Let's Get Spicy with Subway Malaysia

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Let's Get Spicy with Subway Malaysia
#TambahPedas Limited Edition Hot & Spicy Subs

Subway Malaysia is spicing things up this month with the launch of its #TambahPedas limited edition Hot & Spicy Subs range, which definitely going to deliver a fiery mouth-watering experience to us.

Let's Get Spicy with Subway Malaysia
Hot & Spicy Veggie Bouquet from Subway Malaysia

Following the recent addition of 12 fresh new ingredients to Subway Malaysia's menu including the chilli flakes and sizzling sauces, the Spicy Mayo Chicken and Hot Pepper Chicken join the line-up to give an extra-flavor-kick to excite our taste buds.

Let's Get Spicy with Subway Malaysia
The Spicier, The Better!

These limited edition sandwiches were created to delight Malaysians with spicier options and reflect a commitment to cater to Malaysians' tastes, including us that love spicy food. Subway Malaysia's knows how Malaysian enjoy adding more spice to our food - the spicier, the better!

Let's Get Spicy with Subway Malaysia
Spicy Mayo Chicken

Subway's Spicy Mayo Chicken sub features chicken marinated in Southern-inspired creamy remoulade and the tangy roasted Hot Pepper sauce is infused into the tender chicken strips for the Hot Pepper Chicken sub.
Let's Get Spicy with Subway Malaysia
Hot Pepper Chicken

So, what are you waiting for?

Subway Malaysia would like to invite all Malaysian to savor the Hot & Spicy Subs and feel free to share your experience on social media with the hashtag #TambahPedas. Remember to challenge your "Pedas" level by adding more chilli flakes.

These new limited-edition subs are available via dine-in or takeaway from all Subway restaurants or through delivery via Foodpanda and GrabFood from 24th June 2020 until 30th September 2020.

Personal Experience

Let's Get Spicy with Subway Malaysia
Kitkat Nelfei with Hot & Spicy Veggie Bouquet - Its Just Too Hot To Handle!

Special thanks to Subway Malaysia for sending me this lovely Hot & Spicy Veggie Bouquet with the latest limited edition sandwiches for me to try it out. I, personally like it and recommend everyone to try this latest subs range as the sandwiches from Subway Malaysia never disappoint me. The texture of the chicken remains juicy in every bites and the combination of all the sauces suits my taste buds. I manage to challenge myself to the next level by adding more chilli flakes and guess what, its make my sandwiches more delicious. It's just perfect in every bite!

Let's Get Spicy with Subway Malaysia
Juicy In Every Bite!

Are you worried about the Covid-19?

Fret not guys, because Subway Malaysia has stringent health, safety and hygiene procedures in place to curb the spread of Covid-19 for the health and safety of the Sandwich Artists and all the guests.

For further information about Subway Malaysia and the latest campaign, feel free to visit Subway Malaysia website.

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