KL City of Lights Tour With KL Hop On Hop Off (KL HOHO)

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Let's Explore KL City of Lights With KL Hop On Hop Off

Do you know that Kuala Lumpur is one of the Top 10 Most Visited City in the world? Yes, you read it correctly and this study was completed and quantitatively measure based on the total international overnight visitor arrivals and also the cross-border spending conducted by Mastercard. Based on the study that recently updated on the 9th April 2021, Kuala Lumpur is the ranked the 6th Most Visited City In The World and just one rank behind Singapore. 
No one will doubt about it because Kuala Lumpur is the largest city in Malaysia and also known as one of the fastest-growing metropolitan regions in Southeast Asia, covering both the population and the economic development. 
This city is the center of Malaysia's economic, financial and also the beautiful cultural city, thankful to its multi-cultural mix of the Malay, Chinese, Indian and many natives community. Therefore, Kuala Lumpur city is the houses to many great skyscrapers, historical and modern buildings and high-fashion shopping malls to the vibrant street markets.
KL Hop On Hop Off Night Tour
I have been working in this city since 2013 but I never get a chance to properly explore the beauty of this city, not to mention using the KL Hop On Hop Off services even through there is a stop No.8, KL Citywalk just next to my office at Rohas PureCircle. But last year, I was fortunate enough and honored to be given a chance to explore the city by day and I tried both the City Route and Garden Route. 
KL City Tour With KL Hop On Hop Off
But in this entry, I will be sharing with you about the new attraction that offers by KL Hop On Hop Off since during the holy month of Ramadan, the day tour will not be in operation and replaced with the night tour known as "KL City of Lights". This 2-hours night tour will starts at 8.30 P.M and ends at 10.30 P.M.

For your information, KL Hop On Hop On is the only open top double decked city tour bus of Kuala Lumpur. It is operated by Elang Wah Sdn Bhd with the idea developed based on the established services from the cities like London, Paris, Barcelona and Edinburgh but comes with a twist to suit the climate and the road system in our city. On top of that, this is also a tourist-friendly transportation system for them to explore every corner of the city that packed with attractions and history. 
KL Hop On Hop Off Adheres To Strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

New Normal Operating Procedures

As we are still in the midst of fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic and curbing the spread of this deadly virus within our community, the management and staffs of KL Hop On Hop Off have adheres to the strict Standard Operating Procedures that set by Majlis Keselamatan Negara (MKN)  in order to operate under the new normal.
You should be vigilant, follow all the rules and be a responsible visitor when you enjoying this service with your family or your loved ones. 

Remember to scan your MySejahtera, check your body temperature, wear your face mask all the time and only remove it when necessary, always sanitize your hand and observe social distancing while you are in the bus or at the attraction. 
Do not enter or use this service if you or any of your company is feeling unwell, body temperature is above 37°C and be reminded not stay in confined space, crowded space or having too close conversation.

KL City Of Lights Tour

Let's us begin the tour with the KL City of Lights! If you have been using this KL Hop On Hop Off service before or if this is your first time, the starting and ending points of this tour is located at Bukit Bintang Kiosk, just in front of the JUMPA Sungei Wang. This stop is labeled as Bus Stop 1.
KL City Of Lights Starting Point (In Front Of JUMPA Sungei Wang)
The tour will be covering more than 12 attractions where mostly is just a pass-by tour and four (4) 5-minutes stops where you can disembark from the bus to have better and closer look around the attraction area. Remember to set your timer and be on-time to board back the bus within the allocated time. 
Here is the list of the attractions that we will be visiting during this tour:
  1. Saloma Link (Passing By)
  2. KL Tower (5 Mins Stop)
  3. Petaling Street (Passing By)
  4. Central Market (Passing By)
  5. Little India (Passing By)
  6. KL Sentral (Passing By)
  7. National Palace (5 Mins Stop)
  8. Merdeka Square (Passing By)
  9. River Of Life (5 Mins Stop)
  10. Istana Budaya (Passing By)
  11. KLCC (5 Mins Stop)
Saloma Link - KL City Of Lights Tour
KL Tower - KL City Of Lights Tour
Little India - KL City Of Lights Tour

National Palace - KL City Of Lights Tour

River of Life - KL City Of Lights Tour

KLCC At Night - KL City Of Lights Tour

KL Night View - KL City Of Lights Tour

Million Dollars Night View Of KL City - KL City Of Lights Tour

Avenue K At Night - KL City Of Lights Tour

I am truly satisfied with the experience while boarding on this KL Hop On Hop Off to enjoy the KL City of Lights tour. It really worth every penny spent with this 2-hours ride as I was able to explore the city in different view, full with lights and been fed with tonnes of memorable night views. The information and history of each location was clearly brief by the staff, this is definitely one of the unforgettable trip that I ever had here in Kuala Lumpur. 
You must be wondering how much the ticket costs, right? Please find the updated new ticket price list effective from 1st March 2021.
New Price List - KL City Of Lights Tour
That's pretty much that I want to share with you guys! Hopefully this is helpful. If you want to know more about KL Hop On Hop Off and their latest promotion, you can click the links below to access their official social media platforms. 
Signing Off For Now And Take Care Till We e-Meet Again On My Next Post!
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  1. Ye lah sekali try naik Hop on Hop Off ni menarik juga sebab dapat pergi / lalu tempat menarik. Suka tengok gambar National Palace, River of life dan KL Night View. Sangat cantik!

  2. teringin nak naik ni, harga pun tak mahal, nanti nak try lah...thanks sharing.

  3. Teringin nak bawa my family members round KL naik HOHO nie. Nanti la, post vaccine boleh bawa diorang from Sarawak kan

  4. best kan dapat nikmati pemandangan lampu-lampu di waktu malam. saya dah pernah pergi ke saloma link tu, memang cantik tarikannya. Lampu yang berwarna warni, banyak port cantik untuk ambil gambar jugak

  5. Canteknyaaa KL time malam. Suka tengok terima dengan lampu yg berwarna warni

  6. Wowww nicenyaaa. lama nak pergi jalan jalan naik ni. nanti boleh la masukkan dalam wishlist :)

  7. Sis selalu drive dalam KL but honestly memang tak enjoy langsung view sebab dok stress dgn jem je. One day nak try la tour KL macam ni.

  8. Waaa murah nauu yaaa.. ingat ke mahal rege nak naiknya dan pusing semua.. ishh nak bagitau anak laa, nanti boleh ke sana mencubanya..

  9. Anak-anak Marina suka naik ni. Nak ambik angin luar. Tengok pemandangan cantik waktu malam. Bestnye

  10. Lepas ni memang penuhlah HOHO ni sebab ramai yang tak boleh travel luar negeri. Sesekali memang layan jalan KL dengan HOHO. BElum pernah cuba tapi mesti akan pergi juga..best dan cantik tengok KL waktu malam asalkan jangan hujan...

  11. Wahhh bagusnya KL Hoho buat pakej camni. Bleh tengok bangunan berlampu warna warni di KL. Last kak Ruby naik bas ni masa tahun 2014. Nanti nak plan lah naik memalam. Memalam bleh duduk kat atas lg berangin best.. Hehe.

  12. KL Hop On Hop Off is so convenient for those who wants to explore the city and ticket price also affordable.