starts at 9.00 A.M and ends around 1.00 P.M whereas the Afternoon Tour starts at 2.00 P.M and ends around 6.00 P.M. 

It is important for your to arrive at the MegaWaterSports booth at Cenang Beach at least 30 minutes earlier before the tour. You will need to fill up forms, keep your belongings, warm up and getting ready for the trip. 

Tour Packages

There will be two tours offers as well where Tour 1 was rated as the easiest trip where no experience is required to join the tour and everybody can do it. This tour is also suitable for family with children between the age of 3 to 5 years old. 

Tour 1 will be covering 3 islands which are known as Beras Basah Island, Singa Besar Island and Rebat Besar Island (Rebak Marina). 

No experience is required for Tour 2 but a fair amount of guts is necessary. The reward of witnessing some of the wonderful scenery justifies the gathering of courage to join the tour. 

Tour 2 will be covering 8 islands including the famous Dayang Bunting Island where you will be spending around 45 minutes to explore this place while your instructor will be taking care of the jet skis.

The starting point and ending point for each tour will be Cenang Beach

Prices Per Jet Ski

Jet ski can be ride alone or ride with passenger. The price for Tour 1 for lone rider and rider with passenger will be RM 700 and RM 800 respectively whereas for Tour 2, it is priced at RM 850 and RM 1000 respectively. A child is consider as a 2nd passenger too.

The price above is inclusive of an insurance for RM10,000,000.00. 

Since per trip is limited to around 6 jet skis including the tour instructor, always remember to secure your slot by paying the RM100 non-refundable deposit to avoid disappointment. 

Jet Ski - MegaWaterSports Jetski Tour


Attire: Wet Clothing (similar as if you are going for island hopping), Sun glasses with fastener 

Things To Bring: Drinking water, tower, sun block, cash money. (Each jet ski will have storage compartment)

Things Not To Bring: Wallet, Passport

Things Supplied: Jet-ski (environmental friendly 4-stroke SeaDoo), life jacket, fuel for jet-ski, wet shoes. 

Wet Shoes - MegaWaterSports Jetski Tour

These are all the information that you need to know and we are ready to get started!

Let's go back to my entire tour experience and share with you some of the perfect shot that I captured during my trip.

Our trip started sharp at 9.00 A.M and heading to the first stop point where we have a perfect view of the Dayang Bunting Island. Here, our instructor explained how this mystical island got its name. The island resembles the a reclined pregnant lady from afar and local believe that barren women will become fertile after swimming in the freshwater lake on the island.

Dayang Bunting Island

Next, we continue our trip to "The Fjords" where this place is a quiet and perfect place for protection from the bad weather. It is equal to the "Hole In The Wall" and unique place as its reflects voice when you shouted at the correct spot.

The Fjords
Cliff View from The Fjords

Then, we head to Pulau Puchong Langkawi, an inhabited L-shaped island stretching in the Southwest direction and is among a cluster of small islets. Based on the information provided by our instructor, this island got its name from the a species of bird known as Burung Puchong that can be easily found on this island.

Fun, Exciting Tour by Jet Ski
From Pulau Puchong, we move closer to the cliff area in slower speed and we manage to enjoy the view as if we were at Krabi. I never know that in Malaysia itself, we do have such a beautiful nature and island that was so lesser known to others.

View From Our Jet Ski
Closer View From Our Jet Ski

After completed the tour here, we head to Dayang Bunting Island. We stopped here for approximately 1- hour as we need to hike a bit around 15-minutes via a concrete stairway through the dense forest before reaching the freshwater lake. Our tour instructor will be taking care of the jet skis while we continue to explore this place. Special precaution need to be taken here as you will have lot of "uninvited guests" that so attracted to plastic bags or something hanging, the monkeys!

Jet Ski Parking At Dayang Bunting
Psst! We need tickets to enter to this attraction but guess what? Your life jacket is the ticket for the entrance guys! It's an all-in-package when you book this tour. 

There are so many activities you can do it here including kayaking, swimming and even have a foot-reflexology session here. Awesome isn't it? 

Another reminder here as this lake has an average depth of 10 m without shallow area, life jacket is highly recommended for children and best practice for every swimmer as safety precaution.

Dayang Bunting Island

Around 11.15 A.M, we departed from Dayang Bunting Island and stop for awhile at the Singa Besar Island, a massive wildlife sanctuary that filled with unique rock formations and mangrove plants. This island is famous with its eagle-feeding spot where eagles will be flying above and grabbing their food from the waters. 

Eagle Feeding at Pulau Singa Besar

Our last spot for the tour is the Pulau Beras Basah. This island features a sandy beach and clear blue waters with verdant mountain backdrop. Although this island is famous among the tourists, its remain undeveloped with only few washrooms and a rustic-looking stall selling drinks and snacks. There isn't any accommodation here, so overnight stay is not advisable.

Pulau Beras Basah

What I love about this place is there are plenty of insta-worthy spots around the beach area.

Instaworthy Spots

This island is also home to wild monkey, so be aware of leaving your belongings unattended as they tend to search for foods.

Wild Monkeys By The Bay of Pulau Beras Basah

After 30 minute stops, we departed back to Cenang Beach from Pulau Beras Basah and we reached our end point sharp at 1.00 P.M. The entire journey really worth every penny we paid for the trip as we have the best moment and great time spent together to explore Langkawi like never before. 

Team @KiteJalan with Tour Instructor
So guys, if you are planning for your next trip to Langkawi, you definitely need to include this in your itinerary. For more information and latest promotion from MegaWaterSports Jetski Tour, kindly visit their website at https://www.megawatersports.com

Do check out for their social media platform at:

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Tel: +6049553559

Email Address: sales@megawatersports.com

Special thanks to En. Hussein and MegaWaterSport Jetski Tour for having us!

Team @KiteJalan with Mr. Hussein

With Mr. Hussein

Signing Off and Take Care Till We Meet Again On My Next Post!
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