Become A CoinW OTC Merchant With 0 Fee And Obtain Cash Bonus

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Become A MYR/IDR Merchant On CoinW P2P For Free And Gain 1 USDT For Each Transaction 


Become A CoinW OTC Merchant With 0 Fee And Obtain Cash Bonus
Become A CoinW OTC Merchant With 0 Fee And Obtain Cash Bonus

To better serve users in Malaysia and Indonesia and increase the liquidity of P2P Platform Trade, CoinW has launched the P2P Merchant Recruitment Program. We invite outstanding individuals or teams to join the CoinW P2P Merchant Program where eligible merchants could also obtain rewards. 

What Is The Benefit Of Becoming A CoinW Merchant?

  • 0 post-ads fees
  • 0 security deposit
  • Earn a premium by providing fiat services
  • Minimum 0 transaction fee
  • 24/7 customer service for the merchant
  • Perfect order dispute handling process and anti-money laundering mechanism 
  • A reward of 1 USDT will be given for each appropriate order
You can click the link below to check more details. 

What Is The Application Process?

Before proceeding with the application process as a merchant, there are several steps that need to be completed first. 

The detailed illustrated guides are available in the link below and you can follow the steps to complete the application. 

Security Deposit

To become a CoinW P2P merchant, the platform will charge a merchant deposit. The amount of the deposit corresponds to the amount you can trade. 

This amount will be the maximum amount of fiat currency transactions advertised. 

This deposit will be refunded to the merchant 7 business days after the termination of the merchant's agreement with the Platform, provided that the merchant complies with the terms and conditions of the Platform during the duration of the merchant's existence. 

How To Get Rewards?

To be eligible for the rewards, users in Malaysia and Indonesia must successfully register and pass merchant verification during the event period. (p/s: The existing merchants also can join the event). 

  • A reward of 1 USDT will be given for each order over 10 USDT for sale
  • Multiple orders from the same user will be counted as one order
  • The maximum reward amount is 15 USDT per week
  • Only the Top 3 Merchants ranked by trading volume each week will be eligible for the rewards
  • Rewards will be distributed to eligible participants' accounts within 7 days after the end of each week during the event period 

Apply To Become A CoinW Merchant Here

  • Please ensure that you have completed registration and advanced real-name authentication before submitting your application
  • Your application will be processed within two working days, and an email will be sent to your registered email address upon approval
  • Please carefully read the content of the email and training materials to fully understand the requirements before posting any advertisements

If you have any questions regarding the merchant program, please contact support through Telegram or email at
For any malicious acts conducted, including malicious transaction manipulations, illegal bulk registration of accounts, self-dealing, etc., the Platform will cancel the qualification of the participants. 
CoinW reserves the right to cancel or amend any activity or activity rules at our sole discretion.
CoinW reserves the right of final interpretation to this campaign. 


The CoinW P2P platform's only responsibility to merchants is to deal with your incomplete tradings. The platform has no right and no obligation to resolve any disputes arising from completed tradings. 
The platform is not responsible for any losses incurred by you in the process of completing your payment. 

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  1. Seems like a great reward program for currency merchants. Perhaps it's time to switch to this platform.

  2. banyak juga rewards dari CoinW P2P merchant, yang ditawarkan. mmg lumayan dan menarik

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  5. CoinW OTC ini macam FOREX dan libatkan trading gak ke? Boleh terangkan kat AM. Maaf AM tak faham sangat

  6. In the current economic weather, I think it is good to have options to generate income, the right way.

  7. Thanks for sharing this new platform and how to be merchant

  8. Tak salahnya kita explore peluang-peluang baru dalam situasi ekonomi yang tak menentu macam sekarang ni, kan? CoinW OTC adalah salah satu peluang yang menarik untuk tambah pendapatan dengan cara yang inovatif. Dengan CoinW OTC, kita dapat manfaatkan potensi pertumbuhan cryptocurrency dan peluang kewangan yang lebih luas betul tak?