Fast Growing Industries in Malaysia That You Can Invest In

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Want To Kick Start Your Investing Journey Or Diversify Your Portfolio? Find Out More About Fast-Growing Industries in Malaysia That You Can Invest In


Fast-Growing Industries in Malaysia That You Can Invest In

To a newbie like me, doing an investment seems to be a difficult task to do because it requires an understanding of different industries and the need to review the financial statements to pick the right companies to invest in. 
However, I found out that investing doesn't have to be complicated as all you need to do is just spend some time and equip yourself with basic investing knowledge. That's enough for you to start building your financial wealth. 
Let me share with you some of the fast-growing industries that are worth investing in to grow your capital ranging from the biotechnology sector to insurance companies in Malaysia

Biotechnology and Healthcare Sector

Due to the recent pandemic, the vaccine development to combat Covid-19 has recorded a significant increase in investment opportunities for the healthcare industry. Not only that, the emergence of a health-conscious society with an aging population has raised the demand for healthcare services to venture into the advancement of biotechnology in the healthcare industry. 

According to industry forecasts, the global biotechnology industry is projected to have an annual growth rate of 7.4% and a market size of $2.44 trillion by 2028.

Industrial Products Sector

Not only healthcare is on a positive growth rate, but industrial products also have the same trend as the pandemic has recorded surging demands globally for industrial products and services consisting of building materials, chemicals, packaging materials, wood products and more. 

During the pandemic, there is rising demand for rubber gloves and medical equipment that has contributed to the share price boom of the rubber industry in Malaysia.

We can see that the industrial products sector is the best-performing industry in the year 2021 with a total of 29.8% output growth making it a great sector to invest in. 

Cyber Security Sector

As we are in the era of Digital Transformation 4.0, many companies have to divert financial resources to focus on digital transformation, but not many realize the importance of cyber security where data breaches can cost companies up to millions of dollars. 

Cyber security might sound like a foreign concept to most people, but our personal information and bank details are highly reliant on cyber security to keep them safe from phishing and data leaks. 
As consumers, our demand for more comprehensive online security measures and cyber security creates a huge opportunity for investors. 

Insurance and Reinsurance Sector

Last but not least, ever wondered how insurance companies divest their financial and business risk? Well, this is done through specialized reinsurance companies, where a specified set of risks is taken on by reinsurance companies in return for premiums. 
Both insurance and reinsurance companies have unique business models that differ from conventional financing institutions. 
These companies must invest premiums in a more conservative manner to preserve the liquid assets on hand, hence making them absolutely great investment platforms for us to invest in as they have relatively lesser capital and financial risks. 
Investing in the reinsurance industry is a great choice for your investment portfolio. Malaysian National Reinsurance Berhad (MNRB) is the national reinsurer of Malaysia and has established markets throughout Southeast Asia and the Middle East. 
With an extensive business portfolio, the MNRB Group comprises leading providers of reinsurance and retakaful as well as two takaful operators. Head over to for more financial information. 
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