Zinus World's No.1 Online Mattress Brand Is Now Opened In Malaysia

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Zinus Malaysia First Showroom In Malaysia Is Now Open To The Public And Brings The World's #1 Online Mattress And Furniture Brand Closer To You

Zinus The World No. 1 Online Mattress And Furniture Brand 

I always believe that our quality sleep can be improved when we have the best mattress and pillow that brings extra comfort and proper ergonomic support to our body structure.

No one wants to wake up the following day after a long rest with back pain, neck stiffness, etc. due to the uncomfortable mattress, right? 

I was thrilled when I found out that Zinus has opened its first physical showroom in Malaysia located at Puchong.

Without thinking long, I invited my friends to come along and visit the showroom to experience the mattresses produced by the World's No.1 Mattress and Furniture Brand. 

Zinus Malaysia Showroom Is Now Opened At Puchong 

Experienced Sale Person Will Walk You Through The Products Available In The Showroom

This spacious showroom is located on the first floor and it comes with a lot of displays that allow you and your family to have a touch and feel on the mattresses available to find the best that will suit your preferences the most. 

The best part of it is you will be served by the experienced sales persons that will walk you through the products available in the showroom, or alternatively, you can easily just scan the QR Code attached to each product to find out more especially on the sizing and pricing details. 

Zinus Mattress Display In The Showroom

Physical Details and QR Code To Access Details From Zinus Website

Scan QR Code For More Information

Two Types Of Mattresses Available

There are two types of mattresses available here in Zinus namely Memory Foam and Hybrid/Spring which each has its own benefits and supports. 

  • Memory Foam 
    • Good for joint pain relief, side sleepers, couples and swaddled feel
    • Give more cushioned feel that surrounds the body with excellent pressure relief for back and joints.

  • Hybrid/Spring 
    • Good for back pain relief, back sleepers, hot sleepers with a bouncy feel 
    • Give a firmer foundation support system with enveloping, contoured comfort and motion isolation. 

Mattresses Displays Allow You To Touch And Feel To Find The Best That Suit Your Preferences

Multiple Sizes Available Including Single, Super Single, Queen and King

Zinus Mattress Is So Affordable And High In Quality

Do you have the same thought as mine that good quality mattress is always expensive?

After visiting the Zinus Malaysia showroom, it changed my mindset 180 degrees and the Zinus brand eventually debunk the myth that I have been holding from the past that cheap mattresses are all low in quality.

Zinus' business strategy has always been delivering the best value for money products to our customers. All our products are flat-packed in a box, including our bed frame and sofa! Our flat-packed technology not only reduces our shipping costs but also greatly reduced domestic delivery costs. Of course, this is not all. Our vertical integration business model allows us to greatly reduce middleman costs. We produce our own foam and spring from our own factories around the world. 

Without neglecting the quality of the mattress, Zinus has successfully introduced a unique concept of packaging a mattress into a box with its core technology built from tent compression that makes significant strides in the traditional mattress manufacturing businesses.

This core technology allows Zinus to successfully manufacture goods at substantially lower prices while keeping the quality level comparable to high-end, pricy mattresses available offline. The technology allows Zinus to compress mattresses and insert them into a box that is easy to deliver and making the logistics costs to be lower compared to the others.

Zinus Products Are Delivered In Smaller Box Packaging Which Are Cheaper Option Especially In Logistic Arrangement

All thanks to the smaller box packaging, Zinus is now able to provide good and affordable products to their customers. 

As mentioned before that quality is not neglected at all, Zinus mattresses are produced and made from natural plant extract and natural seeds oil to manufacture the memory foam. This makes Zinus memory foam non-harmful as the product has a lower radon level compared to the recommended safe level guided by the Korean government. 

Our signature Green Tea Memory Foam Mattresses are produced with green tea oil extract. It is natural and non-toxic. There is a special process of extracting the oil from its leaves, and with special foam-making machines, we are able to produce our best-selling Green Tea Memory Foam Mattresses. All memory foams are using natural seed oils or plant extract oil, so what it does mean is that it will be non-toxic and non-harmful to human beings. 

Looking at the success of its mattress, Zinus has started to expand its product category from mattresses only to the living and other furniture business. Zinus continues to focus on developing methods to simplify the furniture assembly process with the minimum steps that are easy to self-assemble with the tools provided. 

Tool Provided For The Easy Self-Assemble Bedframe 

As of today, there are more than 1,000,000 customer reviews that accumulated over the years as a testament to the quality of the product and Zinus is rated by Verified Brand with Global Ratings of 4.5 Stars.

No doubt that the brand is confident to give you peace of mind where you can have a 100-Days Free Trial applicable for selected mattresses only and 10 Years Warranty for the mattresses when you purchased the products. 

Zinus Gives You Peace Of Mind With A 100-Days Free Trial and 10 Years Warranty of Mattresses

Come and Visit Zinus Malaysia Showroom Today And Restore Your Quality Sleep With Zinus

What are you waiting for? Come and visit the Zinus Malaysia showroom today to find out more about the Zinus products. Remember to follow their official social media platforms as well for the latest updates.

You can enjoy an extra discount of 25% OFF of your purchase when you input the promo code "KN25" during your checkout from their website. 

You really don't wanna miss this great opportunity, guys! Enjoy and remember to share this information with your family and friends. 

Apply Promo Code "KN25" Under Discount Code Section In Zinus Website During Checkout

Zinus Malaysia


No 1-1, Jalan Merbah 1, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47170, Selangor (Beside CO3 Social Office)

Operating Hours: 

10.00 AM - 8.00 PM (Weekday)
12.00 PM - 8.00 PM (Weekend)


+6011 3129 9882

Alternatively, you can purchase the products online too from Shopee and Lazada. Kindly click the link below to make your online purchase. 

Zinus Malaysia

Shopee | Lazada

About Zinus

Founded in 1979, Zinus began as an outdoor products company that focused on comfort-oriented furniture, tents and more. Since 2003, Zinus has shifted its focus to indoor products with comfort being top of mind.

Mattresses and mattress foundations are Zinus' specialty as Zinus offers a large assortment of well-designed products for customers at affordable prices. Our goal is to deliver the world's finest sleep products for everyone's lifestyle. 

Zinus' mattress is packed into a box so it is easily movable and designed to be DIY-friendly. The mattress price is also very competitive at around USD 350 compared to conventional mattresses that are priced at USD 1,000 2,000. 

Are you ready to sleep better with the mattress that is Ranked No. 1 Online as Most Loved Mattress with more than 1,000,000 global reviews? Start today and let Zinus, Live in Wonder. 

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